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Master of Fire 1 Once humans tamed fire to keep them warm and to drive off the wild beasts, they were on their way to civilization. Werewolves with this Gift invoke humanity’s ancient pact with the spirits of fire. The spirits of flame agree to hold back their hunger when the werewolf touches them. An ancestor-spirit or a fire-spirit grants this Gift. This Gift allows a werewolf to heal fire damage as if it were bashing. This requires the expediture of a Gnosis point; the effects last for a scene. Homid WtA
Persuasion 1 This Gift allows a homid to become more persuasive when dealing with others, in such a way that his statements and arguments are imbued with added meaning or credibility. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift. The player rolls Charisma + Subterfuge. If successful, the Storyteller reduces the difficulties of all Social rolls by one for the remainder of the scene. In addition, any successful Social rolls may have significantly more impact than they would without the Gift. A werewolf could win arguments with hard line opponents, or cause a cold-hearted psychopath to relent (at least for a little while). Homid WtA
Smell of Man 1 Creatures of the wild have learned well that where man goes, death follows. With this Gift, the werewolf enhances the human scent around him greatly, causing wild animals to feel uneasy and nervous. However, the scent also causes domestic animals to recognize the werewolf as their master. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift. All wild animals (not including supernatural creatures in animal form) lose one die from their dice pools when within 20 feet of the Garou (save when defending themselves or running away), and they are likely to flee. All domesticated animals recognize the werewolf as a friend and refuse to harm him. For example, an attack-trained dog ordered to take down the werewolf would run up to the character and wag its tail. If the domesticated animal is harmed, then it will revert to acting naturally. The Garou may use this Gift at will. She simply states when she is activating it or turning it off. Homid WtA
Create Element 1 The metis has the power to create a small amount of one of the four basic elements — fire, air, earth or water. In this way, she can replenish the air supply in an airtight room, make a rock to throw at someone, create a fire without matches or wood, or even fill a bathtub without any faucet or pipes. The metis cannot create specialized forms of any element. Precious metals (especially silver), lethal gases and acid are beyond his reach. This Gift creates only natural air, earth, fire and water. Elementals teach this Gift. The werewolf’s player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Gnosis. Each success allows the character to create approximately one cubic foot of the desired element, to a maximum weight of 100 lbs, anywhere he can see within 60 feet. The element remains in existence until used up (breathed in the case of air or burned up in the case of fire without any fuel to keep it going). The flames created with this Gift are genuinely hot, but they are no substitute for a flame-thrower. They inflict one health level of damage per success, to a maximum of three health levels of damage. Metis WtA
Primal Anger 1 The metis learns to focus the anger within her heart and use it to increase her Rage. The anger takes a physical toll on the werewolf, and it is up to her to unleash it on her enemies. The spirits of ancient metis teach this Gift. Few members of other breeds have suffered enough shame and suffering to learn this Gift. A character with this Gift may sacrifice a single health level, once per scene, and gain two extra points of Rage in exchange (even if doing so takes her above her permanent Rage rating). The health level is treated as aggravated damage for purposes of recovery. Metis WtA
Sense Wyrm 1 The werewolf can sense manifestations of the Wyrm in the nearby area. This Gift involves a mystical sense, not a visual or olfactory image, although werewolves using the Gift sometimes say things like, “This place stinks of the Wyrm” (with a few more colorful adjectives). Garou should remember that the Wyrm’s taint can cling to relatively blameless souls. Werewolves may sense an innocent person who happens to work in a Wyrm-controlled factory or who has eaten tainted food. This power requires active concentration. Any spirit of Gaia may teach this Gift. The player rolls Perception + Occult. The difficulty depends on the concentration and strength of the Wyrm’s influence. Sensing a single fomor in the next room would be difficulty 6, while detecting the stench of a Bane that was in the room an hour ago would be difficulty 8. Vampires register as Wyrm-tainted, save those with Humanity Traits of 7 or higher. Metis / Theurge WtA
Shed 1 You can’t keep a hold on someone who can shuck their own skin, and metis with this Gift offer the next best thing by rapidly shedding and regrowing their own fur. In addition to making it incredibly difficult to grapple the user, and enabling them to squeeze through very tight spaces, those facing a shedding metis often find the experience disgusting to say the least. A lizard or snake-spirit teaches this Gift. When grappled, the metis can roll Dexterity + Primal-Urge (difficulty 7) and with a simple success can break any hold. The same roll can also be used to reduce the difficulty of squeezing through any tight spaces by 2, including slipping from bonds. Naturally, this Gift only works in Crinos through Lupus form, and cannot be learned by hairless metis. Metis Player's Guide to Garou
Hare’s Leap 1 By invoking this Gift, the werewolf may leap incredible distances. Hare-, frog- and cat-spirits usually teach this Gift. The lost Bunyip knew this Gift as Leap of the Kangaroo, however marsupial-spirits seem loath to aid werewolves these days. Today, many werewolves call this Gift “Leap of the Kangaroo” in their fallen cousins’ honor. The player rolls Stamina + Athletics (difficulty 7). If successful, she may double her normal jumping distance. Lupus WtA
Heightened Senses 1 The werewolf with this Gift tunes in to the world around him, increasing his senses vastly. When in Homid or Glabro form, her senses become as sharp as those a wolf, allowing him to hear sounds beyond his normal range, granting him superior night vision and making his sense of smell stronger than that of any dog. In wolf forms, his senses become preternaturally potent, allowing him to perform feats that border on precognition. This Gift has drawbacks as well. If a fire alarm were to go off around a Garou using this Gift, it might render him helpless. Cities can barrage the werewolf with a sensory overload. Wolf-spirits teach this Gift. The player spends a Gnosis point. The effects last for one scene. In Homid or Glabro forms, the werewolf’s Perception difficulties decrease by two, and he may roll Perception + Primal-Urge to perform sensory feats impossible for humans (such as tracking by scent). In Crinos, Hispo and Lupus forms, Perception difficulties decrease by three (which is not cumulative with the ordinary Lupus-form Perception bonuses), and the werewolf gains an extra die to Primal-Urge dice pools. Lupus WtA
Sense Prey 1 Werewolves used this ancient Gift during hard winters to feed their packs. The Gift lets Garou locate enough prey to feed a pack. In the urban environment, this Gift guides the lupus to prey within the city, usually in parks, sewers, animal shelters and even zoos. The Gift will tell the werewolf the location of large numbers of prey within 50 miles in the wilds, and within the limits of a city and its suburbs. Humans do not register as prey animals, although some say that the Red Talons know a variant of this Gift that can find them. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift. The hunter’s player rolls Perception + Primal- Urge. The difficulty is 7 in wilderness environments and 9 in urban environments. Success indicates the location of enough prey to feed a large pack. In the case of multiple sources, the Gift guides the werewolf to the nearest source (although not necessarily the easiest or safest). Lupus WtA
Prey Mind 1 The wolf is not always the predator, as lupus sorely realize. Humans’ capability for destruction grows ever greater, and more wolves die at their hands every day. When the predator becomes prey, it is this Gift that comes to the fore and assists the Garou in evasion, showing them places to hide, ways to run, and even chances to attack back. A lamb or deer-spirit teaches the Gift. The player rolls Wits + Primal-Urge, difficulty 7 in wilderness environments, 9 in urban environments. Success guides the wolf in how to best evade her pursuers; she gains three dice to any pool made to escape, outdistance, hide from or evade pursuit. The Gift’s effects last for one turn per success, so if the lupus hasn’t thrown pursuit by then, she’s on her own. Lupus Player's Guide to Garou
Blur of the Milky Eye 1 The Garou’s form becomes a shimmering blur, allowing him to pass unnoticed among others. Once the Garou has been seen, however, this Gift is negated until the viewer has again been distracted. A chameleon-spirit teaches this Gift. The player rolls Manipulation + Stealth (difficulty 8). Although he doesn’t become truly invisible, each success increases the difficulties of all Perception rolls made to detect him by one. Ragabash WtA
Open Seal 1 With this Gift, the Garou can open nearly any sort of closed or locked physical device. A raccoon-spirit teaches this Gift. The player rolls Gnosis (difficulty of the local Gauntlet rating). Ragabash WtA
Scent of Running Water 1 The Garou can mask her scent completely, making herself virtually impossible to track. A fox-spirit teaches this Gift. The difficulties of all rolls to track the Garou increase by two. This Gift becomes an innate ability to the Garou who learns it. She need not expend any points or make any rolls. However, the Ragabash may still leave a scent behind if she decides to do so voluntarily (which may be necessary to blend in with wolf packs). Ragabash WtA
Hush 1 Though Ragabash are teachers, one thing they can’t always teach is when to keep one’s mouth shut. Maybe a brash Ahroun is about to say something unfortunate to a bigger Ahroun, or perhaps a talkative cub is about to reveal too much about what she knows. In such situations, this Gift acts as a temporary stopgap; it makes the target fumble for words, lose his train of thought or become momentarily distracted. Besides keeping friends from saying stupid things, the Gift can also be used against insulting rivals or the fomori calling in reinforcements. Because of the bond between packmates, it is easier to use this Gift within the pack — after all, it’s for the greater good, right? A mockingbird-spirit teaches this Gift. The player rolls Wits + Subterfuge (difficulty is the target’s Wits + 4; for a packmate reduce the difficulty by one). Every success stalls the target for one turn, preventing the target from communicating verbally (although other forms of communication, such as sign language or writing, are still possible). Ragabash Book of Auspices
Mother’s Touch 1 The Garou is able to heal the wounds of any living creature, aggravated or otherwise, simply by laying hands over the afflicted area. The Garou may not heal herself, spirits or the undead with this Gift. A bear- or unicorn-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Intelligence + Medicine (difficulty of the wounded individual’s Rage, or 6 for non-Garou). Each success heals one health level. The Theurge may heal even Battle Scars in this manner if the Theurge uses the Gift in the same scene in which the scar was obtained and she spends a second Gnosis point. There is no limit to how many times this Gift may be used on a person, but each use requires the expenditure of one Gnosis. Theurge WtA
Spirit Speech 1 This Gift allows the Garou to communicate with encountered spirits. The Garou is thus able to address them whether they wish to be addressed or not. Of course, nothing (usually) prevents the spirit from ignoring the Theurge or leaving. Any spirit can teach this Gift. Once learned, this Gift allows the Garou to understand the communication of spirits intuitively. Particularly alien spirits may be difficult — or, in the case of many Banes, outright painful — to understand. Theurge WtA
Airt Perception 1 Using this Gift, a Theurge can roughly identify a spirit by its airt — the trail left in the wake of a spirit’s passing. This works essentially like tracking in the corporeal world, and is no more informative — a hunter can tell deer tracks from bison tracks, but can’t learn anything meaningful about an unknown creature. Also, powerful and subtle spirits are often able to disguise their airts. Any ancestor-spirit renowned as a great hunter can teach this Gift. Treat this exactly as a Garou identifying and tracking animals (by scent or by looking for tracks, at the Theurge’s discretion), but apply it to spirits instead. Note that Garou may not be able to go everywhere spirits do to follow the trail — remember, spirits can fly. Theurge Book of Auspices
Sense Chiminage 1 Theurges have ways of knowing all manner of secret things other Garou would wish stayed hidden; with this Gift, they can learn where the balance of chiminage lies with any spiritually aware being with a glance. The Gift reveals if the target has paid all proper obligations to the spirits, if he has ignored a debt or engaged in blasphemy against his totem or other spiritual patrons. An owl-spirit teaches this Gift.
A Perception + Subterfuge roll (difficulty 7) reveals the target’s state of debt in the spirit worlds; with three or more successes, the Theurge may learn the name of the one spirit the target most recently egregiously wronged, if such a being exists. Theurge Book of Auspices
Umbral Tether 1 The Umbra is a shifting world where logic does not always apply, and losing one’s way in it is an easy affair. Theurges have worked around this by using this Gift, which creates a silvery “umbilical cord” connecting the Garou to their point of entry into the Umbra. Only the Theurge who creates the tether can see it, though some spirits have a tendency to trip over it, which can sever or alter the cord. This Gift is taught by a spider-spirit. No roll is needed to create the thread, however after each hour spent in the Umbra, a single point of Gnosis must be expended to maintain it. If this point is not spent, the line slowly corrodes from the point of entry and toward the Garou. Theurge Player's Guide to Garou
Resist Pain 1 Through force of will, the Philodox is able to ignore the pain of his wounds and continue acting normally. A bear-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Willpower point; his character may ignore all wound penalties for the rest of the scene. Philidox WtA
Scent of the True Form 1 This Gift allows the Garou to determine the true nature of a person. This information is conveyed as an olfactory sensation — it is actually a scent of the target’s natural form. Any spirit servant of Gaia can teach this Gift. The Garou can tell automatically when someone is a werewolf; anything else requires a Perception + Primal-Urge roll. It takes two successes to detect vampires, faeries or other shapeshifters as such, and it takes four to detect fomori or mages. Philidox WtA
Truth of Gaia 1 As judges of the Litany, Philodox have the ability to sense whether others have spoken truth or falsehood. A Gaffling of Falcon teaches this Gift. The player rolls Intelligence + Empathy (difficulty of the subject’s Manipulation + Subterfuge). This Gift reveals only whether the target speaks the truth or lies. Philidox WtA
Moon Lore 1 Using this Gift, the werewolf can learn the phase of the moon that heralded the birth of another. Although it can determine auspice, Moon Lore gives no clue to whether the subject is a werewolf or even if it is supernatural in any way; being born under a waxing gibbous moon means much more to a Garou than it does to a normal human. Any moon-spirit can teach this Gift. A single success on a Perception + Primal- Urge roll (difficulty 6) is required to determine the moon’s phase at the time of the subject’s birth; two successes determine whether it was waxing or waning. Philidox Book of Auspices
Ma’at’s Feather 1 According to Egyptian legend, if the heart of one of the dead was heavier than Ma’at’s feather, she would feed it to the beast Ammit, destroying their soul entirely. If it was lighter, then the dead person was admitted to the afterlife. This Gift was first the province of Silent Strider Philodox (and is still most common among that tribe), but has spread throughout all of Garou society. It allows the Philodox to sense the weight of a fallen Garou’s soul and determine if he died as one of Gaia, or had fallen to the Wyrm. It is used to determine what rituals will be undertaken for the deceased, and is taught by a bird or lion-spirit. If the Garou died in the service of Gaia, the Gift works automatically, revealing this to be so. If, however, the Garou had betrayed the Mother, then a roll of the Philodox’s Perception + Occult (difficulty of the deceased’s former Gnosis) is needed to correctly determine their guilt. A simple success is sufficient, and the Storyteller is encouraged to roll secretly for each use of this Gift, to keep players guessing. Philodox Player's Guide to Garou
Beast Speech 1 The werewolf with this Gift may communicate with any animals from fish to mammals. This Gift does not change their basic reactions; most animals are still afraid of predators such as werewolves. Any spirit of nature can teach this Gift. The player simply rolls Charisma + Animal Ken, although each separate encounter or type of animal requires a separate roll. Galliard WtA
Call of the Wyld 1 This Gift augments the Galliard’s natural task of communication through howls. The Galliard can howl a cry that stirs and invigorates other werewolves, even those far beyond the normal range of hearing. This Gift is most commonly used at the beginning of revels or other events to charge up the sept, or to call for aid in times of peril. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift. The player rolls Stamina + Empathy; the number of successes determines how far away the Call can be heard and how stirring it is to those who hear it. This Gift can be used in concert with any of the standard Garou howls (see pp. 45-46). The Storyteller determines the actual effects, but they should be linked to the type of howl made and the intent of the Garou. Some examples are: every two successes gives those at a revel an extra die to their dice pools; Wyrm agents are distracted by the call and their difficulties rise temporarily; all Garou in the area do not hesitate to respond to the Garou’s Call for Succor. Galliard WtA
Mindspeak 1 By invoking the power of waking dreams, the Garou can place any chosen characters into silent communion. A Chimerling teaches this Gift. The player spends one Willpower point per sentient being chosen and makes a Manipulation + Expression roll (difficulty of the victim’s Willpower) if the being is unwilling. All those included in the dream may interact normally through the Mindspeak, although they can inflict no damage through it. Their real bodies can still act, although all dice pools decrease by two. The Mindspeak ends when all the participants want it to, or on the turn the Galliard fails the roll against an unwilling member. The beings affected must be within line of sight. Galliard WtA
Perfect Recall 1 As mentioned earlier in this chapter, Galliards often share one trait even before the Change takes them. That trait is memory. Moon- Dancers often have good heads for detail; this Gift, however, accentuates that capacity. Any Weaver-spirit can teach this Gift, which is one reason it isn’t more common. The player spends one Gnosis point. The Garou can then remember any one detail, no matter how small, from her entire life. A name she only heard once, a scent that she only smelled faintly — whatever the memory, as long as she experienced it, she can call it to mind. Note that this Gift does not provide context for the memory, but using it can lower the difficulty on related rolls (remembering a conversation the character had with his father about cars might aid in fixing an engine, for example). The Storyteller has final say over whether or not the character has ever experienced a given detail. Galliard Book of Auspices
Memory Circle 1 The Galliards are the Garou’s historians, charged with committing the legends and tales of their people to memory, perfect memory. Not all of them are particularly good at it. Thankfully, this Gift gives those Galliards a chance to make up for their weaknesses by planting Umbral “reminders” on their person. This Gift is taught by an elephant-spirit. This Gift is performed in two parts. When hearing words the Galliard wishes to remember perfectly, he spends one point of Gnosis. As this happens, the Storyteller should write down exactly what he’s committing to Umbral memory. Later, when he wishes to retrieve the memory, he may spend one point of Willpower and ask the Storyteller to read it back verbatim. The use of this Gift leaves tiny clear spheres matted within the Garou’s fur that can be seen within the Umbra, the so-called “memory circles”. Should the Garou wish to remove a memory circle, they may do so simply by pulling it out of their fur while in the Umbra. Also, it is possible that a combat within the Umbra might break some of the circles (at the Storyteller’s option). Galliard Player's Guide to Garou
Falling Touch 1 This Gift allows the Garou to send her foe sprawling with but a touch. Any aerial spirit can teach this Gift. The Garou’s player rolls Dexterity + Medicine (difficulty of the opponent’s Stamina + Athletics). Even one success sends the victim to the ground. Doing so counts as an action; activating this Gift and striking a foe with intent to harm are two separate things. Ahroun WtA
Inspiration 1 Other werewolves look to the Ahroun for leadership in combat. The Gift of Inspiration is one reason. The Garou with this Gift lends new resolve and righteous anger to his brethren. Either a lion- or wolf-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point. All comrades (but not the Gift’s user) receive one automatic success on any Willpower rolls made during the scene. Ahroun WtA
Razor Claws 1 By raking his claws over stone or another hard surface, the Ahroun hones them to razor sharpness. Either a cat- or bear-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Rage point, and the Ahroun must take a full turn to sharpen her claws. For the remainder of the scene, her claw attacks do an additional die of damage. Ahroun WtA
Empathy of Hatred 1 Using this Gift, an Ahroun can tell at a glance how strongly a given individual is ruled by anger — both at the moment and over the course of their life. An Epiphling of Rage teaches this Gift. No roll is needed; the effect is automatic. By spending an action focusing on a person, the Ahroun can learn the permanent and temporary Rage that said person possesses. This is most useful for spirits and other shapechangers, of course, although some fomori may possess Rage as well. The Shadow Lord Gift: Aura of Confidence blocks the perception granted by this Gift completely. Ahroun Book of Auspices
Pack Tactics 1 While the Ahroun’s role as the overall leader of Garou is questionable, there is no doubt at all who should take control of the pack during a battle. By taking the lead and coordinating pack actions, the Ahroun gifts all of her packmates with great competence in the heat of battle. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends a Willpower point before initiating a Pack Tactics maneuver (Werewolf, page 212), and divides a pool of extra dice equal to her Leadership score among everyone performing the maneuver. The dice should be divided as evenly as possible, although the player may choose where to distribute extra dice (or in case of the Ahroun’s Leadership score granting fewer dice than the number of packmates involved). Ahroun Book of Auspices
Spur Claws 1 Some Garou take the bee as a role model for their cause. The bee is so devoted to her queen that she attacks her enemies with no care to the inevitable fact that she will die in the attack. For those Garou who feel similarly, bee-spirits may teach them how to turn their claws into stingers that stick in their opponents. Such poison as they excrete won’t kill their opponents but neither will it kill the werewolf in question. The player spends one Rage. The next successful claw attack the character makes will bury her claws into the victim, where they stay stuck after they rip from the Ahroun’s fingertips. Until the victim takes the time to pull them out (which takes a full turn) they will suffer +2 difficulty on all actions. However, the Garou’s claws take a full turn to regenerate and can’t be used in that time. Ahroun Player's Guide to Garou
Rathead 1 The Dancer can squeeze her body through any opening no smaller than a quarter in diameter. This Gift looks very disturbing to unsuspecting onlookers. Corrupted rat-spirits teach this Gift.
The Dancer’s player rolls Gnosis. If successful, she can squirm through any opening no smaller than a quarter. Doing so typically takes a single turn, depending on the opening’s length. The Gift remains active until the Garou has passed entirely out of the constricted space.
Black Spiral Dancer WtA
Sense Wyrm 1 As the metis Gift Black Spiral Dancer WtA
Toxic Claws 1 The Dancer can cause toxic waste to ooze from her claws, coating them with an unhealthy greenish-gray slime. Wounds left by these claws tend to leave unhealthy-looking scars.
This Gift requires the expenditure of one Rage point and a turn of full concentration. For the remainder of the scene, the Dancer’s claws inflict an additional die of damage and leave residual Wyrm-taint on anything she slashes.
Black Spiral Dancer WtA
Jam Technology 2 The werewolf can cause technological devices to cease functioning, albeit temporarily. Even the simplest of shaped objects will refuse to perform its function. A Gremlin — a type of Wyld-spirit that enjoys breaking things — teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Crafts. The werewolf may choose the level of complexity she intends to “jam.” All technological devices (i.e., any devices shaped from fabricated materials like metal or plastic) of that complexity within 50 feet cease functioning for one turn per success. The devices remain unchanged but inert. Knives won’t cut, gunpowder won’t ignite, gears won’t turn and so on. The difficulty of the roll is based on the following chart:

Device / Difficulty:
Computer 4
Phone 6
Automobile 8
Gun 9
Knife 10
Homid WtA
Staredown 2 By staring into the eyes of a human or animal, a werewolf can cause the target to flee in terror. This Gift can be used against other werewolves, but the target will freeze in place rather than flee. A ram- or snakespirit teaches this Gift. The Garou using this Gift may focus on only one target per turn; the player rolls Charisma + Intimidation (difficulty 5 + the victim’s Rank). The victim flees for one turn per success, although he may expend a Willpower point to resist the Gift’s effects for a turn. Should the character score five or more successes, the victim flees for the duration of the scene. Werewolves (and most powerful Wyrm-monsters) will not flee, but they cannot attack while the Gift’s user continues to stare them down. However, if they are attacked themselves, all bets are off. Homid WtA
Divide 2 Perhaps more than any other species, humans are excellent at making tiny differences into massive gulfs. This can be seen in racism, sexism, homophobia and even in the quickly distancing term used to describe some criminals: Monsters. Garou, who are part human, have picked up neatly on these sorts of activities and even perhaps exceed humanity’s capacity for them. This Gift, which raises up hatred and suspicion, is an example of that. It is taught by a dog-spirit. By spending one Gnosis point and rolling Manipulation + Brawl, difficulty 7, the Garou can exacerbate divisions between individuals or groups. Note that the Gift cannot actually create anger and divisions; they must already exist to be exploited. If used on a theoretical “perfect family,” the Gift would fail.
Among humans, the Gift simply prevents any resolution of issues and difficulties, possibly breaking into violence. One success might cause targets to raise voices at each other, three would spell lawsuits, and five might bring them to blows.
Among Garou and other shapeshifters with Rage, however, the Gift is even more powerful. Every success on the initial roll adds one success on all Rage rolls the targets make throughout the rest of the scene. With such manipulation, it is doubtful that any peace can be made, and highly probable new troubles will emerge.
Homid Player's Guide to Garou
Burrow 2 Those who learn this Gift gain the ability to burrow through the earth. They make a real tunnel, and others can follow them through it. The digger creates a burrow just large enough for her to go through. Others may follow, but they are limited by the size of the hole. The werewolf must be in Crinos, Hispo or Lupus form to use this Gift as she needs her claws for digging (although even metis without claws can use this Gift). The tunnel is not structurally sound, and it will collapse over time. Mole kindly teaches this Gift to all metis who seek him. The player rolls Strength + Athletics against a difficulty depending on the substance to be excavated (4 for loose mud, 9 for solid rock). Some alloyed metals (such as titanium steel) and other reinforced structures will not yield to the werewolf no matter how hard she digs. The character can burrow one yard per turn for each success. After the initial roll, the character does not need to roll again to continue at the same speed. Metis WtA
Curse of Hatred 2 The metis may verbalize the hatred in her heart, disheartening opponents with the intensity of her emotion. A spirit of hate teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Expression (difficulty of the opponent’s Willpower). If she succeeds, her opponent loses two Willpower points and two Rage points. This Gift may be used on an opponent only once per scene. Metis WtA
Scent of Sight 2 The werewolf can compensate for her vision completely by using her sense of smell. She can attack invisible creatures normally or navigate roughly in absolute darkness. Wolf-spirits teach this Gift. The player rolls Perception + Primal-Urge against a Storyteller-determined difficulty that depends on how powerful local smells are. The Storyteller should require rolls only when something could cause the Garou to lose his opponent’s scent (such as if the opponent runs through water or into a reeking alley). Lupus WtA
Sense the Unnatural 2 The werewolf can sense any unnatural presence and determine its approximate strength and type. Supernatural presences can include magic, spirits, the Wyrm, wraiths and vampires, although it won’t pick them out specifically as such. The werewolf may sense a person plagued by hauntings as easily as a ghost. Any spirit servant of Gaia can teach this Gift. The player rolls Perception + Enigmas. The more successes he rolls, the more information he gains. The sensory input is somewhat vague and subject to interpretation, though. For instance, a vampire might smell of old blood, of fear, of rotten flesh, of fresh meat or of whatever else the Storyteller finds appropriate. Interpreting the information properly might require an Intelligence + Occult roll (Storyteller’s option). Lupus WtA
Blissful Ignorance 2 The Garou can become completely invisible to all senses, spirits or monitoring devices by remaining still. A chameleon-spirit teaches this Gift. The Garou’s player rolls Dexterity + Stealth (difficulty 7). Each success subtracts one success from the Perception + Alertness rolls of those looking for the character actively. If no one is doing so, then just one success indicates complete concealment. Ragabash WtA
Sense of the Prey 2 If he knows anything about his prey, the character can track it down as rapidly as he can travel. This unerring sense of direction operates anywhere, and it is useful for tracking spirits through the Umbra as well as finding beings on Earth. A wolf- or dog-spirit teaches this Gift. No roll is required unless the target is hiding actively (intent alone is not enough), in which case a Perception + Enigmas roll is made against a difficulty of the target’s Wits + Stealth. If the target is a spirit, the difficulty is the spirit’s Gnosis. Ragabash WtA
Taking the Forgotten 2 The Ragabash with this Gift can steal something from a target, and his victim will forget that she ever possessed the stolen item. A mousespirit teaches this Gift. The player must score three successes on a Wits + Stealth roll (difficulty of the victim’s Intelligence + Streetwise). Ragabash WtA
Trickster Beacon 2 Known as the “Kick Me Gift” by particularly irreverent New Moons, this places a spiritual beacon on the unwitting target, attracting the local troublemaking spirits. While potentially lethal pranks are off limits, anything else is fair game: items are moved or lost temporarily, the target is surrounded by jeering spirits in the Umbra or momentarily loses his way in familiar territory. The beacon cannot be removed or hidden (and the target can never see it although all spirits and perceptive Garou can), but an eloquent and lucky victim may be able to “buy off” the spirits with the appropriate chiminage. This Gift is taught by any trickster spirit. The Ragabash expends a point of Gnosis and touches the target (a pat on the back or handshake do as well as a punch). The player rolls Wits + Enigmas (difficulty is the target’s Rank +2; difficulty 5 for nonshapeshifters). The Gift effects last for one day per success. A botch marks the Ragabash instead (the unfortunate must roll against himself to determine how long the plague of spirits lasts, and a botch on the second roll means a full lunar month). Even spirits agree there is such a thing as carrying a prank too far. A Ragabash who uses this Gift more than once per lunar month or against a given individual more than once per season risks becoming the target of the spirits’ attention (subtract one success from the die roll for each consecutive use of the Gift). Ragabash Book of Auspices
Slip of the Tongue 2 Sensing the truth is the purview of the Half Moon, but the trickster is adept at obtaining admissions of guilt, however accidental. By engaging in a conversation (heated or otherwise), the user of this Gift can make the target accidentally remark on what she wished to hide (“of course I had everything to do with his death… I mean, nothing to do with it!” or “The necklace isn’t here, search all you like, but don’t bother with the study, that’s so obvious!”) The slip may only arouse already suspicious minds, but it may fluster the target enough to cause some more tangible admission of guilt, like a confession or an attack. This Gift is taught by a Gaffling of Falcon or by any truth spirit. The Ragabash must engage the target in a conversation relating to the suspected crime or action. The player and target make a resisted Manipulation + Subterfuge roll, difficulty of the opponent’s Willpower. One success allows a subtle slip only noticeable to the already suspicious, while five results in the spilling of damning information no judge could discount. Ragabash Book of Auspices
Alter Scent 2 While Blur of the Milky Eye works wonders to evade sight-obsessed humans, other animals rely on other senses such as smell. This Gift allows the Ragabash to trick even them by changing his scent to anything he may have ever smelled. A skunk-spirit teaches the Gift. The player rolls Wits + Primal-Urge to mimic the scent of anything the Garou has previously encountered. A simple success is usually enough to mimic other animals (including humans), though three successes are needed to simulate inanimate objects or plants, and five are needed to reproduce accurately the smell of a specific individual. The Gift’s effects last for a scene. Ragabash Player's Guide to Garou
Command Spirit 2 The Theurge can give simple commands to encountered spirits and expect a measure of compliance. This Gift does not grant the ability to summon spirits. It enables the user only to coerce them to obey. Any Incarna avatar can teach this Gift. The player must spend a Willpower point and roll Charisma + Leadership (difficulty of the spirit’s Gnosis). Each successive command requires the expenditure of another Willpower point. Note that the Garou cannot command spirits to leave areas to which they have been bound. Doing so requires the Level Three Theurge Gift: Exorcism. Theurge WtA
Name the Spirit 2 As the Level Three lupus Gift.
Theurge WtA
Sight from Beyond 2 When danger stalks the Garou or momentous events are in the offing, visions begin striking the Garou without warning. The nature of the danger is veiled in metaphor — a powerful vampire may appear in the Theurge’s dream as a bloody skeleton, while an impending battle might be heralded by dreams of carrion crows. Crowspirits teach this Gift. Interpreting these signs is best handled through roleplaying, but the Storyteller can require the Garou’s player to roll Wits + Occult (difficulty 7) if he deems appropriate. Theurge WtA
Spirit Knife 2 Using this Gift, a Theurge can imbue a knife — or any other weapon she hand-crafted herself — with the power to strike across the Gauntlet, affecting enemies on the other side. This Gift conveys no ability to see across the Gauntlet beyond what the Garou normally possesses, however. A Wasp-spirit teaches this Gift. The Garou spends one Gnosis point, and any single weapon she crafted entirely herself is able to strike creatures on either side of the Gauntlet in any area where the Gauntlet is equal to or lower than her Gnosis. This effect lasts for the duration of the scene. Theurge Book of Auspices
The Spirits’ Displeasure 2 Theurges use this Gift as a form of mystical warning against those who have offended the spirits. It causes the victim to suffer ill luck, and to witness an omen from his own culture indicating foreboding or cosmological displeasure. Note that many modern people may not recognize an omen as an omen, but they will still find it unsettling by it’s very nature. A Stormcrow teaches this Gift.
The Theurge spends a point of Gnosis, burns an effigy of the victim and rolls her Manipulation + Occult (difficulty 7); the intended target does not need to be present. Sometime in the same story the Gift is used, the target will botch an important (but not life-threatening) roll automatically, or suffer botch-like effects at one time in his everyday life. Theurge Book of Auspices
Spirit Skin 2 Generally, spirits are fairly friendly to Garou, at least ones that aren’t automatically hostile to anything. That doesn’t mean, however, that they treat a Garou exactly the same as they treat other spirits, and that’s when this Gift comes in handy. By activating it within the Umbra, the Theurge disguises herself as a spirit (usually a wolf-spirit) to all concerned. She still physically looks exactly like her Lupus form, she simply gives the impression of a spirit rather than Garou. Some Theurges have also used the Gift to throw off pursuit by hiding in a pack of wolfspirits. A chameleon-spirit teaches the Gift. The player spends one Gnosis and rolls Appearance + Subterfuge (difficulty 6 if imitating a wolf-spirit, difficulty 8 for imitating anything else). Each success keeps the disguise in place for one hour. While sometimes imitating a spirit other than a wolf is useful, it should be noted that the character will still somehow be recognizable as themselves to those looking for them. Even though they will clearly not look like their Lupus form, something about them will still give the game away. This Gift is obviously of little use outside the Umbra. Theurge Player's Guide to Garou
Call to Duty 2 Any spirit the Philodox knows by name is a potential servitor. With this Gift, the werewolf can summon and command any spirit she knows by name. Only one command is possible at a time, and the spirit departs after fulfilling the one request. An Incarna avatar teaches this Gift. Obviously, the Philodox must learn the spirit’s name, which usually requires personal acquaintance or use of the Gift: Name the Spirit. The player rolls Charisma + Leadership (difficulty of the spirit’s Willpower). If the player spends two Gnosis points, the werewolf can summon all Gaian spirits within one mile to protect or assist her, even if she does not know their names. Philodox WtA
King of the Beasts 2 The Philodox’s authority extends even into the realm of beasts, such that he can command the loyalty of any specific animal. If successful, the animal follows his commands willingly and unconditionally. A lion- or falcon-spirit teaches this Gift. The Philodox must choose one target within 100 feet. The player rolls Charisma + Animal Ken against a difficulty based on the werewolf’s relationship with the animal. This power works on only one animal at a time, and it does not attract animals to the Garou’s vicinity (see the Level Four lupus Gift: Beast Life).

Relationship / Difficulty
A sibling 3
Feed and care for 6
Stranger 8
Hostile 10
Philodox WtA
Strength of Purpose 2 Some Garou feel so strongly about their place in the pack, the tribe and the world that they can draw on this resolve in times of need. The Philodox can pull new resolve from his deepest reserves. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift. Once per scene, the player may roll Stamina + Rituals (difficulty 7). For every two successes, the Philodox recovers one point of Willpower up to her maximum. Philodox WtA
Omen of Truth 2 Half Moons are seldom called upon to make easy decisions or clear-cut judgments – if things were so simple, the Philodox would not be needed. Yet when it comes down to it, even the judge could use a hint now and then. By taking a moment to look around, the wise Garou may see in the fall of a leaf or path of a butterfly an answer he seeks. The player spends a Gnosis point and makes a Perception + Enigmas roll (difficulty varies, from 9 in a featureless, sealed space to 5 for a forest at sunset). The Gift takes a minimum of one full minute to use; the user gains a -1 difficulty if he dwells on the problem for half an hour. Successes add to the nature and certainty of the omen, while a botch brings an equally certain but erroneous conclusion. More than most, the effects of this Gift are up to the Storyteller, and depend on the situation; in general, though, the Storyteller should use it to give a hint as to Gaia’s two cents worth on the matter in question. Philodox Book of Auspices
Call of the Wyrm 2 This dangerous Gift actually attracts creatures of the Wyrm. Galliards typically use the Call to bait an ambush or to flush prey from hiding. Any spirit servant of Gaia can teach this Gift. The Garou’s player makes a resisted roll of Manipulation + Performance against the Wyrm creature’s Willpower (both rolls are difficulty 7). If the Wyrm creature loses the contest, it must come to the source of the Call. Galliard WtA
Distractions 2 The Garou can make annoying yips, yelps and howls to divert the attention of his target. A coyote-spirit teaches this Gift. The player rolls Wits + Performance (difficulty of the victim’s Willpower). Each success subtracts one die from the target’s dice pool next turn. Galliard WtA
Dreamspeak 2 The Galliard can enter another’s dream and thereby affect the course of that dream. The werewolf does not have to be anywhere near the target, but she must know or have seen the dreamer. A Chimerling teaches this Gift. The player rolls Wits + Empathy (difficulty 8). If the dreamer awakens while the Galliard is still within the dream, the werewolf is thrown out of the dream world, and he loses a Gnosis point. Galliard WtA
Unified Force 2 The Galliard can bond the pack into a truly unified force, striking as one. As long as no one in the pack succumbs to frenzy, each member strikes at the same instant, and few foes can stand up to such an attack for long. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift. The player must spend one Gnosis point for each turn in which this Gift is to be active. Every turn that she does so, each player rolls for initiative as usual, but the entire pack acts on the highest initiative rolled (so if the character’s initiative totals wind up being 10, 8, 14, and 17, the entire pack acts on 17, even if the pack’s alpha wound up with the 8). The entire pack must be present in the battle for this Gift to be effective, and if even one pack member frenzies, the effect is lost. Also, only pack members bonded by a totem may enjoy these benefits. All pack tactics are at –1 difficulty while this Gift is active. Galliard Book of Auspices
Mimic 2 A very widely used Gift, this allows the Galliard to perfectly replicate any noise she has ever heard with her voice alone. This includes animal calls, artificial noises (like a gunshot), musical instruments, other people’s voices or even a specific conversation. Galliards have been known to use this ability to fool enemies, enhance their storytelling, or even act as a werewolf audio recorder. It is taught by a magpie or mynah-spirit, which typically makes its charges suffer for the learning. Once the Garou has learned this Gift, they may automatically replicate anything they have ever heard (subject to the vagaries of their memory, of course). Particularly complicated noises (such as a whole conversation, including background noise) may require a Perception + Investigation roll (difficulty determined by Storyteller) to get right. If the audience suspects that something is up, then a Charisma + Performance roll may be required to fool them. Finally, the Garou may not make new sounds with this Gift, only replicate ones that they’ve heard before. Galliard Player's Guide to Garou
Sense Silver 2 As consummate warriors, Ahroun must be prepared for every eventuality — including silver weaponry. This Gift, taught by Lunes, allows the Ahroun to detect the presence of silver. The Garou rolls Perception + Primal-Urge (difficulty 7). If successful, she can detect the presence of any nearby silver. Three successes allow him to pinpoint the silver’s location. Ahroun WtA
Spirit of the Fray 2 This Gift allows the Ahroun to attack with lightning speed, striking before any foe. A cat-spirit teaches this Gift. Once the character learns this Gift, its effects are permanent. The Ahroun may add 10 to all his initiative rolls, which will nearly always ensure that he strikes first. If he chooses, the Ahroun may spend a Gnosis point to add another 10 to his initiative roll. Remember, though, that doing so prevents him from spending Rage to gain extra actions; werewolves can’t use Rage and Gnosis in the same turn. Ahroun WtA
True Fear 2 The Ahroun can display the true extent of her power, scaring one chosen foe into quiescence for a number of turns. Spirits of fear teach this Gift. The player rolls Strength + Intimidation (difficulty of the target’s Willpower). Each success she achieves cows the enemy for one turn; the victim cannot attack at this time. He may defend himself if attacked and otherwise act normally, although his actions will likely be guided by fear. Ahroun WtA
Spiritual Wrath 2 Garou are by nature beings half of corporeal flesh and half of spirit ephemera, living in two worlds simultaneously. By calling upon this Gift, an Ahroun manifests her spiritual nature more strongly than physical for a brief period, allowing her claws to cut through defenses they could never normally pierce. This Gift has no effect on creatures that are half spirit already, like other Garou, fomori and changelings. But any being entirely of one world, such as Banes, vampires, ghosts or animals, is vulnerable to its sting. Any spirit of war can teach this Gift. The player spends a point of Gnosis; the difficulty to soak the damage from a single claw attack the Ahroun makes in that turn is raised to 9. Note that the usual rule of being unable to spend Rage and Gnosis in the same turn still applies. Ahroun Book of Auspices
Renewed Vigor 2 By slaying a Wyrm beast (or other enemy, shameful though inter-tribal conflict may be) in a particularly spectacular fashion, the Ahroun can inspire all allies who have her in their line of sight to fight harder through her example. A hawk-spirit teaches this Gift. To activate this Gift, the Ahroun must have spent at least three Rage points in that turn, and must have killed an enemy with a stroke that brought it at least three health levels below Incapacitated. The Ahroun spends a point of Willpower, and all her Garou allies gain a number of points of temporary Rage equal to her Charisma Rating. Using this Gift does not require a separate action in combat aside from the action used to kill the enemy. Ahroun Book of Auspices
Ears of the Bat 2 This Gift allows the Black Spiral Dancer to use sonar like a bat. He may act in complete darkness without impairment. Black Spiral Dancers with this Gift have large, bat-like ears. Even in Homid form, they have
abnormally large ears. Corrupted bat-spirits teach this Gift.
This Gift can be counteracted with some means of generating confusing ultrasonic sounds. Garou who make a Perception + Alertness (or Primal-Urge in Lupus) roll can hear the sonar. With three or more successes, she can determine the Dancer’s exact location.
Black Spiral Dancer WtA
Patagia 2 The Dancer can extrude large flaps of skin under her arms, resembling a flying squirrel’s membranes. When not in use, the flaps usually shrink into the Dancer’s arms and sides, where they are not detectable.
The Dancer stretches her arms and leaps from a height. She may glide at 25 mph, but the player must make Dexterity + Athletics rolls (at the Storyteller’s discretion) to avoid losing altitude.
Black Spiral Dancer WtA
Terrify 2 The Dancer with this Gift is more intimidating and terrifying than normal. A sneer from her is as effective as a full-throated growl from another.
Roll Charisma + Intimidation (difficulty is the target’s Willpower). If successful, the difficultiesfor Social rolls made against that target decrease by one — but only if intimidation could conceivably alter the outcome in the Dancer’s favor. The target’s difficulty to strike the Dancer in combat is one higher as well.
Black Spiral Dancer WtA
Wyrm Hide 2 A Dancer may use this Gift to transform her skin into a lumpy, leathery, odious, sickly hide that grants her additional protection from harm. Once the Wyrm Hide wears off, it slides oozing and bubbling off the Black Spiral Dancer, leaving a congealing, smelly mess where she stood. The Dancer must spend one point of Rage to activate Wyrm Hide, and the player must roll Stamina + Survival. Each success grants the Dancer one additional soak die. This Gift lasts until the end of the scene. Until then, other Garou may pick up her scent at two lower difficulty, due to the stench the power generates. Black Spiral Dancer WtA
Disquiet 3 This Gift makes its target feel inexplicably depressed and withdrawn. The subject finds it difficult to draw on his full emotion or to maintain any type of concentration. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift. The player rolls Manipulation + Empathy against a difficulty equal to the target’s Willpower. If successful, that opponent will not be able to recover Rage for the duration of the scene. Furthermore, all difficulties for extended actions increase by one. Homid WtA
Reshape Object 3 The werewolf can shape once-living material (but not undead!) into a variety of objects instantly. Trees may become shelter, buck antlers become spears, animal hides become armor, and flowers become perfumes. The item will resemble the object from which it was shaped (e.g., the aforementioned spear is made of antler, not wood). A Pattern Spider — one of the Weaver’s spirits — teaches this Gift. The player rolls Manipulation + Crafts against a variable difficulty (5 to turn a broken tree limb into a spear, 8 to turn a plank into a floatable raft) and spends a Gnosis point. The created object is not necessarily permanent; it will last a length of time according to the following chart. Expending an additional Gnosis point allows a created weapon to inflict aggravated damage for the scene’s duration or until the object returns to its original form. This effect can be made permanent with the sacrifice of a permanent point of Gnosis if the object itself is changed permanently.

Successes / Duration
One 5 minutes
Two 10 minutes
Three One scene
Four One story
Five Permanent
Homid WtA
Tongues 3 The world grows ever smaller in the Last Days, and the Garou do their battle in further flung locations than ever before. While those who would seek to fight the Wyrm in foreign lands should still practice their Español (or whatever) for speaking, this Gift at least gives them a chance to blend in reasonably well without effort. Many Galliards also employ the Gift to decipher ancient texts that they may encounter. The player spends one Willpower point and then rolls Intelligence + Linguistics. Difficulty is determined by the relative age of the language. Modern French would be difficulty 4, old Gaelic difficulty 7, and something truly obscure would be difficulty 10. The more successes gained, the more fluent the character will be. All effects last one scene. The Gift works strictly on mundane human languages; it will not decipher other Shapeshifter glyphs or Hunter code, for example. Homid Player's Guide to Garou
Eyes of the Cat 3 The werewolf may see clearly in pitch darkness. His eyes glow a lambent green while this power is in effect. Any cat-spirit can teach this Gift, although werewolves who make enemies of the Bastet will have trouble finding teachers. The character must state when the Gift is in effect, but it requires no roll or expenditure. The character suffers no difficulty or dice-pool penalties from darkness. Metis WtA
Mental Speech 3 This Gift grants mental communication, even over vast distances. The user must either know the target personally (although he does not have to be friends with that person) or have something that belongs to that person, such as a lock of his hair. Bird spirits and spirits of intellect teach this Gift. Owl is a particularly sought-after teacher, and those who learn from him claim to have enhanced abilities at night. The player rolls Charisma + Empathy (difficulty 8) and expends a Willpower point; the effects last for a scene. His character may hold a mental conversation with a target at a maximum distance of 10 miles per success. It does not allow mind reading, but the werewolf may use social Abilities, such as Intimidation. Metis WtA
Shell 3 Consider the state of a metis cub. He is outcast from birth, knows this from the moment he can talk, and is trapped within a body that reacts powerfully to his slightest emotional twinge. Once you appreciate this state, it becomes easy to understand how this Gift was first learned. Shell places an emotional and instinctual barrier around the metis. A turtle-spirit teaches this Gift. While active, the metis cannot use Rage nor achieve any successes on Rage rolls, nor will mindaltering Gifts or magic affect him. However, he can also not attempt any rolls using Empathy or Primal- Urge, and suffers a -1 penalty on all initiative rolls. Metis Player's Guide to Garou
Catfeet 3 This Gift gives the werewolf the agility of a cat, making him immune to falls under 100 feet (he lands on his feet just right). He also has perfect balance even on the most slippery surfaces, and the difficulties of all combat actions involving body slams and grappling decrease by two. Cat-spirits teach this Gift. This ability becomes innate to those who learn the Gift. Lupus WtA
Name the Spirit 3 A werewolf with this Gift becomes familiar with the ways of the Umbra. He can sense the type and approximate Trait levels (Rage, Gnosis, Willpower) of spirits. A spirit servant of the Uktena totem teaches this Gift. The player spends one Willpower point and rolls Perception + Occult (difficulty 8). Lupus WtA
Death Whispers 3 The ancient Greeks associated the wolf with death. Hecate wore three wolf heads, while Charon wore wolf ears. Lupus with this Gift echo that connection. By standing entirely still near a recently dead body, the lupus can hear the last final words of the deceased. These words are often rambling and incoherent, but can provide clues and understanding of what happened at the moment of their death, or of their most prominent thoughts at the moment of their demise. The lupus must stand next to the corpse and stay entirely still, trying to hear the very soft whispers. The player then rolls Perception + Occult (difficulty 7). To successfully hear the death whispers, the lupus must obtain more successes than the number of hours the body has been dead. More successes than required increase the clarity of the whisper. This Gift may be attempted only once per dead body. Lupus Player's Guide to Garou
Gremlins 3 The Ragabash can cause a technological device to malfunction merely by touching it. This Gift actually disrupts the spirit energy within the device that aids its function. If the Garou can frighten the spirit sufficiently, it will flee the device, causing it to malfunction permanently. A Gremlin teaches this Gift. The player rolls Manipulation + Intimidation; the difficulty is determined by the complexity of the item. The more successes the Garou obtains, the more the device is damaged. Five successes disable the device permanently (the spirit has fled). Good roleplaying might certainly warrant one to three additional dice at the discretion of the Storyteller.

Device / Difficulty
Computer 4
Phone 6
Automobile 8
Knife 10
Ragabash WtA
Open Moon Bridge 3 The Garou has the ability to open a moon bridge, with or without the permission of the totem of that caern. A Lune teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point. See the Rite of the Opened Bridge for more information on opening moon bridges. The maximum distance that can thereby be covered is 1,000 miles. Ragabash WtA
Impunity 3 One of the Ragabash’s jobs is to voice uncomfortable truths. Unfortunately, not all tolerate that role, and those who most need to hear the truth are often least willing to listen. No Moons must be quick on their feet to avoid a furious elder who’s been called on the carpet by a subordinate. With this Gift, the Garou may tell a respected leader he screwed up without becoming the dead messenger. The Gift is taught by a cat-spirit. By succeeding in a Charisma + Subterfuge roll (difficulty 6), the Ragabash can avoid the worst repercussions of his statements. The target(s) must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 6 plus the No Moon’s successes) to punish or attack the speaker for the rest of the scene. Each attempted use of this Gift in the span of a lunar month adds an additional +1 to the No Moon’s difficulty. Note that whatever the Ragabash says must be clearly and completely true from the user’s point of view — no prevarication or double entendres are possible. For example, “Your nephew broke the Litany” would work if said Garou ate a policeman, but not if he failed to respect a Black Spiral’s territory. (Though a simple opinion, such as “You’re being an idiot,” is acceptable if heartfelt). The Storyteller is the final arbiter. If the Ragabash attempts to misuse this impressive Gift, not only will he not realize it didn’t work until after he speaks, but Cat will make her displeasure evident. Ragabash Book of Auspices
The Usual Suspects 3 The wary Ragabash often wants to keep tabs on others, whether to know the location of a wandering cub or trail a suspicious government agent. The Usual Suspects allows the user to know the general whereabouts of several subjects at any time. Owl-spirits or urban spirits of Wisdom teach this Gift. The Ragabash can keep tabs on a number of individuals equal to her Gnosis rating. To choose a target, the New Moon must either have an unobstructed view or have a strong scent trail of the target and make a Gnosis roll (difficulty 7). Thereafter, by spending a Gnosis point and concentrating for three turns (the player rolls Perception + Enigmas, difficulty 8 for physical beings or Gnosis rating for spirits) the Ragabash can sense the general location of the target. Successes increase accuracy; one success would give “Southwest, a mile or two away,” while five would allow “Southsouthwest, 1.3 miles, on the porch of his house.” If the Garou already has a maximum number of targets saved, she must “lose” one before acquiring another. Ragabash Book of Auspices
Riddle 3 Taking their cue from numerous trickster legends, some Ragabash love to confuse their targets with unusual quizzes and mysterious puzzles. Those with this Gift add a little spiritual punch into the mix, slowly driving their targets mad with riddles. A spirit servant of Sphinx teaches this Gift. The player must first create (or find) a riddle to be told. It must have a solid answer that can be understood by most people. After telling it to the victim, the player spends one Gnosis. From then on, the victim will be driven to distraction by the riddle, and until he can solve it, he suffers +1 difficulty on all rolls. In addition, every morning the victim loses one Willpower. Should this drain him entirely of Willpower, he will go a little crazy, most likely by barricading himself in his room for a day and refusing to come out. At the end of the day, however, the riddle will no longer concern him. Ragabash Player's Guide to Garou
Exorcism 3 This is the Gift of ejecting spirits from places or objects, whether they are there voluntarily or are bound there. Any Incarna avatar can teach this Gift. The Garou must concentrate uninterrupted for three turns. If a spirit does not wish to leave, the player must make a Manipulation + Intimidation roll (difficulty of the spirit’s Willpower). If the spirit has been bound to its lodging place (or into a fetish), then the exorcist must make a Wits + Subterfuge roll (difficulty 8) and gain more successes than the binder did when tying the spirit to its location. This Gift can be used to “cure” fomori, although the host will surely die as the Bane is ejected unless a powerful healer manages to preserve her life during the exorcism. Theurge WtA
Pulse of the Invisible 3 Spirits fill the world around the Garou, and none knows this fact better than the Theurge. This Gift grants constant awareness of the spirit world. Even in the physical world, the Theurge with this Gift can interact with spirits in the Penumbra at will. While most spirit activity is barely worth watching, the Theurge will be aware of any dramatic changes. Any spirit can teach this Gift. If the Garou’s permanent Gnosis equals or exceeds the Gauntlet, he can see into the Umbra automatically. Otherwise, the player must roll Gnosis to pierce the Gauntlet (difficulty of the Gauntlet rating). Only one success is required. The effect lasts for an entire scene or until the character enters an area with a higher Gauntlet. Theurge WtA
Evocation of Ceremony 3 Rituals are not used only to evoke supernatural effects; they also have an inherent value to Theurges in and of themselves. Using this Gift, the Garou evokes a sense of awe, reverence and holy mystery through ritualistic behavior — anything from a Garou rite to a Catholic sacrament. Along with any normal mystical effect, the ceremony produces a sense of reaffirmation and cosmological belonging in everybody who participates. While Theurges usually use this effect to strengthen sincere spiritual devotions or build community among Garou, it’s just as easily abused to keep participants in a rite in ignorant, dogmatic fear of the supernatural world — the Theurge’s intent, not the nature of the Gift, determines which is the case. An enigmatic spirit teaches this Gift. Any being can attempt to inspire, unify or cow an audience through ritualism with a Charisma + Rituals, Occult, Performance or Subterfuge roll as appropriate to the exact situation. Possession of this Gift increases the Charisma of the Theurge by four dots, only for the purposes of such attempts (to a maximum of nine). Theurge Book of Auspices
Castigate 3 The Theurge calls upon the spirits to revoke their favor from another Garou; she must verbally state the target’s offenses against the spirit worlds, and the target must be present; if successful, the target loses both Renown and spiritual Gifts. A hyena-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends a point of Gnosis and rolls Charisma + Intimidation against a difficulty equal to the target’s [Gnosis + 3]. Each success causes the target to lose one point of temporary Renown for good. In addition, the target loses access to one Gift of the Theurge player’s choice for the remainder of the story, of a maximum level equal to the successes rolled. Theurge Book of Auspices
Umbral Tracking 3 As noted above, usually only the Garou who created an Umbral tether can see it. If a Theurge has this Gift, that is no longer true. This Gift is taught by a fly-spirit. By spending one point of Gnosis, the Garou can see all active Umbral tethers around her. She does not know to whom the tethers belong, but can tell in which direction it extends to the Garou. If the Garou attempts to break the tether, the tether’s creator knows immediately and may make a resisted Strength + Occult roll at difficulty 6 against the Garou. If the attacker gains more successes, the tether is destroyed. Theurge Player's Guide to Garou
Weak Arm 3 Philodox are masters of judgment, and this trait extends even into the field of battle. By watching an opponent’s fighting style, the werewolf can evaluate his strengths and weaknesses. Snake- and wind-spirits teach this Gift. The player rolls Perception + Brawl (difficulty 8). Each success gives her one bonus die to add to her attack or damage rolls against this opponent. For instance, a Philodox who gets four successes on this roll could add two dice to her attack rolls and two to her damage pool. This Gift can be used against a given foe only once per scene, and the benefits are lost at the end of the scene. The Garou must concentrate for a full turn to use this Gift. Philodox WtA
Wisdom of the Ancient Ways 3 All werewolves have an innate connection to their ancestors, a form of racial unconscious accessible through intense meditation. The Philodox can tap into these deep memories to remember ancient facts and lore. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift. The character must meditate for a short time, concentrating on the past. The player then rolls Gnosis (difficulty 9, -1 for each point of Ancestors the Garou possesses). The number of successes determines how detailed and exact the answer he receives will be. Philodox WtA
Divided Heart 3 The heart of the werewolf is filled with rage, and quite often, this internal fire can overcome a werewolf’s strength of will. With this Gift, taught by any tree spirit, a Philodox can briefly allow another to “hold back” the fury inside, lest a poorly made decision cause irreparable damage. The purpose of this Gift is to help alleviate the difficulties a werewolf encounters when his Rage exceeds his Willpower. For every success on a Manipulation + Primal Urge roll by the Philodox player, one penalty die is negated for the target character. The effects last for five minutes per success — a Philodox can temporarily alleviate the Curse, but never negate it. Philodox Book of Auspices
Bonds that Tie Us 3 The Philodox is mediator and judge, but is also investigator. The Gift assists a Philodox with such matters by revealing any emotions and opinions that exist between two people. Many Garou detest this Gift, since it is indiscriminate, revealing any emotion that may exist. It is taught by an ant-spirit. The player spends one Rage as the Philodox taps deep into his own wellspring of emotion, connecting those emotions to those of his target. After this, the Philodox whispers the name of a person with whom the target has a relationship, and the Philodox will immediately feel every emotion toward that person that the target has. These emotions aren’t real (at least to the Philodox), but they certainly feel it, and it is wise to avoid the person to whom those emotions are directed for as long as the effect lasts (one scene). A Garou or other supernatural that doesn’t wish to cooperate with the Gift may roll their Willpower, difficulty of the Philodox’s Rage with success preventing the use of the Gift. Philodox Player's Guide to Garou
Eye of the Cobra 3 With but a look, the Garou can attract anyone to his side. A snake-spirit teaches this Gift. The player rolls Appearance + Enigmas (difficulty of the target’s Willpower). The Garou needs three successes to bring the target to his side; fewer at least start the victim moving in the right direction. Once there, the target can do as he pleases, but he must try his best to get to the Galliard until then. Galliard WtA
Song of Rage 3 This Gift unleashes the Beast in others, forcing werewolves, vampires and other such creatures into frenzy and turning humans into berserkers. A wolverine-spirit teaches this Gift. The Garou rolls Manipulation + Leadership (difficulty of the target’s Willpower). The victim flies into a violent rage (or frenzy, if naturally prone) for one turn per success. Galliard WtA
View the Battlefield 3 Moon Dancers are renowned for their ability to be everywhere at once during a fight. Some onlookers say that Galliards have a sort of innate sense of where they need to be during a fight, either to witness a blood feud consummated or simply to help an overwhelmed packmate. This Gift is part of the reason for these tales, and allows the Galliard to see the entire battlefield in her mind’s eye. A hawkspirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Wits + Alertness. The difficulty varies based on the size of the battlefield. One large room would be difficulty 5, while a football field would be difficulty 7 and an entire forest would be difficulty 9. If the roll succeeds, the character can see the entire battlefield as if from above (and can look through ceilings and the like to view the combatants below). This makes ambushing the character nearly impossible, and allows her to know if any of her allies are in immediate danger. Even if the character’s sight is somehow blocked (through use of the Gift: Shroud, for example) she still instinctively knows the exact location of her packmates. This Gift lasts for one turn per success on the initial roll. Galliard Book of Auspices
Sing the Spirits 3 The earliest incantations to spirits were sung, and although the Theurges may be the auspice chosen to deal with them, the Galliards still know some songs with power in them. Such songs are many, but always have a similar construction. They begin by calling out the spirit’s name, and ordering it to stay away, and finish with a threat issued against it if it doesn’t. When done right, the spirit will be unable to approach the Galliard, or anyone she touches. The Gift is taught by a bird or fish-spirit. The player spends one Gnosis and rolls Strength + Performance (difficulty 7). The spirit named must remain one meter per success away from the Galliard and anyone she is touching. The Galliard doesn’t need to know the exact name of a spirit, but must be able to name it appropriately. (Telling it what kind of spirit it is, such as “Cat” or “Nexus Crawler” is sufficient.) The spirit may attempt to break through this ward by rolling their Rage, difficulty 8; they must receive more successes than the Galliard did on their Performance roll. The effects of this Gift last one scene. Galliard Player's Guide to Garou
Heart of Fury 3 The Garou can steel himself against anger, suppressing his Rage and creating a mental dam against the explosive frenzies of his kind. This anger will catch up with him eventually, though, so he must vent it before it breaks free. A boar-spirit teaches this Gift. The player rolls Willpower (difficulty of the character’s permanent Rage rating). Every two successes add one to the character’s frenzy difficulties for the scene, making it harder to frenzy. When the scene ends, however, past slights and injuries come rushing back to haunt the Garou, refilling the Garou’s heart and soul. He must spend one Willpower point or make a frenzy check immediately at the regular difficulty. Ahroun WtA
Silver Claws 3 The Ahroun can establish her battlefield primacy against other werebeasts by transforming her own claws into silver. A Lune teaches this Gift. The player rolls Gnosis (difficulty 7) to activate the Gift. The transformation lasts for the scene or until the Ahroun decides to end the Gift. Silver claws still do aggravated damage to all targets, and they are naturally unsoakable to Garou and most other werebeasts. While the Ahroun manifests the claws, she suffers searing agonies. Each turn, she gains an automatic Rage point. Furthermore, all non-combat difficulties increase by one because of the distraction. When her Rage points exceed her Willpower, she must check for frenzy. Ahroun WtA
Purity of Spirit 3 Many Galliards relate stories describing the werewolves’ weakness to silver as a kind of chiminage — the price Luna extracts from her children for the gift of Rage. Using this Gift, the werewolf can, at great cost, briefly shield himself against silver’s damaging power with his own spiritual energies. A Lune teaches this Gift. The Garou spends a number of Gnosis points, and immediately receives this many automatic successes to soak damage from silver, even if she has no dice to roll. The effect lasts for a number of turns equal to the Gnosis spent, not including the remainder of the turn in which it was activated. The Gift does not take an action to activate, and indeed can be activated immediately if the Garou has been struck by surprise with a silver bullet or blade to help ameliorate the damage… as long as the user hasn’t spent any Rage that turn, of course. This Gift cannot be active at the same time as Luna’s Armor; whichever is activated last cancels the prior Gift. Ahroun Book of Auspices
Combat Healing 3 If you don’t get hit, you can’t get hurt. But when you’re fighting fourteen fomori and a Black Spiral pack, that’s usually not an option. Thankfully for Ahroun in such situations, this Gift exists, allowing them to heal even as a fight continues. Elemental spirits teach this Gift, and usually learning it requires besting one in combat first. By spending two Rage points, the Ahroun no longer needs to pause or roll stamina to heal during combat, and automatically regenerates one non-aggravated health level every round. Ahroun Player's Guide to Garou
Burning Scars 3 Black Spiral Dancers often carve stylized scars representing their devotion to the Wyrm into their bodies. With this Gift, a Dancer can draw upon that devotion to inflict horrible injuries on her foes. When invoked, this Gift causes the Dancer’s scars to glow with an unwholesome brilliance that almost seems to crawl into the victim’s body through his eyes, nose, mouth and ears, burning him from the inside out and leaving horrible burns that mimic the Dancer’s own scars. The Dancer must grab the target, and the player must spend two Rage and roll Wits + Primal-Urge (difficulty is victim’s Stamina + 2). Each success inflicts one level of unsoakable aggravated damage that appears upon the victim’s body as a mirror of the Dancer’s glowing scars. These marks of the Wyrm may prove a powerful social handicap, and it may take some effort to remove them. Black Spiral Dancer WtA
Foaming Fury 3 The Dancer’s mouth bubbles and foams with a noxious, greenish fluid. His eyes widen and roll in their sockets, showing the whites. The Dancer yips, barks and howls madly (and uncontrollably) as if in the grip of a rabid madness — a contagious one. The player of anyone bitten by a Dancer using this Gift must succeed in a Stamina roll (difficulty 8, 6 if the Garou has Resist Toxin), lest the character fly into a rabid frenzy. (In effect, the character enters the Thrall of the Wyrm) Black Spiral Dancer WtA
Cocoon 4 The werewolf can wrap himself in a thick, opaque sarcophagus-like epidermis, making him immobile but near-impervious to harm. This cocoon grants him immunity to fire, starvation, gas, high pressure, cold and similar environmental hazards. An insect- or Weaver-spirit teaches this Gift. The Garou spends one Gnosis point. While in the cocoon, the werewolf ignores any attacks which fail to do damage at least equal to her Stamina + Rituals, but attacks that pierce the cocoon destroy it. The cocoon lasts for one scene, after which it dissolves rapidly and evaporates. The player may extend the duration of the Gift spending more Gnosis points. Spending days in the cocoon is entirely possible, but the maximum duration is up to the Storyteller. Homid WtA
Spirit Ward 4 A werewolf with this Gift may protect himself from spirits by performing a quick warding rite. To use this Gift, the werewolf draws an invisible pictogram in the air that scares and unnerves any nearby spirits (except pack totems or caern spirits). The symbol travels with the werewolf as long as it lasts. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Rituals (difficulty 7). Spirits within 100 feet of the character (again, except the pack totem or local caern spirits) must subtract one from their dice pools for each success. This Gift lasts for one scene. Homid WtA
Gift of the Porcupine 4 When using this Gift, the werewolf undergoes a startling transformation. Her fur becomes elongated, bristly and sharp like the quills of a porcupine. This change makes her an even more fearsome killing machine. A werewolf must be in Crinos, Hispo or Lupus form to use this Gift. Porcupine teaches this Gift, and he has a great fondness for metis. The character spends a Gnosis point to sharpen his fur. Anyone whom the metis tackles, grapples or immobilizes takes aggravated damage from his newfound quills (Strength +1). Furthermore, anyone who strikes him with bare flesh (and scoring fewer than five successes on the attack roll) takes damage based on the attacker’s own Strength, although the metis still takes normal damage. This Gift lasts for one scene or until the werewolf wills his fur to return to normal. Metis WtA
Wither Limb 4 With a snarl and an angry gaze, the werewolf forces a target’s arm or leg to twist, desiccate and wither, making it useless. Creatures with regenerative abilities will restore the limb to full function after one scene; otherwise, the effects are permanent. Snake-spirits, spider-spirits and other venomous spirits teach this Gift. Some werewolves even invoke spirits of disease to learn this Gift. The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Willpower (difficulty of the victim’s Stamina + 4). The victim adds two to the difficulties of all Dexterity rolls. If his leg is affected, he can move at only half of his normal speed. Metis WtA
Beast Life 4 The werewolf with this Gift can communicate with other wild animals and attract (or even command) them. Domesticated animals will speak with the werewolf, but they have given themselves to the ways of humans and must be persuaded to obey the Garou. Any animal spirit may teach this Gift, although Lion and Bear are most often sought as teachers. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Animal Ken (difficulty 7). The character gains the ability to communicate with all animals automatically. One success can attract specific types of animals within a 10-mile radius, and those that can reach the werewolf in a reasonable amount of time will do so. Each additional success adds 10 miles (two successes indicate a 20-mile radius). All wild animals become friendly to the character. They follow any reasonable request the character makes, and many unreasonable ones as well. A character who uses this Gift to force an animal to sacrifice itself had best pay homage to its spirit or risk angering Gaia. The effect lasts for one scene, but the time may be extended by spending one Gnosis point per extra scene desired. Lupus WtA
Gnaw 4 The werewolf’s jaws strengthen to the point that she can chew through just about anything, given enough time. In addition, her jaws do more damage in combat, and only death will break her grip if she clamps her teeth into an opponent. Wolf-spirits teach this Gift. The player spends one Willpower point and rolls Stamina + 4 against a variable difficulty (3 for wood, 6 for steel handcuffs, 9 for a train car coupling). The length of time it takes to gnaw through something depends on the number of successes. In addition, this Gift gives a character’s bite two extra dice of damage for the duration of the scene. Lupus WtA
Venom 4 It was a Silent Strider lupus who first perfected this Gift while talking with Rattlesnake, but it’s since been learned by many lupus through all tribes. By biting an opponent, the Garou can inject them with a damaging, or sometimes even lethal, toxin. Any snake-spirit can teach this gift. The lupus must first successfully bite his opponent. After this, the player makes an opposed Stamina + Primal-Urge roll against the target’s Stamina + 4. Each success the attacker gets above the victim inflicts an aggravated and unsoakable health level of damage, in addition to the damage done by the bite itself. Each level of damage caused in this way also temporarily reduces the target’s Stamina by one, and running out of Stamina in this way will cause a victim to fall unconscious. All Stamina returns at the beginning of the next scene — should the victim survive. Lupus Player's Guide to Garou
Luna’s Blessing 4 When the moon is visible in the night sky, silver refuses to cause the Garou aggravated wounds. Indeed, if the moon waxes full, silver weapons may well turn on those who would wield them against the character. A Lune teaches this Gift. For each strike against the Garou, the wielder of the weapon must roll three extra dice on the attack; these dice are read only to check for botches. The Garou can soak and regenerate silver as if it were bashing or lethal damage (depending on whether the silver is part of an edged weapon or not), but only when the moon is in a visible phase above the horizon. Therefore, the Garou is still vulnerable during a new moon. Ragabash WtA
Whelp Body 4 With this Gift a Garou may deliver a devastating curse upon a foe’s body, causing it to weaken or palsy. Many consider the use of this power on a foe to be a declaration of unending war. Either a pain-spirit or a spirit of disease teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Gnosis, and the target resists with his own Gnosis roll. The Garou’s difficulty is the opponent’s Willpower, while her victim’s difficulty is the Ragabash’s Gnosis. (Victims without Gnosis roll Stamina without any adjustments for supernatural powers or the like.) Each success scored by the Ragabash allows him to remove one point from any of the victim’s Physical Attributes. The effect is permanent, although the victim may restore these Attributes via experience. This Gift may be used only once ever against a given opponent. Ragabash WtA
Madness Season 4 A fine line often exists between madcap humor and the precipice of insanity. The New Moon’s understanding of this boundary enables her to send enemies teetering off the brink into lunacy. While this Gift does no lasting harm to the victim, it can make him an object of ridicule and scorn… and grant a measure of respect to the Ragabash who uses it. Any spirit of Luna can teach this Gift. The player expends one Gnosis point and makes a resisted Manipulation + Subterfuge roll against the target’s Willpower. One success causes the victim to become gibbering and helpless in a fit of madness for a number of turns equal to the Ragabash’s Gnosis rating; three successes causes the madness to last the remainder of the scene. With Storyteller’s discretion, four or more successes may render the victim incoherent for a longer period of time. Ragabash Book of Auspices
Grasp the Beyond 4 The Garou may take things to and from the Umbra without having to dedicate them to herself. This Gift affects humans and animals, both willing and unwilling. Garou often use this power to take loyal Kinfolk with them on Umbral quests or to heal injured Kinfolk — both body and soul — in mystic Glens. The Garou must grasp the object or person he wishes to take to the spirit world. He must then spend a number of Willpower points: one for small items (a pocket-watch or knife), two for larger items (a backpack or bow) and three for huge items (including people). The player makes the usual Gnosis roll to pierce the Gauntlet and step sideways; if successful, both he and the desired object or person pass into the Umbra. An unwilling target may resist with a Willpower roll; each success subtracts one from the Garou’s successes. A Garou attempting to abduct an unwilling victim must achieve at least three successes on his Gnosis roll. Unless she has the ability to step sideways, any person taken to the Umbra must rely on the Garou to escape, or she must find an area with a very thin Gauntlet, such as a caern. The Gauntlet rating must be 3 or lower for a victim to exit of his own accord. If he does exit, he may not reenter the Umbra, regardless of the Gauntlet rating. If left in the Umbra too long, a living creature eventually turns to spirit matter entirely. Theurge WtA
Spirit Drain 4 The Garou may drain power from a spirit to feed his own resolve. A spirit servant of the Uktena totem teaches this Gift. The player makes a resisted Gnosis roll against the spirit. If the player succeeds, the spirit loses one Essence point per success for the rest of the scene. For every two points drained, the Garou gains a temporary Willpower point, but she loses any points exceeding her maximum at the end of the scene. Theurge WtA
Placation 4 Shamans from many diverse cultures are said to know secrets for placating angry ghosts and ancestors — this Gift is one of them. A Theurge with this Gift always knows exactly what kind of sacrifice is necessary to make atonement for an offence against the spirit world, and is skilled in the secret methods of offering it. A spirit from the realm of Erebus teaches this Gift. With a Perception + Occult roll (difficulty 7), the Theurge learns what she must offer to placate an offended spirit. Usually, as long as both offender and Theurge are sincere, a few points of Gnosis spent is sufficient to restore harmony; if the offender is dead or absent, or the offense is truly great, the spirit courts may require the Theurge take on a geas as chiminage, offer a fetish or undertake a quest. In legendary cases, Theurges have even been known to surrender their lives to restore the Garou Nation’s ties to a wronged Incarna to totem spirit. Theurge Book of Auspices
Prophecy 4 This Gift offers the Theurge true insight into the future. Such visions are sporadic and sometimes enigmatic, but unless a specific effort is made to change what is ahead, they are always accurate. An owl-spirit teaches this Gift. This Gift is as much a story element as a power; the player should check with his Storyteller before buying it for a character. Regardless of whether it is possessed by a player character or not, visions come only at the Storyteller’s whim and contain whatever information he desires. The Storyteller should obviously avoid depicting player characters’ futures in such visions, to avoid turning them into a set piece. Theurge Book of Auspices
Roll Over 4 The Philodox can call on her power to radiate a commanding presence that compels others to submit to her. Should she succeed in a test of wills, she dominates her foe, which causes humans to fall to their knees and wolves to roll on their backs. Either a lion- or a wolf-spirit teaches this Gift. The player must score at least three successes more than her opponent on a resisted Willpower contest. If the Gift takes effect, the victim can take no action other than submission unless he is in direct danger. Philodox WtA
Scent of Beyond 4 The werewolf can bring all his senses to bear on one spot with which he is familiar (even an Umbral site), no matter how far away that spot is. The Philodox senses the site from a point of view as if he were standing in the middle of the area being scanned. A bird-spirit teaches this Gift. The player rolls Perception + Enigmas (difficulty 8). If the spot is in the Umbra, the difficulty is 8 or the Gauntlet rating (whichever is higher). Philodox WtA
Reality’s Path 4 Perception is subjective, but the Philodox cannot afford that luxury. This Gift allows the user to sense whether what the subject believes to be true is actually false. A Jaggling of Falcon teaches the Gift. The player rolls Perception + Enigmas (difficulty 7). A single success determines if what the subject is telling an unintended untruth. Three successes will discover if the subject was deliberately misled. Five successes or more will reveal the truth of the lie at its simplest level (it might tell who perpetrated a crime, but not why or who the perp was working for). Note that this Gift only works when a subject speaks what he truly believes; packmates can’t go on “fishing expeditions” by throwing out names to determine who really committed a deed, for example. Reality’s Path deals with knowable facts (“She never intended to return”, “despite his boast, your brother didn’t kill the Bane single-handed”), not greater spiritual truths. Philodox Book of Auspices
Take the True Form 4 Any Garou, even the youngest cub, is deadly in Crinos form. Philodox charged with calming and keeping order among their people find this Gift a blessing for when tempers are their peak. It forces a subject back into their breed form, which usually cancels a frenzy. Others have used it on allies the moment before they are attacked with silver in an attempt to abate the damage, or on enemies to gain a combat advantage. Some wolf-spirits teach this Gift, as do any animal spirits that change their form to show threat, such as pufferfish or frill-necked lizard-spirits. The player rolls Manipulation + Primal- Urge, resisted by the target’s Stamina. If successful, the target automatically and instantly assumes their breed form and must remain in it for a number of turns equal to the number of successes achieved. This Gift works on any creature that shapeshifts, such as Fera or vampires. Philodox Player's Guide to Garou
Bridge Walker 4 The Galliard has the ability to create minor moon bridges through which she alone can travel. The Garou travels between the ends of this moon bridge in one percent of the time it would take to travel that distance normally, allowing her to disappear from in front of a foe and reappear behind it instantly. Note that these moon bridges are not protected by Lunes, and they attract the interest of spirit creatures occasionally. These beings have even been known to follow the Garou into the physical world. A Lune teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point to create the bridge. The moon bridge lasts for only one passage, unless the player spends a permanent Gnosis point during its creation, in which case it lasts until the next full moon. The maximum distance that can be traversed by the bridge is the Garou’s Gnosis in miles. Galliard WtA
Shadows by the Firelight 4 By invoking the power of shadows and dreams, the Galliard may create interactive stories in which others take part — willingly or not. Shadows dance around the participants as they act out their roles (as directed by the Galliard). This Gift is used commonly at moots, allowing many Garou to take part in the same legend recounted by the Galliard. However, this Gift can also be used on the unwilling, forcing them to participate in a story of the Garou’s choosing. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift. When using this Gift on the unwilling, the player must spend a variable amount of Gnosis and score three successes on a Manipulation + Performance roll (difficulty of the target’s Willpower). If successful, the player may tell a story and force the victim to perform exactly as the story’s character does. This effect lasts one turn per Gnosis point spent. Galliard WtA
Book of Years 4 The Galliard taps into a floodgate of knowledge from her ancestors. While the amount of information thus received is overwhelming, the Garou, if she keeps her head about her, can find information on nearly any topic. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift, although certain reptilian spirits have been known to impart it as well. The player rolls Wits + Enigmas or Ancestors (whichever is higher; the Garou need not have the Ancestors Background to learn this Gift) at a difficulty of the local Gauntlet. The character falls into a trance and is immediately immersed in a deluge of memories stretching back to the dawn of time. This flood continues until the character terminates the Gift, and the memories get older the longer she remains in the trance. For every hour the character remains under the Gift’s influence, the memories stretch back roughly five centuries. For each hour that the character remains in the trance, however, the player must roll Willpower (difficulty 7) to keep the character grounded in her own time. If the roll fails, the character must either immediately terminate the trance or lose a point of temporary Willpower as the memories threaten to consume her. If the roll botches, her body disappears and reappears somewhere in the Umbra; the Legendary Realm and the Battleground are both popular choices. While the character cannot hope to remember all or even most of the information she sees, she can attempt to search for specific moments in history. The result is a sort of vision quest; the Storyteller may choose to simply describe what the character sees or might lead the character on a quest through the memories of the Garou until she finds the information she needs. Galliard Book of Auspices
Clenched Jaw 4 The werewolf with this Gift can bite down with such power that her grip won’t loosen until she chooses to do so; even in death, her jaws bite down. A wolf- or hyena-spirit teaches this Gift. After making a successful bite attack, the player may invoke this Gift by spending a Rage point. For each successive turn she opts to maintain her grip, she makes a bite attack roll (difficulty 3). While foes can make a resisted Strength roll to break the grip (suffering an additional health level of damage in the process of tearing free), the Garou may add half her Willpower to her dice pool. Ahroun WtA
Stoking Fury’s Furnace 4 No auspice is as closely tied to their Rage as the Ahroun, who is the master of directing his fury. This Gift — taught by a wolverine-spirit — allows him to channel his Rage even more effectively. The Garou regains one Rage point in any turn that he takes damage, and he does not have to check for frenzy from that specific stimulus (other stimuli induce frenzy checks as normal). In addition, the Garou can spend one Rage point — and only one — per turn without losing any temporary Rage. However, if he spends multiple Rage in any turn, they are marked off as usual. Ahroun WtA
Touch of Rage 4 Using this Gift, an Ahroun can channel a portion of her Rage to another, be the beneficiary Garou, human or animal. In the former case, the effect is fairly mundane, lending an ally strength in combat; in the latter, it grants an awesome and destructive quality to beings that do not normally possess such.
On a social level, this Gift can be a potent source of inspiration (and instigation) as well — while Rage is an intensely visceral and difficult-to-control quality, it also bestows the ability to feel righteous anger at corruption and injustice — a faculty many humans have lost in the quiet apathy of the World of Darkness. A fury-spirit teaches this Gift.
The Ahroun spends one Willpower, or two if bestowing Rage on a mortal. He then expends a number of temporary Rage points, and the target gains them and may spend them normally. Once any points above the target’s normal maximum Rage (zero for humans) are spent, they are gone for good barring a second use of this Gift.
This Gift cannot grant Rage to mages, ghosts or other kinds of supernatural beings that do not already possess Rage. Spirits already have a Rage Trait, but can receive the temporary points to use to gain extra actions in combat as Garou do.
Ahroun Book of Auspices
Crawling Poison 4 When the Dancer calls upon this Gift, his fangs turn black with venom, and his breath grows more foul than is normal. The venom kills humans and animals slowly, and, the victim suffers terrible agony as the venom spreads through his body. A Garou’s regeneration will protect her from the pain and eventual death, but only at the cost of her normal rapid healing. After making a successful bite attack that inflicts damage after soak, roll the Dancer’s Gnosis (difficulty is the victim’s Stamina, or Stamina + 2 if the victim has Resist Toxin). Each success inhibits the victim’s regeneration for one hour. When used on humans or animals, the poison subtracts one from all Physical Attributes each hour. If Strength or Dexterity reach zero, the victim may not move without assistance. If Stamina reaches zero, the victim dies a painful and messy death. The toxin may be stopped only by supernatural means. Mother’s Touch (difficulty as normal) can negate iton a one-for-one success ratio, but the Garou using it must spend one Gnosis point per success. Black Spiral Dancer WtA
Doppelganger 4 As the Glass Walker Gift
Black Spiral Dancer WtA
Assimilation 5 A werewolf with this Gift blends smoothly into any culture, no matter how strange or unfamiliar he might normally find it. He could slip among Bedouin nomads as if he were one of them, or he could shop in a Chinese market without anyone noticing that he does not belong. The Gift doesn’t hide racial differences, but it does allow the user to mimic the behaviors and mannerisms of a native. It also grants the ability to speak and understand the culture’s language, although this knowledge vanishes as the Gift ends. Ancestor-spirits teach this Gift. The player rolls Manipulation + Empathy. If successful, the character interacts with members of another culture as if he were one of them. The difficulty depends on how alien the culture is. The difficulty would be 5 for another Garou sept, but it could be as high as 9 when trying to assimilate into a Black Spiral Hive in a foreign country. The character will not suffer Social-roll penalties when interacting with members of the culture, although he will not receive any special benefits. The Gift lasts for one scene plus one day per Willpower point spent when activating it. Homid WtA
Part the Veil 5 With this Gift, a werewolf may immunize any human from the Delirium for a scene. In this way, the human can interact with Garou without deleterious effects. However, the human will forget much of what he knows if the Delirium is induced in him at a later date. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Empathy. One success is all that’s required. Homid WtA
Übermensch 5 The Garou is human plus. Human plus strength, agility and health. Human plus devoted, assured spirituality and meaning. Human plus animal instinct and lightning reflexes. He is as man, but greater and more whole. Every Garou radiates this to some extent, causing humans to fear and avoid them instinctively. This Gift warps this perception, turning the Garou from a figure to be avoided into a figure to be admired or adored. Once learned, this Gift is always active. Humans dealing with the character will immediately pick her out as more desirable, attractive, smarter or more charismatic compared to those around them, regardless of their actual capacity in such matters. The Curse still applies, but rather than being instinctively feared as a predator, the werewolf is dreaded as an intimidating figure of great presence. Also, the character may boost his Social Attributes by spending Rage or Gnosis, each dot of either spent raises one Social Attribute by one point for a single scene. Homid Player's Guide to Garou
Madness 5 The metis struggles his whole life to find a place, a purpose and a sense of stability in his horrifying existence. With this Gift, he can force others to face their inner demons, inducing insanity and madness. The nature of the derangement varies among individuals, but it will always be severe, making it impossible for the victim to function normally. Lunes, along with spirits of trickery and madness teach this Gift. The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Intimidation (difficulty of the victim’s Willpower). The insanity lasts a number of days equal to the successes rolled on the attempt. During this time, the metis can increase or decrease the effects of the madness, granting the victim lucidity and then driving him into psychosis. Even after the Gift has ended, the repercussions from the bout with madness often haunt the target for the rest of his life. Metis WtA
Totem Gift 5 Due to the metis’ strong ties with Garou society, she can plead directly with her tribal totem, gaining some of its power. The effects of this Gift depend on the nature of the tribal totem power. Rat (totem of the Bone Gnawers) might send swarms of rats to attack the Garou’s enemies, and Grandfather Thunder (totem of the Shadow Lords) might smite the Garou’s enemies with a blast of thunder and lightning. The potential of this Gift depends only on the favor of the totem, and it may cross over into the miraculous. Only the tribal totem teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Rituals (difficulty 7). The greater the number of successes, the more dramatic the effects. One success might cause a minor distraction, whereas 10 successes is the dramatic equivalent of summoning a localized twister to destroy the metis’ foes. Metis WtA
Umbral Body 5 The metis body is strange. Born in a form not intended by Gaia or nature, deformed and occasionally showing signs of animals entirely unrelated to wolf or man, it is little wonder the breed has been outcast and hated. But some metis have used this body to their advantage, and it is perhaps this strangeness that allows their body to withstand the pressures this Gift inflicts. With this Gift, the metis can partially reach into the Umbra, sending certain body parts into the Umbra while maintaining others in the physical world. Doing so makes the metis difficult to hit in combat, to say the least. A Pattern Spider teaches this Gift. The metis rolls Gnosis (difficulty of the local Gauntlet) and, if the roll succeeds, spends one Gnosis. For the rest of the scene, the metis receives one extra automatic success on all Dodge rolls. Metis Player's Guide to Garou
Elemental Gift 5 The werewolf calls upon the primal force of Gaia Herself, thereby commanding the spirits of the elements to rise up, undulate forward and even engulf foes. This Gift summons an elemental spirit, not merely the raw matter of the elements, but primal spirits possessing power enough to challenge even something as powerful as a Nexus Crawler. The elementals grant this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Occult (difficulty 7). If successful, he calls an elemental who grants him the ability to control a large volume of air, earth, water or fire (in any of their forms) that is approximately 20’ by 20’ per success. The effect lasts for one scene or until the elemental leaves or is destroyed. Lupus WtA
Song of the Great Beast 5 To use this Gift, the werewolf must travel to the deep wilderness. When she reaches her destination, she howls the Song of the Great Beast into the sky, summoning one of the Great Beasts to her aid. These beasts are the terrible and ancient creatures that walked the Earth in ages past. Examples include the Willawau (giant owl), the Yeti, the Sabertooth Tiger, the great Megalodon sharks that swam the seas eons ago and the mighty Mammoth, who arrives in herds. Who knows what else a Garou might call? Rumors say that dinosaurs survive in the deep Congo…. The surviving Great Beasts possess abilities in the physical world that rival those of mighty spirits in the Umbra. Even the wisest of Garou are not certain of their natures. Once the ancient one arrives, the werewolf may make a request, although she should do so with great caution. If the Great Beast agrees to aid the werewolf, it will do so in its own way, but enemies of the lupus should beware. Few spirits know this Gift. It’s said that those that do dwell in the Realm of Pangaea. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Primal-Urge (difficulty 8) to sing the Song of the Great Beast. More successes improve the Great Beast’s disposition. Traits are left to the Storyteller’s discretion, but they should be appropriately impressive. Lupus WtA
Thieving Talons of the Magpie 5 The Garou can steal the powers of others and use them herself. These powers can be Garou Gifts, spirit Charms, vampiric Disciplines, True Magic or any other such power. Naturally, a magpie-spirit teaches this Gift. The player must gain three successes on a Wits + Stealth roll (difficulty of the target’s Willpower). If successful, the Ragabash can use the specified power (and the victim cannot) for each successive turn she is willing to spend a Gnosis point. The werewolf’s Gnosis is substituted for any Traits exclusive to the victim that might be necessary to work the power, such as a vampire’s blood pool or a mage’s Arete. The Ragabash must know something about his target’s powers, and he must target a power in the terms by which he would understand it. Ragabash WtA
Thousand Forms 5 Most trickster archetypes are shapeshifters, and the Ragabash is no different. The Garou with this Gift may change herself into any animal between the sizes of a small bird and a bison. The Garou gains all the special powers (flight, gills, poison, sensory abilities, etc.) of the animal she mimics. She may not take the form of Wyrm-beasts (not that she would wish to!), but she may take the form of mythical beasts with some extra effort. The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Intelligence + Animal Ken. The difficulty varies, rising higher the farther removed from the Garou’s natural form the desired animal is. For example, an ape or panther (mammals of roughly equal mass) might be difficulty 5, while an alligator (a reptile of slightly larger size) would be difficulty 7, and a frog (a much smaller amphibian) would be difficulty 9. Mimicking mythical animals is always difficulty 10. Ragabash WtA
Turn the Moon 5 This Gift essentially makes a werewolf “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.” For a short period of time, the New Moon can change the auspice of another werewolf to whatever she deems appropriate. Any spirit of Luna can teach this Gift. The Ragabash spends a Willpower point, and the player rolls Manipulation + Primal Urge. For each success, the target must spend a day in his new auspice. The Ragabash can end the effects of the Gift earlier, if she so chooses. The target loses access to specific auspice Gifts, gains or loses enough temporary Rage points to bring him to the base minimum for the appropriate auspice, and suddenly finds his thinking influenced by the duties of the new auspice. For example, if the Ragabash changes an Ahroun into a Philodox, he’ll start trying to lead by example, feel an urge to settle disputes and try to bring things around him into balance (an opportunity for some fun and creative roleplaying). The New Moons of rank use this Gift to teach a lesson to those taking the duties of their auspice too much to heart, and it can be quite effective at showing them a different perspective. Ragabash Book of Auspices
Weakest Link 5 With this Gift, a New Moon can delve into the hearts and minds of a given pack. He can sense the fears and concerns of either friends or enemies to best help or harm them. Armed with this knowledge, the Ragabash can guide his own pack in attacking foes or use his own peculiar brand of wisdom to facilitate peace and healing. Any Weaver spirit can teach this Gift. After spending a Willpower point, the player rolls Perception + Enigmas. With each success above one, he can find out crucial information on two packmembers per success. For example, with two successes, he can target two packmembers; with three, he can learn about four packmembers. The Storyteller should word things in a descriptive way; she needn’t give specific rank or auspice, for example, but might point out who’s leading and who’s following. Moreover, this Gift can clue in a Ragabash on specific fears or phobias he can best use to his advantage. At the Storyteller’s discretion, he might also discern the ranking of pack members, who has the most Rage and Gnosis, and possibly certain Merits or Flaws. Storytellers should be generous, as this is a rare and powerful Gift. Ragabash Book of Auspices
Blank 5 “Consider it a bioelectrical blackout.” That’s how Pat O’Reidy described the Gift, and it remains the best description there is for it. For a short period, everyone in the room simply goes blank. They still stand upright (unless they were lying down to begin with) but eyes close, senses go dead, and nobody moves. Meanwhile, the Ragabash can move about without being seen, or can take actions they otherwise couldn’t. Any actual attempt to harm someone will break the communal trance, so slitting their throat while they remain unconscious won’t work. But you could certainly pick someone up, put him in a trunk of a car, and take him elsewhere. A spirit of electricity or electric eel-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends three Rage and rolls Gnosis (difficulty 8). Each success “blanks” every person in a room for one turn. Supernatural creatures (including vampires, mages and imbued hunters) can make a resisted Willpower roll (again, difficulty 8) against the Ragabash’s Gnosis roll. Every extra success the Ragabash gains over his target blanks the victim for one turn. Ragabash Player's Guide to Garou
Feral Lobotomy 5 With but a thought, the Garou can devolve an opponent’s mind to that of an animal, effectively destroying his intelligence. A spirit servant of the Griffin totem teaches this Gift. The player rolls Wits + Empathy (difficulty of the target’s Willpower + 3, maximum 10), and spends a variable number of Gnosis. If successful, the Garou can destroy a target’s Intelligence Attribute permanently. Two Gnosis points must be spent for each point of Intelligence destroyed, and the Garou cannot destroy more points than he rolls successes. Additionally, the target begins acting more animalistic with each point removed. Theurge WtA
Malleable Spirit 5 The Garou can change a spirit’s form or purpose. A Chimerling teaches this Gift. The Garou’s player must best the spirit in a resisted Gnosis roll. The difficulty is based on what the Garou tries to accomplish, while the spirit’s difficulty is the Garou’s Gnosis.

Change / Difficulty Characteristics (Willpower, Rage, Gnosis; one point changed per success) 6
Disposition (Friendly, Neutral, Hostile) 8
Type (Naturae, Elemental, Bane, etc.) 10
Theurge WtA
Healing the Soul 5 Through a weeklong ordeal of fasting, trance states and spirit communion, the Theurge is able to set the elements of the Triat into perfect balance within one individual’s soul. Obviously, the subject to be healed must be willing, and the two individuals must remain in solitude (save for contact with spirits) for the duration. This Gift can cure insanity, ease emotional wounds, heal the effects of trauma and remove desensitization. If the spiritual injury was caused by ill conduct on the subject’s part, however, this Gift can only benefit them once: even the greatest empath has little sympathy for those who willingly slide back into self-degradation after being helped out the first time. An avatar of Unicorn teaches this Gift. The effects are largely character and storybased. This Gift alone cannot cure full-blown Harano, but it can certainly ameliorate the causes, preventing it before it takes hold completely. If the Storyteller has already embraced the complications of mechanical crossover in her Werewolf chronicle, she may elect to allow this Gift to restore one or two levels of Humanity, or subtract one or two levels of permanent Angst, once in a given vampire or wraith’s life. Of course, very few Garou elders would ever consider wasting Gaia’s blessings on a Leech, even a penitent one. Theurge Book of Auspices
Poisoned Legacy 5 This most terrible Gift allows the Theurge to lay a great and malicious curse upon a victim of her choice. Such a stigma is irreversible, and will remain with the victim for all her life. The victim must be present, and the Theurge must verbally state her malediction. A spirit of hatred, or an animal spirit of a highly venomous animal, teaches this Gift. The Theurge spends a point of Gnosis and a point of Willpower, then rolls Manipulation + Occult against a difficulty of the target’s Willpower as she pronounces the curse. With one to five successes, the Theurge can inflict the Cursed Flaw on her target at a level equal to the successes rolled; the Storyteller chooses an appropriately poetic manifestation. With six or more successes, the Theurge can instead choose to inflict the Dark Fate Flaw. Theurge Book of Auspices
Geas 5 This Gift places its target under a geas, a sacred oath to obey the Philodox’s bidding. The geas cannot make the targets act contrary to their basic instincts (such as self-preservation). Therefore, she could send a group on a quest, but she could not make its members attack and try to kill each other — unless they were psychotics or werewolves without pack bonds. An Incarna avatar teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Leadership (difficulty of the target’s Willpower). In the case of a group, the difficulty is the highest Willpower among its members. The geas’ compulsion lasts until the task is completed or until the target is dropped to the Incapacitated health level in pursuit of the quest. No victim can labor under more than one geas at a time; the first one laid always takes precedence. Philodox WtA
Wall of Granite 5 Philodox have a stronger relationship with the elementals of the earth than do other werewolves, for just as the earth upholds those upon it, the Philodox uphold their people’s ways. While in contact with earth or rock, the Philodox can invoke a wall to protect himself. This wall will move with the Garou, defending him from all angles. Earth elementals teach this Gift. The Garou spends one Gnosis point. The wall’s dimensions are three yards high, two yards long and one yard thick. It has a soak pool of 10 dice, and 15 health levels must be inflicted to penetrate it at any point. The wall lasts for one scene or until released into the earth by the Garou. Philodox WtA
Soul’s Guilt 5 This powerful but very temperamental Gift allows the weight of guilt which rests on the heart to emerge to the surface. The effect varies but usually appears as shadowing across the subject’s features; the shadows deepen as the guilt grows (other effects include “howls of demons,” the sound of winter winds or even ominous background music). Note that, while useful, it has some severe limitations, for it registers only what troubles the individual. To a saintly old lady, a white lie may give her nightmares and deeply shade her soul, while a vigilante may sleep the sleep of the just and go undetected by this Gift. Soul’s Guilt is taught by one of Falcon’s brood, or any spirit associated with Justice. The Garou must look at (or in some cases, listen to or smell) the target and concentrate for one full turn. The player rolls Perception + Empathy (difficulty of 7); number of successes indicate the clarity of the Garou’s impression. Philodox Book of Auspices
Fabric of the Mind 5 The highest-ranked Galliards can bring the products of their imagination to very solid life, crafting creatures from the spiritual essence of dreams. Chimerlings teach this Gift. The player makes an extended roll of Intelligence + Performance (difficulty 8). She can create any form of life she can imagine, assigning it one dot of Traits for each success gained on the roll. The werewolf can take as long as she wants to form the creature, accumulating successes from turn to turn, but once she stops, the dream being takes form and requires the expenditure of Gnosis to keep it manifested. The cost is one Gnosis per scene if the dream being remains relatively inactive (such as doing minor chores or watching a location), or one point per turn if the being engages in combat or similarly strenuous activity. The werewolf must be careful, because if she botches at any point, the dream being escapes her control. It will remain in the physical world for as long as it sees fit. Galliard WtA
Head Games 5 This Gift embodies the Galliard’s ability to manipulate emotion in its purest form. The Galliard can change a target’s emotions as she pleases, from hate to love and back again. Coyote-spirits teach this Gift. The Garou rolls Manipulation + Empathy (difficulty of the target’s Willpower). Success allows the Garou to steer the emotions of any one individual. The more successes the player rolls, the more quickly the emotions manifest and the stronger they feel. Some emotions won’t last without good cause. A Galliard could make someone fall in love with him, but the love won’t last. (It may well even turn into justified resentment.) If the Galliard’s actions would reinforce the emotion — treating a “new friend” well or threatening a terrified foe — there’s a better chance that the emotions will become the real thing. The Storyteller should give the Galliard’s player extra dice for roleplaying this Gift especially well. Galliard WtA
Legend’s Insight 5 While any Garou with a spiritual connection to her ancestor-spirits may borrow an ancestor’s wisdom from time to time, the Galliards have, unsurprisingly, perfected the process. The character may call upon her illustrious predecessors for skill or knowledge and become, for a moment, the best she can possibly be. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift. Only characters with the Ancestors Background may learn this Gift. The player rolls Charisma + Ancestors (difficulty 7). For each success, the player may boost an Ability to five dots, or an Ability already at that level to six dots. Normally, “modern” Abilities such as Computers, Drive, and even Firearms are disallowed, but this is left to the Storyteller’s discretion. The player should specify what ancestor she is calling upon and what Abilities that ancestor is likely to grant her; these choices should remain consistent through subsequent uses of this Gift (that is, the same ancestor probably shouldn’t be granting Brawl, Melee, and Athletics one session and then Occult, Enigmas and Rituals the next). Galliard Book of Auspices
Kiss of Helios 5 The Ahroun can invoke the sun’s power to become completely immune to the damaging effects of fire. Additionally, the Ahroun may ignite any portion of his body and keep it burning for extended periods. Most commonly the Garou will light his mane during rituals, but he can also ignite his claws or mouth without ill effect. A fire elemental or a sun-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis. For the rest of the scene, the Ahroun cannot be harmed by any natural forms of fire, up to and including molten lava. Artificial fires (napalm, gas fires, etc.) do one-quarter damage, and they are treated as bashing damage. The Garou does two additional dice of aggravated damage if he attacks with blazing fists, claws or fangs. The effects last for one scene. Ahroun WtA
Strength of Will 5 The Ahroun with this Gift could lead his pack to the gates of Hell itself if that were what it took. A wolf-spirit or an Incarna avatar teaches this Gift. The Garou’s player spends a point of Willpower and rolls Charisma + Leadership (difficulty 8). Each success grants all the Garou’s allies within 100 feet an extra point of Willpower. These extra points last for the rest of the scene, and they can be spent as usual. This Gift can even raise an ally’s Willpower above its maximum or even above 10. This Gift may be used only once per scene. Ahroun WtA
Aegis 5 This Gift grants a Garou a mystical aegis protecting her from attacks. This is not a literal shield; rather, strikes simply fail to hit vital areas, bullets deflect off a belt buckle and circumstance otherwise conspires to prevent blows from landing solidly on the warrior while this ability is in effect. A wind-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends a point of Willpower, and the difficulty of all attack rolls made against her for the duration of the scene are increased by two. Any attack roll that scores only one success (after dodge, if applicable) against the Garou is considered to be a graze, and inflicts only bashing damage. Ahroun Book of Auspices
Shared Strength 5 No matter how strong you are, you can’t be everywhere. Sooner or later, if you live long enough, every Ahroun will experience the heartbreak of seeing a packmate die in combat, and knowing that they simply couldn’t be there to help. Elders have seen this more than any, so it is not unusual that they would learn a Gift like this. This Gift allows an Ahroun to donate his capacities to one of his packmates for a single turn, imbuing them with their strength, speed and skill. However, they pay a high price for this help, losing their own strength for the same amount of time. This Gift is taught by a wolf-spirit. The player spends two points of Gnosis and states a period of time for the Gift to remain active. This could be “the next turn,” “an hour,” “the rest of the scene” or even “until the day I die.” (If the Ahroun dies, the Gift ceases to work immediately, so “Until the Final Battle” won’t work unless you survive to see it.) For that amount of time, one Garou of the Ahroun’s choice and within their line of sight immediately is treated as possessing the Ahroun’s Physical Attributes, Brawl, Dodge and Melee Abilities. (If the target should have higher statistics than the Ahroun, they retain those statistics.) However, the Ahroun is treated as having a mere one dot in all Physical Attributes, in all forms, as long as the Gift is active, and no dots in Brawl, Dodge or Melee. The target and Ahroun cannot spend experience points to raise any of the shared Traits until the Gift ends. Ahroun Player's Guide to Garou
Avatar of the Wyrm 5 The Dancer assumes an awful and horrific visage, perhaps even a facet of the Wyrm itself (albeit a small one). The Dancer increases in size, its skin becomes scaly and greenish-gray, and his claws increase in length to jagged, vicious knives dripping with venom. His howl becomes a terrifying roar. Only a Maeljin Incarna, one of the Wyrm’s most powerful avatars, can teach this Gift. Spend one Gnosis point and one Rage point. The Dancer must concentrate for a full turn, at the end of which the transformation occurs. The Dancer shifts to Crinos automatically (if he wasn’t already in that form) and adds an additional dot to all Physical Attributes, and one Bruised health level. Additionally, his claws inflict an additional die of damage and are unsoakable. Finally, treat Delirium as three levels worse to onlookers. This Gift lasts for the entire scene. If the Dancer has only one level of damage marked off at the end of the scene, it vanishes when he returns to normal. Black Spiral Dancer WtA
Balefire 5 The Dancer can hurl balls of sickly green flame at her enemies. Balefire, as the very lifeblood of the Wyrm, is very dangerous to werewolves. It often inflicts hideous and life-threatening mutations, as well as tainting the victim heavily. It’s impossible to dodge Balefire — it moves with a malicious intelligence. It can only be resisted. Roll Dexterity + Athletics, taking the standard ranged-combat modifiers into account. The victim resists with Stamina (difficulty 8), and his roll must equal or exceed the Dancer’s successes. If the victim fails to resist, the Balefire’s influence mutates her. Treat each success over resistance as one level of aggravated damage for the purposes of healing/ rejecting the mutation. This damage is not soakable (the resistance roll is the soak roll). Afflicted werewolves may grow extra (useless) eyes, lose all of her fur and hair, go blind, deaf or anosmic (no sense of taste or smell) temporarily. Until she rejects the mutations and undergoes a Rite of Cleansing, she registers a strong taint to the Gift: Sense Wyrm. Black Spiral Dancer WtA
Mask Taint 5 Dancer with this Gift can hide his Wyrm-taint from all senses or Gifts that may detect it.
Spend two Gnosis points and roll the Dancer’s Appearance + Subterfuge (difficulty 8). The effect lasts for one scene. Shadow Lords may still detect Wyrm-taint — with Sense Wyrm (difficulty 8) — from a Dancer thus veiled. Black Spiral Dancer WtA
Firebringer 6 This powerful Gift allows a Ragabash to pull the ultimate stunt, stealing a supernatural power and turning it into a Gift. Moreover, the Gift can be taught to others, as if the New Moon was a spirit teacher. The difficult part is that the Ragabash has to endure having the power used on her first, but after that, she makes it her own to teach, but alas, not to use herself. A powerful spirit, such as the avatar of a trickster Incarna, teaches this Gift. Survival, smarts and sacrifice are key to acquiring this Gift, though no specific dice rolls are needed. First, the Ragabash must suffer through the effects of the power (such as a vampiric Discipline or a mage’s rote) being successfully used on her. Then, she can take her experiences, work with the appropriate spirit and turn the power into a Gift she can teach to others. The Ragabash cannot herself use the Gift, and moreover, she now has a vulnerability to its effects. The next time she encounters another supernatural using the power, the enemy is at one difficulty less to use it on the New Moon (the power more easily affects the Ragabash). Any supernatural power can be coopted in this way, including Wyrm-tainted powers. In this way, the werewolves can turn the might of the Wyrm back on itself. Because of the sacrifice involved, the New Moon usually gains considerable Renown for not only “stealing” the knowledge of the supernatural power, but also teaching it to others. Storytellers should feel free to be creative and innovative in bringing powers from other games (such as Vampire and Mage) into the Werewolf universe. The Storyteller determines the level of any Gift gained in this manner, as appropriate. Ragabash Book of Auspices
Invoked Presence 6 By using this awesome Gift, the Theurge can call upon an Incarna or Celestine directly, bringing their focus to bear on the area around him. This does not summon an Avatar; rather, the presence is a mystical permeation of the principle the invoked spirit represents. The Theurge will later need to repay the debt owed to the spirit he invoked before he can use this Gift again; this typically entails a strong geasa, an extended spirit quest or the sacrifice of a valuable fetish. Any Celestine’s avatar can teach this Gift. The Theurge spends five points of Gnosis and the presence of a Celestine or Incarna is made manifest within a 180 yard radius globe around her for several hours. Essentially, this Gift is like a sustained, area-effect form of Totem Gift, and the effects are thus highly variable dependant upon which greater power the Garou chooses to invoke. The following three effects are constant:
• Any actions that directly support the principle of the invoked spirit have a number of dice equal to the Theurge’s Gnosis added to their dice pool. In the case of combat, only one type of combat roll (attack, damage, dodge, initiative, etc.) will be so enhanced.
• Attempting to take any action directly antithetical to the invoked spirit requires three successes on a Willpower roll (difficulty 8), and even then, the action will be rolled at +2 difficulty.
• The spirit will send members of its Brood equivalent in power to a full pack of Rank One Garou to the site to aid the Theurge and his allies immediately.
Beyond this, the effects are dependant on the power the Theurge chose to invoke; Unicorn may simply make any act of violence impossible in the area; a Harvest Incarna may cause all the plants in the area to grow to rich and healthy maturity in minutes, while invoking the Weaver might make the Gauntlet utterly impenetrable.
Theurge Book of Auspices
Release from Bondage 6 There are many ways to mystically bend the will of another. This Gift shatters all such bonds, from the blood domination of a vampire to a mage’s mind control or a Half Moon’s geas. Those who know this Gift may use it on any being, including themselves. This Gift is only granted by an Incarna or equally powerful spirit, usually as a reward for some great service. The Garou is automatically immune to any supernatural coercion save from any being more powerful than an Incarna. The Gifted one may break another’s mystic compulsion by touching her, spending a Gnosis point and rolling Manipulation + Leadership (difficulty 11 - the target’s Willpower). Philodox Book of Auspices
Storyteller 6 Rather than simply telling and retelling the stories of old, or even waiting until the events of the day become the new stories, the Galliard can change the events of the ongoing drama unfolding around her. She may add new “characters,” alter chains of events, and even change the motivations of the major participants. However, as this Gift can literally have world-altering ramifications, the handful of Garou in history that have known it have been loath to actually use it. Rumor has it that the defeat of the Storm- Eater was due partially to use of this Gift — but likewise, rumor also states that the horrific events in Russia during the past century stem from a Child of Gaia Galliard who thought that she knew the way the story would end. No one knows what sort of spirit teaches this Gift; presumably an avatar of Gaia, but since so few Garou even know of the Gift’s existence, no one can say for certain. The player spends one permanent Gnosis point and explains, in as much detail as possible, the change she wants to make to the story. The Storyteller, of course, has final say, and once the “dramatic alteration” is done, the Garou has no further control. Events that she concocts can and do spiral out of control, so utmost care must be taken with the Storyteller Gift. Galliard Book of Auspices
One on One 6 The World of Darkness is a complex place, filled with intrigue, misdirection and all manner of supernatural evasion. Ahroun, however, are simpler beings, and this Gift allows them to extend their direct methods where they might not otherwise reach. The Garou says a brief prayer to Luna and the other innumerable spirits of blood, terror and vengeance in the Garou pantheon. She is then transported instantly to a single foe of her choice, whom she may engage in one-to-one combat to the death under Luna’s own aegis. The foe cannot flee (though tactical withdrawal with the specific intent of continuing the fight this scene is acceptable), nor can she receive aid from outsiders. The invoker is bound by same restrictions, of course. Luna herself teaches this Gift, and not through an avatar— the petitioner must journey to Luna’s court in the Aetherial Realm and convince the capricious goddess that her reasons for needing this power are just. This Gift cuts through all supernatural forms of warding, concealment, contingency spells and similar precautions without any roll. For the remainder of the scene, both affected parties can receive no aid from other sources, and can only use powers that are directly physical in nature. A vampire’s unearthly strength and speed or a faerie’s ability to strike at enemies with the spirit of holly would remain potent, but a member of either race would be stripped of his supernatural mind-clouding and unearthly presence. Likewise, a Namebreaker might throw lightning or increase his own strength, but not teleport away or turn incorporeal to avoid the Garou’s strikes utterly.
This Gift involves the direct interference of the Celestine Luna in mortal affairs, and the Storyteller should remember that a thinking being is determining the Gift’s exact effects, not a defined supernatural spell. The Storyteller should make judgment calls on the Gift’s effects keeping it within its intended spirit of providing a fair, open and physical fight. A Garou asking to be transported to a vampire in torpor, for example, might find the Leech awake and ready to fight…
The Garou must expend a point of permanent Gnosis to activate this Gift. Once the fight is done, normal rules of reality reassert themselves — which might be bad if the Garou has been sent to Malfeas or some other hellish domain.
Ahroun Book of Auspices

Дары племён

Black Furies

Название Ранг Описание Cистема Примечание Источник
Breath of the Wyld 1 As the Furies see it, the problem with most humans (and some Garou) is that they have forgotten that the energy of Creation is nourishing, refreshing and ever present. With this Gift, the Black Fury may instill a feeling of vitality and life in a living being. A spirit servant of Pegasus teaches this Gift. The Fury must touch her target’s skin, and this Gift must be used outdoors in a natural setting (a city park is natural enough for the Gift to function). The player rolls Gnosis (difficulty 6 for humans, 5 for Garou). Success grants a rush of energy and clarity of thought. In game terms, this Gift grants one extra die on all Mental rolls for the next scene. It also adds one to the difficulty of any Rage rolls the target makes in that time. WtA
Heightened Senses 1 As the lupus Gift. WtA
Sense Wyrm 1 As the metis Gift. WtA
Arion’s Burden 1 The Black Furies had many tribeswomen among the ancient Scythians, who were renowned for the use of cavalry. During their battles with other Garou tribes, the Furies often surprised their enemies by s h o w i n g that they too could employ cavalry, thanks to this Gift. Most animals shy away from creatures of high Rage, and even the Glabro form tended to make a werewolf heavier than the horse could handle. But this Gift perfectly calms the mount’s mind, and makes the Black Fury as light as a child to it. It is taught by an avatar of Pegasus. The Black Fury rolls Charisma + Athletics (difficulty 6). A simple success is all that is needed to keep this Gift active for the rest of the scene. While this Gift works to calm any animal normally friendly to the Black Fury, it is most commonly employed on horses. Riding in Crinos form, even with this Gift, is a tricky business, requiring a Dexterity + Athletics (difficulty 7) roll. Player's Guide to Garou
Watchful Eyes 1 Since time immemorial, the Black Furies have been able to determine the location of those that break the laws of Gaia. Such beings (human, Garou, or spirit) are not always Wyrm- or Weaver-tainted; as in the classic example, Orestes was not under the influence of any supernatural being when he killed his mother Clytemnestra, but he did break Gaia’s laws by doing so. This Gift has been the Furies’ tool for such a hunt; with a few moments’ concentration, the Black Fury who uses Watchful Eyes can roughly determine the distance and direction to the nearest such criminal. This Gift is taught by an Owl-spirit. The player spends 1 Gnosis and rolls Perception + Investigation (difficulty 6). Success indicates the distance and direction to the nearest violator of Gaia’s laws (as interpreted by the Storyteller). Note that this Gift does not identify the lawbreaker, and it is somewhat vague: it has a margin of error of roughly 10% of the distance between the Garou and her quarry (that is, if the nearest violator is ten blocks away, the Gift will point out a one-block area). A botch causes this Gift to wrongly identify a potential target. Tribebook: Black Furies
True Shot 1 The accuracy of Artemis on the hunt could not be equaled by any other; this Gift allows Maidens to replicate their aunt’s spectacular feats of archery on the battlefield or on the hunt. It is less effective for Mothers and Crones than for Maidens, but still gives them some benefit. This Gift is taught by a Lune. Spend a point of Rage and receive +3 to your dice pool for a single arrow shot. Mothers and Crones receive only a +2 bonus; Luna is said to favor those Garou who replicate her own aspect as Artemis. This Gift can be used in conjunction with Flurry of Arrows, below, but can be used for only one arrow per turn. Amazons of Diana Tribebook: Black Furies
Mother’s Touch 1 As the Theurge Gift. Order of Our Merciful Mother Tribebook: Black Furies
Spirit Smuggler 1 Members of the Sisterhood frequently make deliveries through countries with broad laws against contraband; they might also wish to carry a weapon into an area interdicted by metal detectors or the like. Spirit Smuggler makes this much easier for them to do, and it is useful in a wide variety of situations. When the character wishes to hide an item from searches, she can use this Gift to push the item into the Gauntlet for a short time; it will return to the character’s possessions in the physical realm after a few minutes have passed. This Gift is taught by a Raccoon-spirit. The character rolls Dexterity + Subterfuge and spends a point of Gnosis to push a small item (5 pounds or less, no more than a gallon in volume) through the Gauntlet into the Umbra; the difficulty on this roll is the local Gauntlet rating. If she achieves 2 or more successes, the item now resides in the Gauntlet, and cannot be sensed or manipulated by anyone in the Realm (unless a searcher can see into the Umbra). The item will return to the character’s physical possessions at the end of the scene. Should the character achieve only one success, the item is pushed through into the Gauntlet but will not return of its own accord, and has to be fetched by stepping sideways. A botch on the Dexterity + Subterfuge roll means that the item is lost in the Umbra, or that a spirit pickpocket has made off with it. This Gift does not halt the flow of time for the smuggled object — and explosions in the Gauntlet can have strange effects on both the local spirit world and the physical plane, for those who might consider using this Gift to stow a live bomb. Sisterhood Tribebook: Black Furies
Curse of Aeolus 2 The Fury calls up a thick, eerie fog that obscures vision and unnerves her opponents. The Fury can see through the fog, but all others have trouble navigating by sight. A spirit in service to Aeolus, the fog totem, teaches this Gift. The player makes a Gnosis roll. The difficulty varies according to the surrounding terrain and humidity: 4 near the sea, 6 under normal circumstances, 9 in a desert. The Black Fury can see normally, but others caught in this fog halve their Perception scores (with regards to sight only). The fog is quite unnerving, and everyone except the Fury and her packmates loses a die from all Willpower dice pools. WtA
Sense of the Prey 2 As the Ragabash Gift. WtA
Trail of Pain 2 Once solely the province of the Amazons of Diana, this Gift has become the property of the tribe as a whole. It allows the Black Fury to sense people in torment of any sort. Some Black Furies use it to find those who have suffered from abuse or neglect; others prefer to wound abusers and then use it to track them. It is taught by a spirit servant of Pegasus. The Fury must spend at least one turn in silent thought before using this Gift, clearing her soul of it’s own pain so she can sense that of others. After this, one Gnosis point and a successful Perception + Empathy roll (difficulty 6, raised by 1 for every wound level the Black Fury herself currently carries) will either pick out a particular individual as suffering in a crowd, or will sense the direction of someone suffering within 50 yards. Player's Guide to Garou
Kali’s Tongue 2 In the days of ancient myth, the Wyrm-creature Raktabija terrorized the Indian subcontinent. Raktabija could not be slain; every drop of blood that touched the earth sprang up another Raktabija. Soon after the battle against him began, the field was crowded with Raktabijas, each eager for the blood of Garou and Gaian spirits. The mother-goddess Parvati (an aspect of Gaia) finally took to the field against Raktabija, in her guise as the hideous demon-warrior Kali. Kali spread her tongue out over the battlefield and prevented any of Raktabija’s blood from striking the Earth; she then commanded the Garou and gods present to destroy the Wyrm-creature, which they did. The Gift Kali’s Tongue removes a creature’s ability to heal damage; its effects are relatively short-term, but if a creature is destroyed while the Gift is in effect, that death is permanent. What the Mother gives, the Mother’s vengeance can take away. This Gift is taught by a Cobra-spirit. The Fury must first touch the victim, then the player spends one Rage and rolls Manipulation + Medicine (difficulty of the foe’s Rage, or Willpower -3, whichever is lower). Each success represents one turn during which the target creature cannot use any regenerative abilities, or heal inflicted damage naturally: Even supernatural healing Gifts like Mother’s Touch will fail on the target during this period. This Gift works equally well on humans, Garou, and materialized spirits; spirits entirely in the Umbra are immune to the Gift’s effects unless the Fury is also in the spirit world. Tribebook: Black Furies
Stoking the Soul’s Fire 2 Every aspect of a Fury’s life has different strengths: the Maiden’s fury at Gaia’s pain is unmatchable, the Mother’s will is indomitable, and the Crone’s spirituality is beautiful and terrible. A Maiden Black Fury can use this Gift to replenish her natural strengths by sacrificing her suppressed natures. The Maiden’s greatest strength is her anger; she can sacrifice from her will and spirituality to stoke that rage to scorching intensity. This Gift is taught by a Wolverine-spirit. A Maiden using this Gift rolls Intelligence + Occult with a target of her own permanent Rage; she spends one point of temporary Willpower and one temporary Gnosis, and refills her Rage pool if she achieves 2 or more successes. Tribebook: Black Furies
Flurry of Arrows 2 The bow of Artemis slew many monsters of both human and Black Fury myth; the incarnation of Luna as maiden huntress was a swift and accurate shot with the bow. Appropriately, Luna has taught her children how to nock and release arrows more rapidly than a human might follow. This Gift is taught by a Lune. Spend a point of Rage; for the remainder of the scene, the character receives a free shot per turn from a bow (though not a crossbow) at no dice pool penalty. Thus, the character could simply take two bow shots, each at no penalty, or she might take three shots, and suffer a -2 on the first shot, -3 on the second, and no penalty on the shot granted by Flurry of Arrows. Amazons of Diana Tribebook: Black Furies
Rend 2 The Furies of myth did not use swords or axes to destroy the enemies of the Gods; the Black Furies of old did not use weapons to slay enemies of Gaia. They used teeth and claws, and sheer animal might. While many Bacchantes certainly do use the tribe’s ritual labrys and bow, and others carry klaives and other fetish weapons, when they frenzy they most often fight with their natural weapons. Even out of frenzy, the Bacchantes recognize the intimidation factor of rending a foe with fang and claw, and many revel in its primal nature. Rend allows the Bacchantes to rip through substances that they could not ordinarily pierce, and do as much damage with their natural weapon as another might with a human’s sword. This Gift is taught — sometimes to great comic effect — by a wine-spirit. Spend 1 Rage and roll Strength + Primal Urge (difficulty 6). For each success, the Fury gains the ability to rip through tough substances for one turn. When wearing any of the three “war forms” (Glabro, Crinos, or Hispo) and using hand-to-hand maneuvers, the character ignores the first three dice of the target’s soak pool — the target rolls three fewer dice to soak. This ability to pierce defenses also applies to inanimate objects such as walls and doors, making it considerably harder to hide from Black Furies inside buildings or underground. In the case that a given object does not have a soak or armor rating, treat the Fury’s Strength as being three higher for purposes of the Feat of Strength needed to rip through the object. Successful uses of Rend to destroy a wall, door, or enemy add 3 dice to the Fury’s next Intimidation roll against those who saw her do so. Bacchanantes Tribebook: Black Furies
Messenger’s Fortitude 2 As the Silent Strider Gift. Freebooters Tribebook: Black Furies
Omen of Power 2 The Freebooters are famed among the Garou for their ability to find items and places of great magical power. Some believe that they follow Wyld-spirits in their nearlyrandom wandering through the Umbra; others say the Freebooters can sense the perturbations of even the weakest ley lines. Regardless of the true nature of their abilities, many Freebooters can sniff out the locations of dormant caerns (that is, those once opened whose power has since faded). When conditions are right, they can even sense particularly powerful fetishes from a distance. This Gift is taught by a Hound-spirit. Spend one Gnosis and roll Perception + Enigmas; the difficulty is known only to the Storyteller, and is based on the distance to the source of power. Success means that the rough distance and direction to a mystic power source is revealed to the Black Fury. The source of power can be an active or dormant caern, or a level 5+ fetish. The base difficulty for the roll is 7, if the source of power is within ten miles; decrease it by 1 if the distance is less than 1 mile, and increase it by 1 if the distance is between ten and twenty miles — Omen of Power cannot detect sources of power greater than twenty miles distant. This difficulty is decreased by 2 if the source of power is an active caern, and increased by 1 if it is a fetish rather than a dormant caern. By default, this Gift is accurate to within about 20% — if a caern is within 10 miles, Omen of Power will give its distance and direction to within about 2 miles. Additional successes on the Gift’s activation roll decrease that margin of error by 5% per success, but never to less than 5%. The Gift can be re-used as the Garou close in on a source of power, to further refine their target’s location. Omen of Power does not tell the Garou anything about the source of power other than its direction and distance; she will not even know whether it is a caern or fetish.
Example: Talisha, a Freebooter, wishes to find a nearby source of magical power. She spends one Gnosis and rolls Perception + Enigmas to discover if anything is nearby. The Storyteller, knowing that there is an active Black Spiral Dancer Hive about fifteen miles away, calculates the difficulty as follows: the base is 7, +1 for such a long distance, -2 for the source being an active caern. That makes the final target 6; he looks at Talisha’s roll and sees that she has earned 2 successes. That means that she’ll have a decent idea where the source of power is, to within about 10% of its distance from her, or one and a half miles. Of course, she won’t know it’s a Spiral caern until she gets up close…
Freebooters Tribebook: Black Furies
Spirit Loan 2 In extreme circumstances, a Moon-Daughter may find that another Garou has far more use for one of her Gifts than she does. To this end, Gaian spirits have shown the Daughters how to lend one of their Gifts to another werewolf for a limited duration. The Black Fury who uses this Gift feels somewhat bereft of Gaia’s love and attention while another Gift has been loaned, but suffers no other ill effects. This Gift is taught by a Hen-spirit. Roll Charisma + Occult (difficulty of the recipient’s Rage). Success allows the Fury to loan a single Rank 1 Gift to another Garou for a set period of time, to a maximum of three days per success. When that time is up (or if either the lender or receiver dies) the Gift returns to the lender. While the Gift has been lent out, the lender has no access to it and for all intents and purposes does not know it. The recipient uses the Gift as though she had learned it herself from the appropriate spirit: she uses her own dice pools for success, and spends her own Gnosis, Rage, or Willpower to activate it. A Black Fury can only lend one Gift out at a time, although there is no limit to the number of “loaned” Gifts a person may receive at any one time. She may loan out Gifts that ordinarily cannot be taught (for instance, she might loan a non-Black Fury the Amazons of Diana’s True Shot Gift, above), though if her tribemates discover her “indiscretion,” the social consequences might be dire. A Fury cannot use Spirit Loan to lend out Spirit Loan. Moon-Daughters Tribebook: Black Furies
Truest Sacrament 2 The Order of Our Merciful Mother frequently leavens Christian ceremony with Gaian supplication, to better aid their flocks. Truest Sacrament enables them to do so without rousing the suspicion of the faithful; humans with faith in Christianity see Gaian ritual as innocuous and even appropriate, after this Gift’s application. In so doing, the Furies are better able to free the most dogmatic and closed-minded followers of patriarchal faiths to accept a broader spiritual mindset. This Gift takes advantage of humans’ ability to rewrite their memories of an event to suit their preconceptions in the same way that the Delirium does. This Gift is taught by a Unicorn-spirit. Truest Sacrament can be used either before or after a Gaian ritual begins. Used before a ritual, the character must make a Charisma + Subterfuge roll, with a target equal to the highest Willpower of the surrounding crowd; she will need to achieve one success for every seven onlookers. Should the Fury succeed, the next Gaian ritual she participates in will seem innocuous and appropriate to the crowd on hand. If Truest Sacrament is used during or after a ritual — if one or more humans happen upon a group of Garou during a rite — the same dice pool as above is used, but the character must also spend one point of Gnosis. Note that Truest Sacrament will not cover up truly egregious or spectacular violations of the Veil — spattering blood, spirit fireworks, and so on, will be remembered and probably not thought of as harmless or normal. But if the rite is simpler, or the more hallucinatory effects can somehow be concealed from witnesses, the Furies may get away with it. The salutatory effects of this Gift on the psyches of the most reactionary and closed-minded humans should be roleplayed out over time; there is no explicit game effect. Order of Our Merciful Mother Tribebook: Black Furies
Coup de Grace 3 The Garou studies her foe, looking for the best place to strike. In doing so, she sets herself up to land this devastating attack. An owl-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Willpower point and rolls Perception + Brawl (difficulty of the target’s Stamina + Dodge). If successful, the player doubles her damage dice on the Garou’s next successful attack. WtA
Visceral Agony 3 The werewolf’s claws change to barbed, wicked talons dripping with black venom. While wounds caused by these claws cause no extra damage, the pain alone they inflict is crippling. A pain-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends a Rage point before the character attacks. Any wound penalties the target suffers as a result of this attack are doubled (i.e., a foe at Wounded would lose four dice). If the target is in frenzy or otherwise resistant to pain, he still suffers normal wound penalties. WtA
Barring the Will 3 The Mother’s will is impossible to compromise when she does not wish to yield. She can sacrifice her anger and spirit energies to replenish her strength of purpose. This Gift is taught by a Donkey-spirit. A Mother using this Gift rolls Intelligence + Occult with a target of her own permanent Willpower; she spends one point of temporary Rage and one temporary Gnosis, and refills her Willpower pool if she achieves 2 or more successes. Tribebook: Black Furies
Flames of Hestia 3 The Black Furies revere the holy Wyld places of the world; part of the tribe’s set of tools is the Flames of Hestia Gift, which enables a Black Fury to purify a person, spirit, or object with searing white-hot spiritual flame. The fire coruscates around the Fury’s hands, enabling her to apply the Gift to anything she can touch. This Gift is taught by an avatar of Hestia the teacher. Spend one Gnosis and roll Gnosis with a difficulty of 8. Success enables the Fury to cleanse tainted food or water, or heal damage caused by radiation, poison, or disease at one Health Level per success. The Flames of Hestia last for just one turn; however, a Fury can activate the Gift and strike at a foe in the same turn. Flames of Hestia do one level of unsoakable aggravated damage per success on the Gift roll, if used against a Bane or fomor in hand-to-hand combat. Tribebook: Black Furies
Winged Delivery 3 While the Sisterhood has a large network of Kinfolk, contacts, smugglers and informants available, at times the most effective means to move an item is to give it to a friendly spirit and have that spirit make the delivery. Using this Gift and some concentration, the character pushes a small item into the Umbra and gives it to an Owl Jaggling, which will deliver the item to a well identified person or location as rapidly as it can travel. Garou who abuse this Gift to send dangerous items or active weapons (like grenades) into the Umbra — thereby jeopardizing the owl-spirit’s existence —find that the retribution of the spirit world is swift and harsh. This Gift is obviously taught by owl-spirits. Spend one Gnosis and roll Charisma + Empathy (difficulty is the local Gauntlet). On a success, the item enters the Owl Jaggling’s talons in the Umbra, and the Jaggling will deliver it to a clearly defined recipient. A human or Garou recipient must be named and described; a location need only be described, with directions given. The Owl Jaggling travels at roughly 100 miles per hour through the spirit world, and will deposit the item in the immediate vicinity of the target unless the target is somehow protected against the spirit world or the prevailing Gauntlet exceeds 7. If either of those conditions prevent delivery, the spirit returns to the Garou at full speed and returns the item without comment. Sisterhood Tribebook: Black Furies
Body Wrack 4 The Fury causes a target immense, crippling pain. The Fury needs only point to the target for this Gift to be effective. A pain-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Strength + Medicine (difficulty of the opponent’s Stamina + 3). Each success causes the victim to lose one die from all dice pools as pain wracks her body. The effects last for one scene. WtA
Wasp Talons 4 The Fury with this talent can fire her claws from her hand like darts. She is incapable of using claw attacks with that hand until her claws regenerate, however. A wasp-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends a Rage point and rolls Dexterity + Brawl to hit. The difficulty is figured as though the character was using a firearm; the medium range is 20 yards. Damage is figured normally for a claw-strike. The Garou’s claws take one full turn to regenerate. WtA
Calm Before the Storm 4 The Black Furies are at heart a tribe of contradiction, they both represent the harmony and beauty of the Wyld, but also the spectacular savagery and brutality of the same. Sometimes, they even bring the two forces together, such as with this Gift. It lays a sense of peace and quiet over an area, not an uncomfortable silence but a serene sense of security. It is, naturally, used to prepare an ambush. The moment this peace breaks, these spirits of calm depart quickly and are replaced by spirits of anger, storm, and pain. Few subjected to this Gift survive the assault that follows. This Gift is taught by a cat-spirit. The Black Fury spends one Gnosis and rolls Charisma + Primal-Urge, difficulty 7. A simple success projects a sense of utter safety on a group of no more than ten people. If they expect an ambush, they may roll Perception + Empathy (difficulty 8) in order to sense the sudden change of emotion within their own group. If they obtain more successes than the Black Fury on her Primal- Urge roll, they can sense the impending assault and run. Otherwise, the Gift works and the resulting chaos causes the targets to lose one die on each of their rolls for every success the Black Fury initially rolled. Player's Guide to Garou
Bolster the True Name 4 The Crone has no need of a child’s rage, and her wiles are enough to let her survive the day that the Mother’s stalwart nature fails her. She can sacrifice her hatred and will to reinvigorate her spiritual connections. This Gift is taught by a Lune. A Crone using this Gift rolls Intelligence + Occult with a target of her own permanent Gnosis; she spends one point of temporary Rage and one temporary Willpower, and refills her Gnosis pool if the roll achieves 2 or more successes. Tribebook: Black Furies
Blizzard of Arrows 4 The Black Fury who uses this Gift truly shows herself the equal of any man — or machine — on the battlefield. Once Blizzard of Arrows is activated, the Garou deals out nightmarish pain to the hordes that oppose her. Heroes with this Gift might single-handedly have turned cavalry charges, in the days when such things still took place. For today, however, the Fury with this Gift is the perfect ally when faced by hordes of Wyrm-creatures. This Gift is taught by a Porcupine-spirit. Spend a point of Willpower and two points of Rage, and you may take a single arrow shot (at no multi-action penalty) at every foe within 100 yards, to a maximum of 20 enemies. Simply roll to hit once, using the sight and range penalties for the hardest-to-hit foe in range, and apply that number of successes against each enemy, which individually may soak, dodge, etc, as the Storyteller sees fit. This Gift is limited by the number of arrows you have on hand: all arrows that you intend to shoot must be someplace that they can easily be nocked and shot from (in a quiver on the back or waist, or stuck point-first into the ground in front of you; lying scattered nearby will not suffice). The bow and arrows may be of modern manufacture, but cannot use any exceptional Weaverbased equipment (such as laser sights or explosive tips) to gain any accuracy or damage bonus. However, a fetish bow shooting talen arrows is certainly acceptable. Amazons of Diana Tribebook: Black Furies
Thousand Forms 5 As the Ragabash Gift. The Fury that chooses to risk taking the form of a mythical beast typically honors Pegasus by assuming her form. WtA
Wyld Warp 5 A desperate tactic at best, this Gift summons a number of Wyld-spirits. What they do when they arrive is wholly unpredictable. They may run or fly about in a destructive frenzy, tearing the Fury’s foes apart. They may grant the Fury and her packmates temporary increases in might or Rage, or they might decide to destroy all Weaver-tools in the area. They may even heal the Fury and her allies of any wounds they have suffered. The Fury has no way of knowing, but the effect is usually beneficial. A Wyldling teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and one Rage point. She then rolls Wits + Enigmas (difficulty of the local Gauntlet). Successes summons a variable number of Wyldlings, which will alter the situation as the Storyteller sees fit. WtA
Storm of Mother’s Wrath 5 When the Black Furies take up arms to destroy an enemy of Gaia, they are like unto a force of nature. Should a pack of Bacchantes include one with Storm of Mother’s Wrath, they nearly become a force of nature. The Fury wielding this Gift causes a fearful dark hailstorm to erupt, even out of a clear sky; the pack of Bacchantes, however, are not inconvenienced by the storm, and can move around and fight in it without difficulty. Signs of such a hailstorm in the area tends to be a red flag to Wyrm creatures, who know that a pack of Furies must be involved in a desperate fight; they may move to join in, or they may wait in ambush outside of the storm. A Mammatus, a Wyld-spirit of the air, teaches this Gift. Spend a point of Gnosis and roll Stamina + Survival (difficulty 7). The storm has a 100-meter diameter and a duration of one minute. Every success on the roll extends the storm’s diameter by 100 meters, and extends its duration by 1 minute. Physical beings caught within the storm — humans, Garou, fomori, and materialized spirits — take a 3-die penalty to all physical dice pools. The exception to this is the pack of the character responsible for the storm; that group receives no penalty. Humans react to the storm as though faced with the Delirium; most will attempt to flee its fury. The storm cannot be generated indoors or underground, and its effects will not penetrate solid walls (though the pelting hail can and does break glass windows). Bacchanantes Tribebook: Black Furies
Walk With Hades 5 When Persephone entered the lands of the dead with Hedes, her lover, her mother, Demeter, the harvest goddess, went in after her. As an aspect of Gaia, Demeter understood her daughter’s desire for Hades, but refused to let a powerful spirit remain in the deadlands for long. Eventually, Persephone acquiesced to return to the living realm, under the agreement that she could periodically return to Hades’ side, and could return to the Underworld eventually. Demeter agreed to this arrangement verbally, but eventually performed a secret ritual to block her daughter from entering the realms of the dead. Such travel is, after all, counter to the proper way of things. Embittered by her now-permanent separation from her lover, Persephone taught a number of favored Black Furies the secret roads into the land of the dead; these secrets have been passed down by Persephone’s servitor spirits and aged Garou to the present day. Technically, use of this Gift violates one of Gaia’s laws — “The living live, and the dead remain dead.” But since it is only used by the most ancient and respected Black Furies, and even then only in the most extreme circumstances, few punishments have come down onto those forced to use it. Spend 1 Gnosis and roll Gnosis (the difficulty is the local Gauntlet) to step sideways into the lands of the dead. If the Fury succeeds, she enters the Dark Umbra rather than the Penumbra. She can remain there for only a single day (24 hours), after which point she must cross back to the mortal realm (rolling to step sideways as usual) or risk eternal capture in the ghostworld. If the character takes more than 24 hours to return, the Gauntlet equivalent increases by 1 for every 2 hours the Fury remains past the deadline: when it reaches 10, the Fury is trapped and will begin her afterlife as a ghost. She will not become an ancestor-spirit. The dead lurk near places, people, and things that were important to them in life, and they are creatures of almost pure emotion in death. They are still coherent, thinking beings, but are occasionally possessed of a terrible hate and fury toward the living, and may attack without provocation. When not so enraged, they do have most of their memories of life, and are likely to be willing to answer the Fury’s question if the two were friendly in life. This scene should be roleplayed out: no dice roll is an appropriate way to describe a character’s encounter with a deceased loved one. Note: Storytellers with access to Wraith: the Oblivion are welcome to use that game’s version of the afterlife — in place of the Gauntlet rating, use the local Shroud, and so on. The Temple of Artemis Tribebook: Black Furies

Bone Gnawers

Название Ранг Описание Cистема Примечание Источник
Cooking 1 The Garou must have small pot (a coffee can will do) and a ladle or spoon to use this Gift. He places whatever he can find into the pot — trash, beer cans, old newspapers, etc. — adds water (spit counts) and stirs. The result is a pasty, bland-tasting mush that is nevertheless edible and filling. The player rolls Wits + Survival. The difficulty depends on the items “cooked.” Inedible but harmless material is difficulty 6, while actively toxic substances are difficulty 10. WtA
Resist Toxin 1 Many Bone Gnawers learn a preternatural resistance to poisons and toxins of all kinds, doubtless due to their diet of refuse and American beer. A trash-spirit teaches this Gift. The player rolls Stamina + Survival. Success nullifies the effects of most conventional poisons, and adds three dice to the Garou’s Stamina for purposes of resisting Wyrm-enhanced poisons. The effects last for the scene. WtA
Tagalong 1 Commonly used by Bone Gnawers residing in a sept controlled by other tribes, this Gift ingratiates the Bone Gnawer to a pack’s or caern’s totem for a short time. While the Gift is in effect, the Gnawer is treated as a member of a pack with regards to using the totem’s blessings and any pack tactics the pack knows. If used on a caern totem, the totem looks favorably upon the Bone Gnawer. The Gnawer may then perform the Rite of the Opened Caern, if he knows it, without fear of retribution. A lost-dog-spirit, a spirit servant of Rat, teaches this Gift. The Bone Gnawer must know the name of the totem in question. He must also prostrate himself before the caern’s center or the pack’s leader and wiggle forward on his stomach like a begging dog. The player rolls Charisma + Subterfuge. The difficulty varies based on the totem’s opinion of the Bone Gnawer, which is left to the Storyteller’s discretion. Success indicates that the character gains the previously mentioned benefits for one day, and that the totem will not look favorably on a Garou who mistreats the Bone Gnawer without cause. This Gift usually won’t cause any bad feelings from the sept or pack in question as long as the Bone Gnawer minds his manners. However, using it too often certainly will. WtA
Cardboard Mansion 1 When it rains, it pours. Thankfully, Bone Gnawers with this Gift don’t need to worry about that. The Gift turns any appropriately sized box into a windproof, waterproof, soundproof home that is always warm and dry, regardless of what it’s like outside. If large enough, the box may house more than one person as long as everyone is friendly toward each other. The Bone Gnawer may also set up a house for someone else, but that person must accept a gesture of affection (a handshake is sufficient) from the Bone Gnawer first. The Gift is taught by a hearth-spirit. After finding an appropriate box, all the Bone Gnawer needs to do is spend one Gnosis point; the box gains no real resistance to actual physical damage, but is otherwise comfortable and resilient. Sleep tight. Player's Guide to Garou
The Hungry Hound 1 Garou with this Gift can hunt down the closest source of discarded, safe, edible food. The user might find a bag of nacho puffs dropped out of a passing car window or the one perfect warm slice of cheese pizza buried at the bottom of a dumpster. The Gift may also reveal people who are willing to give a handout or spare some munchies. The Hungry Hound only reveals food that's available for free. For instance, it won't automatically detect the hot dogs in a vendor's cart, but if the man selling them would be happy to give one away to a hungry-looking wolfdog, the chance of finding them improves considerably. This Gift is taught by a raccoon-spirit, often in exchange for liberating a few choice treasures the spirit really wants. Roll Perception+ Primal-Urge (difficulty 7). One success produces an unremarkable snack. More successes can either uncover more food (like a feast of discarded donuts or cold pizza) or tastier food (like a single heavenly untouched eclair). This Gift is somewhere between a specialized version ofhunting and the lupus Gift: Sense Prey. A successful roll means that the scent of tantalizing food has just wafted past thewerewolfs nose. Three successes and a couple of sniff scan give more details about the "prey," even from a great distance. ("Wait! lr smells like ... a birthday cake ... there's writing on it .... ") Tribebook: Bone Gnawers
Smell of Success 1 You're good at sizing people up. With a few sniffs, you can smell how successful someone really is. Even on a bad day, you can sense whether he's got money in is pocket, a steady job, or a place to sray. When passing by street folk begging for change, some people claim they don't have anything to give. By repeatedly sizing up people on the street, Bone Gnawers learns to distinguish a real bad-luck case from a cheap basrard who doesn't give a damn. After mastering this elemental ralent, the Garou can then sniff out deeper secrets from passers-by. This insight can also be used on people who beg for food, money, or assisrance from the Garou; for instance, Hoods use this ability to distinguish someone who really needs help from a scam artist. Either way, this Gift is taught by a rat-spirit, usually while the student sits on a street corner asking for help over and over again; the rat gets a cut of any handouts during the time of training. SpendoneGnosisand roll Perception+ Streetwise (difficulty 6). Pick a person within about a city block you can see. One success reveals one of the following facts: whether the person has money in his pocket, whether he has a job, or whether he has a home (your choice). Three successes either answer all three question or give more detailed information about one of them: how much money he's got on him, what his occupation is, and what kind of place he lives in. If you score five successes, some telltale clue also reveals more specific information. With spiritual insight, you can narrow down four or five choices of where his home may be, what company he works for, or the last item he just bought. Specific information may come as a visionoffacts whispered by a helpful Gaffling. ("Guess what a little rat told me.") Alternatively (at the Storyteller's discretion), it can reveal the number of dots a character has in his Resources Background. This Gift may be unreliable on creatures other than humans. Most supernatural creatures can resist this ability with Willpower (difficulty 6) or Perception + Subterfuge (difficulty 7). If a supernatural creature is impersonating someone else (say, with the Obfuscate Discipline or the Doppleganger Gift), you must beat the number of successes on the initial roll for that talent. Figuring out a vampire's haven or where he draws his financial resources takes a bit of work, but it can be done. Tribebook: Bone Gnawers
Urban Ward 1 If your home has no walls, sleeping can be a nightmare. There's no guarantee that someone won't sneak up on you to steal your stuff ... or even take your life. Some werewolves solve this problem by sleeping in packs, but it never hurts to take extra precautions. Rural Garou set twigs and branches that easily snap underfoot; Bone Gnawers rig the same warnings with tin cans, tripwires, or even broken glass. With a little mystical aid, a werewolf can enlist spirits in similar defenses. The werewolf can never be sure exactly where the boundary of the urban ward is set, but he may be paranoid enough to spend more time setting multiple layers of trash around his encampment. This Gift is taught by a Rat-spirit, who usually warns its student to always collect trash and shiny things for just this purpose. By spending one Gnosis, a Bone Gnawer can ward an area against intrusion. The "area" can be anywhere between the size of a room and the size of a building. Trash is set around the periphery, usually junk that makes noise when its disturbed. If anyone crosses this imaginary boundary, the Bone Gnawer hears the spirits scream a silent warning to him. The ward remains in effect for eight hours (or in some cases, from dusk 'til dawn).
The Storyteller secretly rolls the character's Wits + Enigmas (difficulty 6). Any supernatural creature attemping to use its powers to overcome the Urban Ward (for instance, with the vampire Discipline: Obfuscate) must score more successes on its roll to activate the proper supernatural power than the Garou did. For more mundane creatures, like humans, crossing the boundary automatically warns the Garou, who may consciously decide whether to wake up. If the trespasser is also using Stealth, the sleeping Garou can make an opposed Perception + Alertness roll without penalty, as ifhe was awake. Creatures that "teleport" in by means of Gifts such as Shadow Step still count as having crossed the boundary; instantaneous passage through the Umbra is still Umbra! passage across the boundary.
Tribebook: Bone Gnawers
Declamation 1 By spending at least an hour studying a written text, the Garou can memorize vast passages of information word for word. The effects work like a cross between speed-reading and eidetic memory. Actually understanding or accessing the information is difficult, but repeating it by rote is simple. Lupus Garou cannot learn this Gift, but remarkably enough, illiterate homids can; for the Gift's duration, they can decipher all sorts of "funny little squiggles" on paper. The Garou must be fluent in speaking the language he is reading.
This Gift is often taught by Rat Finks and Frankweilers. Rat Finks use this Gift to transfer sensitive information in a format that's difficult to steal. Frankweiler Galliards use this Gift repeatedly on their favorite plays and novels. This Gift is taught by a bookworm-spirit, a favorite Gaffling of the Frankweilers.
After the Garou spends one Gnosis, he can repeat, word for word, anything he reads over the next eight hours. As a rough guideline, the Garou can read about a hundred pages in an hour; each time he "studies," he must concentrate forat least an hour. As a side effect, for the duration of the Gift, the user can add one die to any one Knowledge based dice pool related to the information. Repeating the information word for word can take hours; however, a second Garou with the Gift: Mindspeak can sift through the information in the Gift user's head in one scene if he doesn't resist. A supernatural creature can try to steal this information with a mind reading ability (such as the vampire Discipline: Telepathy or an application of a mage's Mind sphere). If this happens, the Garou can resist with a contested Willpower roll (difficulty 4) in addition to any other defense he would normally have against the ability. Tribebook: Bone Gnawers
Desperate Strength 1 In times of great trauma, desperate people have displayed amazing feats of strength and endurance. With a burst of adrenaline, a mother can lift a truck off a pinned child, or a father may smash through a wall to save his family. Through strength of will, a Bone Gnawer may channel that same desperate energy. If anotherpackmate has fallen or been captured, the Garou may use this hideous strength in a desperate effort to help his pack. After rolling on the Feats of Strength table, the Garou can bum a point ofWillpower and roll one die for each Health Level he has remaining. For each success, he can take an extra level of aggravated damage to increase his number of successes by one; he does not need to trade all of his successes in this fashion. Tribebook: Bone Gnawers
The Mark 1 The Garou can mark a person or place with a scent only other werewolves can sense. The mark is subtle; placing it isn't. This Gift is taught by lost-dog-spirits. Using this Gift requires one Gnosis and a stream oftheGarou'surine. The Garou must use his own fluids to mark his victim. Any Garou with at least one dot in Primal-Urge can sense the mark within line of sight. With three dots in Primal-Urge, the Garou can sense it up to a mile away. If the user of this Gift has five dots in Primal-Urge, he always knows where the mark is. The effects last for twelve hours, then persist until the following sunset or sunrise (whichever comes first). Tribebook: Bone Gnawers
Kitchen Chemistry 1 With ten minutes, a bit of rage, and everyday household chemicals, you can unleash a firestorm of vengeance against an uncaring world. You have a deep and instinctive understanding of the principles of modern chemistry, one that allows you to scratch build and detonate explosives. (This Gift exists to cancel out the need for any sort of "realistic" explosive rules in the game.) Rat-spirits teach this Gift, occasionally with the help of a few furtive cranks on the Internet. One scene. One Rage. At least three household kitchen chemicals approved by the Storyteller. The result? An explosion inflicting an amount of aggravated damage equal to the character's permanent Rage. Detonating the explosives properly is the difficult part. At the end of the scene in which the chemicals are cooked, the character attempts an Intelligence + Science roll (difficulty 6). With one success, the explosives will detonate at a specified date and time. Three successes allow them to be thrown (Dexterity + Athletics, distance equal to the Garou's Strength in yards) or triggered by remote (line of sight). Five successes allow for a complex trigger, such as a timed matchbox fuse, trip wire, weight-sensitive pressure plate, or sound of a particular television personality's voice. On a botch , of course, the bomb goes off in the Garou's face. Tribebook: Bone Gnawers
Blissful Ignorance 2 As the Ragabash Gift. WtA
Odious Aroma 2 The Bone Gnawer can amplify his (probably already formidable) body odor to the point that it debilitates any who can smell it. A stinkbug-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one point of Gnosis. For the duration of the scene, all beings that can smell and are within 20 feet of the Garou subtract two from all dice pools as they fight to breathe. WtA
Trash Magnet 2 One of the crucial lessons for survival is simple: Use whatever comes to hand. Bone Gnawers that know this Gift use one of the most common things to come to hand in the streets, that is, garbage. Upon using this Gift, a specific target is buried beneath rubbish and litter. A garbage spirit teaches this Gift, though rat-spirits teach a similar Gift using sewer flotsam instead of trash. The player rolls Charisma + Streetwise, difficulty 7. Each success dredges up a portion of any surrounding garbage and hurls it onto the Bone Gnawer’s target, adding +1 difficulty to all rolls that target makes until he spends a turn dragging himself free. If five successes were gained, the target is effectively buried. Note that this Gift only moves trash, it doesn’t create it. If a fight were to occur in an open courtyard, then the Storyteller might limit the number of successes possible to one or two. In a sterile laboratory, he could disallow it. Player's Guide to Garou
Dead End 2 Through a bit of graffiti and casual sabotage, the Garou can discourage anyone who wants to track him, follow him, or even take interest in his affairs. The werewolf can alter a sign, spray-paint directional information, or perhaps just simply tum street signs the wrong way to misdirect people who find it. This Gift works far better on humans than supernatural creatures. Some urban werewolves attempt this Gift two or three times a week to keep their stomping grounds hidden (rather like a lesser version of the Rite of the Signpost, listed below). Using this Gift requires one Gnosis and enough time to spray-paint graffiti, tum around a street sign, or commit some other act of urban mischief. (If you need an exact number of turns, roll Wits + Survival, difficulty 4, and subtract the number of success from 10; that's the number of rums you'll need.) On any roll to track the Garou past this obstacle, increase the difficulty by 3. The effects last for a full week. Player's Guide to Garou
Road Ward 2 You've been tossed out of just about everywhere. Now the spirits help you survive falls that would cripple just about anyone else. Leaping out of a car on the freeway is a minor inconvenience. Getting pushed off a building is a bitch. Either way, this Gift can still reduce the damage from the fall. As a side effect, for one scene after you activate the Road Ward, you'll always land on your feet. Wanderlust-spirits teach this Gift. Any use of this Gift requires one Willpower point and a Stamina + Survival roll (difficulty 6); you can immediately activate this Gift before you hit the ground. Falling out of a car moving up to 75 mph requires one success; every additional25 mph requires an additional success. If you succeed, you take no damage and roll to a stop. Falling off a building reduces the damage by one story for each success. As a side effect, Road Ward cancels the Ahroun Gift: Falling Touch, as well as any trip attempt or leg sweep; it can be activated in response to any of those attacks. Player's Guide to Garou
Stone-Throwing Devil 2 Anything you can throw as a weapon becomes deadlier. If your Garou is the sort of bastard that throws rocks during city riots, dumps garbage on policemen from a fire escape, or tosses around furniture in bar brawls, then this Gift is for you. Bum one Rage and roll Dexterity+ Athletics when the Garou throws a weapon. Add a number of dice equal to his temporary Rage to the Dexterity + Athletics roll. Of course, ifthe projectile hits, this means it may also do extra damage. Player's Guide to Garou
I Got a Rock 2 Instead of throwing a weapon to cause greater injury, the werewolf throws projectiles with greater accuracy. This Gift is taught by an air-spirit. Large or unwieldy objects are usually more difficulty to throw than aerodynamic ones; this is reflected by a greater difficulty on the Dexterity + Athletics roll to chuck it. In the turn this Gift is used, the Garou bums one Gnosis. The difficulty to throw an object is then 4, no matter how awkward it is to throw. If the Garou can lift it, he can throw it. The Storyteller may still increase the difficulty because of range or other modifiers, but with this Gift, a motorcycle becomes as aerodynamic as a baseball. Note that a werewolf can't use Stone-Throwing Devil and I've Got a Rock in the same tum (one requires Rage and the other requires Gnosis). Also note that throwing a motorcycle like you'd throw a curve ball or knuckleball shreds the Veil. Player's Guide to Garou
On Patrol 2 This Gift extends the duration and range of Scent of the True Form or Sense the Unnatural; the Garou needn't have either one of those Gifts before learning this one, but this Gift is useless without them. Bone Gnawers who hang out on strategically chosen street comers have a chance to sniff out supernatural creatures in the neighborhood. Using the Gin takes about an hour. During that time, if a Wynn-tainted creature passes within about a city block, there's a chance the werewolf will pick up his scent. Galliards use this Gin while perfonning on street comers; Raga bash do the same thing while begging for change. Lost-dog spirits teach this Gift. Spend one Gnosis and roll Stamina + Occult ( difficulty6 ). The effects last for one hour and extend fora city block. (In the wilderness, the range depends on the Garou's sense of smell.) Alternatively, a Garou with the Gin: Pulse of the Invisible can use it with On Patrol to watch activity in the Penumbra, even while hanging out in the physical world. As one would expect, a Bone Gnawer sitting on a street comer reacting to stuff that isn't really there looks like he's strungout, drunk, stoned or insane. Even while "chemically enhanced", he can still sense the taint of the Wyrm around him. Player's Guide to Garou
Hootenanny 2 Bone Gnawer Hillfolk invented this Gift, and they've been teaching it to Galliards everywhere. A good old-fashioned hootenanny involves music played really fast and incredibly well-" Dueling Banjos" is currently the most common song used with it. While a Garou enacts this performance, every werewolf in his pack finds it easier to run, fight, jump, or perform any other rapid, strenuous physical activity. Unfortunately, everyone who hears the performance feels like dancing-they might stomp their feet, clap to the music, and even dance around if the music's good enough. This gives the pack a decided edge in combat. With this Gift, a pack of Hillfolk and a Galliard with a banjo can tear up a whole room full of fomori and Black Spirals with one hell of a square dance. This Gift is taught by an ancestor-spirit, usually one that looks and acts like a Galliard. Some Galliards claim this Gift is taught by the ghost of Elvis, but no one believes them. Spend one Gnosis and roll Stamina + Occult ( difficulty6 ). The effects last for one hour and extend fora city block. (In the wilderness, the range depends on the Garou's sense of smell.) Alternatively, a Garou with the Gin: Pulse of the Invisible can use it with On Patrol to watch activity in the Penumbra, even while hanging out in the physical world. As one would expect, a Bone Gnawer sitting on a street comer reacting to stuff that isn't really there looks like he's strungout, drunk, stoned or insane. Even while "chemically enhanced," he can still sense the taint of the Wyrm around him. When the hootenanny starts, the Garou using it spends a Gnosis, rolls Manipulation + Performance, and plays fast-paced, raucous music on a musical instrument. If the character scores three successes on the first tum, the Gift is activated; if he doesn't, he can continue to attempt the roll each tum until he does. For the duration of one scene, as long as he continues to perform, each Garou in his pack can add three extra dice co any Dexterity + Brawl or Athletics dice pool. A packmate can add these dice to only one action each round, or he may divide them among multiple actions, but he cannot use more than three bonus dice from this Gift in a tum. Any enemies listening should make Willpower rolls when this power is activated. If an opponent hearing the music can't score at least three successes on this roll, raise the difficulty of all his Dexterity+ Brawl or Athletics dice pools by 2. (Melee and Firearm dice pools are not affected by this Gift.) Player's Guide to Garou
Friend In Need 3 It takes a lot for a pack to accept a Bone Gnawer as an equal, but once they do, the Bone Gnawer’s loyalty is unshakable. This Gift allows a Bone Gnawer to risk all, even his own life, to aid a packmate or tribemate. A dog-spirit teaches this Gift. When a packmate or fellow Bone Gnawer is in danger, the Bone Gnawer may “lend” him what he needs, be it a Gift the Bone Gnawer knows, his Rage, his Willpower, or even his own life (in the form of health levels). The Bone Gnawer cannot lend a Gift of a higher rank than the recipient could know, nor can he lend Abilities or Attributes. The player must spend one Willpower point and roll Willpower (difficulty 7) and must succeed for the transfer to take place. If the roll botches, the Bone Gnawer loses the Traits in question but the recipient does not gain them. This Gift lasts until the end of the scene unless the recipient decides to terminate it early. If the recipient dies before the Traits are returned, the Bone Gnawer loses them permanently. WtA
Reshape Object 3 As the homid Gift. WtA
Lucky Bastard 3 By performing an epic feat to please the spirits, you've found a way to overcome the curse of your jackal's blood. This Gift is taught by a jackal-spirit, usually as an act of forgiveness after an appropriate Umbra! quest lasting at least one game session. This G ift can be used once per game session. The Garou spends one Gnosis; the person roleplaying him can then reroll any one dice pool for that character. The effects only apply if the roll is "better" (that is, scores more successes) than the original roll. Tribebook: Bone Gnawers
Streets Tell Stories 3 You've got an ear to the sidewalk. .. literally. By touching a road, sidewalk, or path of some kind, you receive a flash of impressions about what has transpired there during the last twenty-four hours. Urban spirits whisper words, waft scents, and even give a taste of events in the neighborhood. This Gift is bestowed by a City Mother or City Father Totem, usually as a reward for acting in defense of the city. Spend one Gnosisand roll Perception+ Streetwise (difficulty 6). You may specify what sort of information you require before you roll the dice. One success reveals a brief sensory impression with any one sense other than sight. Three successes gives a rush of images (described rapid-fire by the Storyteller); you may ask questions about any one of them and receive more specific derails with all five senses. Five successes gives you access complete recall about everyone who's passed by within the last day, including impressions from all five senses. However, you'll need to spend a scene sitting and thinking to recall this amount of detail. Tribebook: Bone Gnawers
Laugh of the Hyena 3 Hyena follows no one; instead, he laughs and mocks anyone who tries to command him. In the same fashion, a Garou who can actually convince a Hyena-spirit to teach him such defiance can steal the spirit's mocking laughter. The Garou can learn w resist any attempt to command, cajole, force, or demand him to do something he doesn't want to do. This is never subtle. The Garou (and the player) must cackle like a hyenaspirit when calling upon this Gift. The Bone Gnawer has a -2 difficulty to any Willpower roll used to resist mental domination or control. This includes the Gift: Roll Over; all effects of the vampire Discipline: Dominate; all effects of the mage Mind Sphere; and all effects of the wraith Arcanos: Puppetry. Tribebook: Bone Gnawers
Rant and Rave 3 Suffused with the pure energy of the Wyld, the user of this Gift rants and raves in a torrent of nonsensical language. Only others who are properly attuned to his magic silver-hammer disco ball dimension can penetrate his tinfoil hat. More precisely, any member of his pack or the Bone Gnawer tribe can decode whatever nonsense he is saying. He can also project these thoughts at a distance to one listener; the ranting Garou chooses which individual receives his psychic transmission. The listener does not have to actually hear the ranting Garou. As long as he's within the same city, or even the same state or province, there's a chance he'll receive the message. (Unlike the Gift: Mindspeak, line of sight is not always required.) Ranting Bone Gnawers have been known to hold entire conversations from opposite sides of the same city, taking turns shouting violent imprecations to no one in particular. A Wyldling-spirit teaches this Gift. The ranting Garou spends one Gnosis for each werewolf he wants to receive his secret message; the duration is one scene. Each one of these targets must either be a member of his pack ora Bone Gnawer. (This is allowable ifhe's temporarily joined a pack with the Bone Gnawer Gifr: Tagalong.) Roll the ranter's Appearance+ Expression (difficulty 6); the number of successes limits how far away his recipient can be.

one / line of sight (as per Mindspeak)
two / same building
three / same city block
four / same city
five / same state or province

For Wyld reasons no one can understand, the most powerful application of this Gift actually does have a longer range in Texas or Alaska than in Rhode Island, New Hampshire, or Vermont. Bone Gnawer Deserters have gone on epic Umbra! quests to deduce the reason why, but have never returned with any sufficiently logical answer.
Tribebook: Bone Gnawers
Cooter's Revenge 3 Any Bone Gnawer who watches too much television knows about Cooter. He's got a tow truck parked down the street from the Dukes of Hazzard, and he always has the right tool for the right job. Followers of the tribe's automotive tOtem (described under"Totcms") train extensively with automotive tools, and wouldn't be caught dead without them. This Gift not only makes proper repairs much easier, but can alsosaveyour life if you're caught unaware while changing a tire by the side of the freeway. This Gift requires a heavy, automotive tool at least as big as a large crescent wrench (anything smaller than a half-inch crescent wrench won't do) .lf you voluntarily lend out any of your tools, you can't use this Gift until you get them back. For one Gnosis, this Gift reduces the difficulty of any automotive repair roll to 4, (but only if you're using the right tool). For one Rage, the Gift can make the tool a deadlier weapon. Whether you prefer a tire iron or power drill, you can use your chosen tools to inflict Strength + 3 lethal damage for one scene. As an added bonus, you can do the same damage with all four hubcaps, the four wheel wells, and the spare tire of a car as ranged weapons. Tribebook: Bone Gnawers
Dumpster Diving 3 One of the less sanitary tribal totems, the Great Trash Heap, has dissipated its consciousness throughout the dumping grounds, landfills, and trash piles of the world. Bone Gnawers who follow this totem commune with the Incama by defending, protecting, and even obeying these festering heaps. When a Garou has reached this rank of renown, he may be called upon to travel between festering sacred sites to carry out the totem's demands. Just as entering a Moon Bridge helps Garou travel between caems, dumpster diving allows Bone Gnawers and their packs to venture from one shrine of the Great Trash Heap to another. The werewolf burrows down into the trash, tunnels around in it, and then resurfaces inside another Heap on another part of the planet. Obviously, this Gift is taught by a totem-spirit of the Great Trash Heap. A Garou temporarily serving the totem through the Level One Gift: Tagalong can learn this Gift, but the werewolf must still petition the totem each time he uses it. The totem decides when tO open and close these gateways and assigns their destinations. When the pack goes dumpster diving, the highest-ranking Bone Gnawer makes a Gnosis roll (difficulty 4) when entering the trash pile; the travel time is the same as for stepping sideways. This ability cannot be used more than once per day, and it only works at the totem's behest. Keeping these pathways open is difficult, so the traveler and his pack must return to their original site within three days. If they don't make it back in time, they'll have to travel back by more conventional means. Tribebook: Bone Gnawers
Attunement 4 The Garou may commune with the spirits of a city or town and gain information about the area from them, including rough population, enclaves of Garou or other beings and secret tunnels. This Gift does not function in the wilderness, since the Bone Gnawers have lost the knack for conversing with such spirits easily. A rat-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis and rolls Perception + Streetwise. The amount and accuracy of the information depend on the number of successes rolled. On a botch, playful spirits lie (which can be fatal, depending on the nature of misinformation). WtA
Infest 4 The Garou can summon a horde of vermin to invade a structure (no bigger than a large building). The Gift summons any kind of vermin common to the area, which usually includes a lively variety of insects, slugs and rodents, and it may also include carrion birds and snakes. These creatures will not attack humans mindlessly. They will act according to their natures, which often means fleeing to dark places and hiding out. Any vermin spirit can teach this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis and rolls Manipulation + Animal Ken (difficulty 7). One success stirs up some shrieks and a call to an exterminator, while five swamps the structure in vermin completely, making it uninhabitable for quite some time. WtA
Cliché Curse 4 From Roger Ebert’s Little Bigger Movie Glossary, “Clichéphobia. Condition affecting people raised on movies. Symptoms occur when real life situations echo movie clichés, and the sufferers must take action to avoid what would be the inevitable denouement in a movie.” What is a humorous anecdote in the hands of humans becomes a deadly weapon in the claws of a Bone Gnawer. Most often employed with an appropriately dramatic curse (although this isn’t necessary), the target of this Gift becomes certain to suffer an unfavorable fate in a cliché-related way. Anyone reaching for something high in a cupboard will inevitably have the entire contents fall on top of him. Riding a bicycle on a sunny day invites being hit by a truck. While it is possible to avoid the affects of this curse, doing so requires virtually shutting yourself off from the world, and not in a dark room, either. It is taught by a dog-spirit. The player spends one point of Gnosis and names the victim, who must be within hearing distance and line of sight. For twenty-four hours, the victim risks disaster. Once that disaster occurs, however, the curse is ended. Player's Guide to Garou
Shadow of the Rat 4 Rats are known for their resilience, persistence, and ruthlessness. Since Rat serves as the BoneGnawer'stribal totem, Garou of this tribe may learn a great deal about survival under the tutelage of rat-spirits. The Garou can spend one Gnosis to lower the difficulty of all Stamina rolls (including soak rolls) by 1 for the duration of one scene. Tribebook: Bone Gnawers
Face in the Crowd 4 You thrive in the midst of riots, angry mobs, lynchings, civil disturbances, or any other situation where a crowd of humans rebels, revolts, or resists authority. The Gift doesn't actually enrage a crowd; it just adds direction to a riot already in progress. Wyldlings and Ratkin Twitchers teach this Gift. Using this Gift costs one Willpower each tum. That tum, you can use one noun and one verb to direct what an angry mob will do. The Garou doesn't need to vocalize these commands; the player states them to the Storyteller. Silly commands automatically fail. (You could, for instance, issue the command "kill vampires," but demanding that everyone "drink Pepsi" does nothing.) You must direct the crowd at something other than itself (so verbs like "sleep," "vomit," or "laugh" or the noun "suicide" are right out). The Storyteller has the right to veto any noun/verb that's too abusive ("kill yourselves") or just plain stupid. Tribebook: Bone Gnawers
Trust Me 4 Once each game session, a Bone Gnawer with this Gift can tell an outrageous lie so well that ordinary humans accept it as truth. The story must at least be vaguely possible and end with the words, "Trust me." What the human does with this knowledge is entirely a matter of roleplaying. Munchmausen Ratkin teach this Gift. No roll is necessary: ordinary humans automatically believe the Bone Gnawer's tale. This Gift does not work on supernatural creatures or animals. Tribebook: Bone Gnawers
Riot 5 This Gift summons a horde of malevolent spirits to provoke the inhabitants of a city into violent rioting. The Gift plays on the hatred and fear of the down-and-outs of the city: the homeless, the poor and even stray animals. The Gnawer can direct the riot to a degree, but such things tend to escalate, and the Garou has no power to stop the riot from doing so. A rat-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Wits + Subterfuge (difficulty 8). If successful, the spirits direct their hosts against a target of the Garou’s choice. The different hosts, however, will not necessarily work together — they may even begin to fight each other as the mob mentality takes over. The number of successes determines the area affected.

Successes / Extent
One / Building
Two / Block
Three / Neighborhood
Four / District (the South Side, etc.)
Five / Entire City
Survivor 5 This Gift confers temporary immunity to many environmental factors. The Garou has no need of food, water or sleep, and she does not suffer from temperature extremes. She is also immune to natural diseases and poisons. Wyrm toxins will still affect her, but at half their normal potency. The player spends one Gnosis and rolls Stamina + Survival (difficulty 7). The effects last for one day per success. By spending a second Gnosis point, the Bone Gnawer can gain three extra points of Stamina, and he suffers no wound penalties, but the Gift will expire prematurely after 10 rounds of full combat. The Garou must sleep for at least eight hours when the Gift wears off, and he awakens ravenously hungry. WtA
Piping 5 In times of great need, an elder can issue a call to his tribe that echoes through the Umbra of an entire city. First, hordes of spirits appear before him in the spirit world. They then swarm out to find everyone of the same tribe. Bone Gnawers use this Gift more than any other tribe, usually relying on hordes of rat-spirits to find all their hidden brothers and sisters. The tribalists don't need to answer the call, but the spirit can relay a brief message exhorting the Garou to aid her brothers and sisters. Using this Gift for a trivial purpose may cost the Garou temporary Honor. Piping works like the Gift: Call of the Wyld, but it stretches across an entire city and only works on Bone Gnawers. Tribebook: Bone Gnawers
Help Me 5 Once each game session, a Bone Gnawer with this Gift can tell a tale of suffering so pitiful that he can elicit the help of an average human. With enough successes, he may convince the human to go out of his way to help the poor suffering bastard get on his feet. Masters of this Gift have managed to walk with a mark to theATM fora sizable donation, borrow the keys to a car for an evening, or sleep on someone's floor. The tribe has spent millennia watching over the human race; after realizing on some subconscious level this great service, the human pays his protector back with a grand favor. Great Bone Gnawer heroes use this Gift when they need help protecting humans from the evils around them. There's a price to pay, however. Some rabble exploit these victims for all they can get, but this behavior is hardly considered honorable. Word gets around. Using this help for the common good is commendable, but if the werewolf uses this Gift from Gaia to rip people off, he'll lose one temporary Honor each time if the local Garou find out. In any case, the Storyteller decides what help the human offers. Tribebook: Bone Gnawers

Children of Gaia

Название Ранг Описание Cистема Примечание Источник
Mercy 1 Children of Gaia see no use for lethal force when they are not fighting minions of the Wyrm, but even they succumb to frenzy. This Gift, used chiefly by Children of Gaia with high Rage or in duels, allows the Garou to use her natural weaponry and Rage without fear of killing her opponent. A dove-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point. For the rest of the scene, all damage that the Garou inflicts with her own body (claws and teeth, but not weapons of any kind) is considered bashing. A creature “killed” by such damage merely falls unconscious, and he may heal the wounds at the usual rate for bashing damage.
Mother’s Touch 1 As the Theurge Gift. WtA
Resist Pain 1 As the Philodox Gift. WtA
Water-Conning 1 The Child may purify water by dipping her hand or bowing her forehead to the surface. An avatar of Unicorn teaches this Gift as a sign of his favor. The Garou touches the surface and rolls Perception + Primal-Urge. Water that is poisoned by animal dung or parasites has a 5 difficulty. The difficulty is 7 for chemical waste and 9 for Wyrm-taint. Each success purifies enough water for one person for one day. Tribebook: Children of Gaia
Jam Weapon 1 The Garou may stop any Weaver-born weapons from working within the range of his voice. A dove-spiri t teaches this Gift. The Garou shouts a single, strange word and spends a Gnosis point. The player rolls Perception +Expression, difficulty of the Willpower of the nearest armed person. For each success, all manufactured weapons will not function for one combat round. This includes guns, crossbows, flame-throwers, and even tasers or cattle prods (anything with moving parts). It does not include natural weapons (retractable claws don't count as moving parts). Tribebook: Children of Gaia
Swallow Rage 1 This Gift allows the Child of Gaia to overcome her innate savagery, although at a dangerous cost. By use of this Gift, the Child may stop a frenzy and reduce her Rage by directing it inward. The inward battle is visible for several minutes and can take the form of a shuddering concentration or even a masochistic beating. An ancestor- spirit teaches this Gift. When the Garou falls into frenzy, the player may make a reflexive Rage roll, difficulty 7; this Rage roll, unlike others, cannot in itself induce frenzy. Even one success on this roll immediately brings the werewolf out of frenzy. However, each success does one health level of lethal damage to the Garou, and reduces her temporary Rage by a similar amount. The player must decide at the moment of entering frenzy whether to use this Gift or not; once the Garou has fu lly succumbed to frenzy, she cannot focus enough to use this Gift. Tribebook: Children of Gaia
Calm 2 This Gift imparts the secret of quelling the anger in others. A unicorn-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Empathy (difficulty of the target’s Willpower). Each success removes one of the target’s Rage points, which may be regained normally. If used on a creature that has the capacity to frenzy but does not possess Rage (vampires, some fomori), the Gift cancels the frenzy if the player scores more successes that the target’s Willpower. WtA
Luna’s Armor 2 The Child of Gaia may call for Luna’s protection in battle. This Gift even allows limited resistance to silver. A Lune teaches this Gift. The Garou concentrates for one full turn, and the player spends a Gnosis point and rolls base Stamina + Survival (difficulty 7). The player may add one die per success to the Garou’s soak pool for the rest of the scene. These bonus dice may also be used to soak silver damage, but only these dice. For example, if the Garou’s Stamina is 4 and the player rolls three successes, the Garou has seven dice to soak non-silver damage and three to soak silver. WtA
Stinging Blows 2 The Children hate to admit it, but sometimes you just can’t negotiate your way to a position of peace. Occasionally, you have to have faith in your own righteousness, and enforce your will upon those who are genuinely acting like children. But if you’re going to do it, at least you can make your claim as strongly as possible, and prevent unnecessary damage. This Gift is taught by a wasp-spirit. The Child of Gaia spends one Rage. For the rest of the scene, her attacks are so painful that anyone struck by her immediately ignores any other foes he may be facing and attack the Child (Willpower roll, difficulty 9 to resist). Usually this Gift is employed to break apart two foes who otherwise couldn’t be. It’s a risky gambit, but sometimes effective. Player's Guide to Garou
Domestic Seeming 2 Unicorn does not want humans to fear her children, even the lupus. Many lupus Children of Gaia learn this Gift in the interest of walking comfortably among humans. By using this Gift, a werewolf in Lupus form convinces observers that they see a dog, not a wolf. Ordinary humans look at the wolf and think "husky," "malamute" or some other similar breed of dog. Even other supernatural beings (save spirits) can be fooled by the Gift, seeing what they expect to see rather than the tru th. This Gift is taught by any spirit of peace. The player spends a Willpower point and rolls Manipulation +Animal Ken; the usual Manipulation penalties for Lupus form do not apply for the purposes of this Gift. If the player fails the roll, any observer can tell they're looking at a wolf with a successful Perception + Animal Ken roll. If the player gains any successes, human observers cannot penetrate the disguise; supernatural creatures may make a Perception + Animal Ken (difficulty 7) opposed by the player's roll to penetrate rhe illusion. Spirits of the Middle Umbra are not affected by the Gift at all; they recognize the werewolf as one of Gaia's warrior as usual. The Gift's effects last for a scene, or unt il the werewolf changes form. Player's Guide to Garou
Grandmother's Touch 2 This Gift heals as does Mother's Touch , but can heal the user of the Gift. This Gift cannot heal spirits or the undead. A unicorn-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Intelligence+ Medicine (difficulty of the wounded individual's Rage, or 6 for non-Garou). Each success heals one health level, and the C hild may heal Battle Scars as well with the expenditure of an addit ional Gnosis point, as long as the Battle Scar was received in the same scene. Player's Guide to Garou
Mule's Bane 2 This metis-specific Gift allows a metis to lash out at others by visiting his enemies with his own deformity. Mule spirits teach this Gift. The player spends one G nosis point and rolls Dexterity + Expression to "throw" the metis' deformity; the difficulty is the opponent's Willpower. The enemy gains the metis' deformity for one turn per success, subject to Storyteller approval. If the metis botches, his own deformity becomes worse in some fashion for the remainder of the scene. Metis Player's Guide to Garou
Dazzle 3 The Garou can flood a target’s mind with the glory and love of Gaia, rendering him harmless for a short while. A unicorn-spirit teaches this Gift. The player rolls Charisma + Empathy. The difficulty varies according to the target.

Target / Difficulty
Normal human 4
Packmate 5
Gaian Garou (even frenzied) 6
Wyrm creature (including Black Spiral Dancers) 8
Alien or unemotional creatures (vampires) 9

Dazzle rarely works to pacify spirits that don’t feel emotion or that have a specific emotional focus (like hate-spirits). Success indicates that the target sits down and stays there, contemplating Gaia’s love quietly, for the rest of the scene. Attacking the target will disrupt the effects of this Gift. Dazzle can be used on a given target only once per scene.
Spirit Friend 3 A Child of Gaia’s presence is generally more beatific than that of most werewolves, and although humans can’t sense this aura of peace, spirits can. The Garou can use this Gift to aid in interactions with spirits. A unicorn-spirit teaches this Gift. The player rolls Charisma + Empathy (difficulty 7). Each success adds one die to any rolls involving interactions with spirits for the duration of the scene. WtA
Pain Chain 3 A doctor who treats only the symptoms of a disease doesn’t cure it, but merely prolongs the patients suffering. The Children of Gaia likewise know that only attacking the pawns of the Wyrm merely prolongs the Apocalypse War, rather than ending it. This Gift helps them to go after the Wyrm itself by sensing who’s pulling whose strings, and even understanding who’s pulling theirs in turn. It is taught by a dog-spirit. The player spends one point of Gnosis and rolls Perception + Investigation (difficulty 8). Each success lets you move “up the chain” one step, revealing the name and face of the next person delivering orders to your target. A single success would reveal that the corporate oil baron is being ridden by a particularly manipulative Bane, two would let you know which Black Spiral Dancer summoned the Bane, and three might tell you who that Black Spiral Dancer’s alpha is. None of this informs the Child of Gaia where these people are, but it gives them firm names and visual impressions to go after. Player's Guide to Garou
Soothe the Savage Beast 3 By being the catalyst for any sort of soothing music (singing, turning on a radio, playing a CD, etc.) the Garou makes it more difficult to Rage. When Garou must fight one another, the Children of Gaia sometimes use this to their advantage, as many are more experienced at holding back their Rage. A nightingale- spirit teaches this Gift. The player rolls Gnosis, difficulty 7. Each success increases the difficulty of Rage rolls by 1 for all those in earshot (to a maximum difficulty of 10). The effects last for as long as the Child of Gaia is able to continue providing music. Tribebook: Children of Gaia
Words of the Alpha 3 The Children have often sought leadership in human societies as well as among Garou. This Gift allows a leader to seek the best course of action for a particular goal. Eagle teaches this Gift. The Garou meditates on the chosen goal, spends a Gnosis point, and rolls Intelligence+ Leadership (difficulty 8). For each success, she gains one fragment of insight, be it a word of advice or hint at secret knowledge, into the right way to lead this group toward her chosen end. Note that Eagle does not show the most popular way, or the easiest way. His flight is high, and he flies alone. Tribebook: Children of Gaia
Lover's Touch 3 The Garou can restore what another lacks: not only wounds healed, but also strength of will and even spiritual essence. Any spirit of love or avatar of Unicorn may teach this Gift. The Garou touches the afflicted person kindly; the system is the same as for Mother's Touch. The two need not be lovers but the contact must convey affection and warmth; the two may embrace, one may caress the other or wrestle with him, or there may be further intimacy. The Garou spends a Gnosis point and rolls Intelligence + Medicine as usual; each success may restore one health level of damage, one point of Willpower, or one point of Essence (if the target is a spirit). The difficulty is the Rage or Willpower of the other person (whichever is higher). The player may choose to divide the successes among multiple pools; he need not choose to heal only wounds or Willpower. In all other respects, this Gift functions as Grandmother's Touch, save that it can be used on spirits (but, yet again, not undead). Tribebook: Children of Gaia
The Cleaving Hoof 3 Unicorn's powerful hoofblowsoften killed the humans that hunted him. This gift allows the Garou to focus inner strength into a single blow, ending a fight before further harm can take place. A Unicorn-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends a Gnosis point before rolling to hit. If he successfully strikes his opponent, the dice gained from Strength in his damage pool count as automatic successes rather than dice. Dice in the damage pool gained from weapons, claw damage or extra successes on the attack roll must be rolled as usual. For example, a werewolf with Strength 5 uses this Gift before successfully clawing an opponent; his damage pool works out to be 9 dice (5 for Strength, + 1 for the claw maneuver, + 3 for three additional successes on the attack roll). The player rolls four damage dice, adding any successes (or subtracting in the case or rolling ones) to the five automatic successes on the damage roll. The defender may soak as usual. Tribebook: Children of Gaia
Beast Life 4 As the lupus Gift. Children of Gaia who use this Gift never do so if the animals attracted would come to harm, unless the very heart of a caern is threatened. WtA
Strike the Air 4 The Garou becomes the ultimate example of passive resistance. She becomes unable to attack an opponent, but she is also unable to be hit, allowing her opponent to exhaust himself in the attempt. A mongoose-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Willpower point and rolls Wits + Dodge (difficulty of the opponent’s Willpower). For the duration of the scene, the opponent cannot strike the Garou, no matter how many successes he achieves on the roll. This Gift is canceled immediately if the werewolf attacks his opponent or if anyone else attacks on the Garou’s behalf. This Gift will work on multiple opponents, but the player must spend a point of Willpower and make a new roll for each opponent. WtA
Unicorn’s Grace 4 To those of this gentle tribe, Rage is often not the blessing of a warrior, but the curse of a destroyer. Clearly, Unicorn agrees, for she has sent her avatars to teach this Gift to her tribe. Such students never lose their temper, staying a perfectly calm and balanced mediator. The player spends one Gnosis point. For the rest of the scene, the Garou suffers no ill effects of Rage. He cannot frenzy, nor will any Garou or human sense his Rage. However, while this Gift is in effect, he may spend no more Rage points in total than he possesses Empathy. Player's Guide to Garou
Unicorn’s Grace 4 The Garou blessed by Unicorn are calm even in the midst of chaos. This Gift, taught by an avatar of Unicorn, allows the Garou to keep a tight lid on her anger. The player spends a Gnosis point; for the rest of the scene, her Garou cannot frenzy, and her ability to spend Rage is limited by her Empathy rather than Dexterity. Further, her Rage is considered three points lower for purposes of determining whether surrounding humans are affected by the Curse. This Gift does not work if the Garou is in Crinos form. Tribebook: Children of Gaia
Uncaught Since the Primal Morn 4 This Gift grams Unicorn's perfect speed to the Garou, allowing her to outrun virtually any pursuer. An avatar of Unicorn teaches th is Gift. The player pends a Gnosis point and makes an opposed Stamina + Athletics roll against the fastest of any pursuers; the Garou is unfailingly faster than her pursuers for one scene for each success. Tribebook: Children of Gaia
Serpent- Driving 4 The touch of Unicorn's horn sets evil sp irits and poisonous beasts to flight. This Gift enables the C hild of Gaia to mimic Unicorn's power, dri ving foul creatures out of water, unde rbrush, and so on. It is a more powerful ability of Unicorn 's horn, and Unicorn himself teaches this G ift. The Garou touches his hand or forehead to the water, into the alleyway, or into whatever area he suspects ofharbori ng enemies. He then rolls Gnosis, with the difficulty being 4 for ordinary animals such as snakes, 6 for lesser Wynn creatures (such as fomori), 8 for Wyrm-servitors of strong power (such as Black Spiral Dancers) and I 0 for powerful creatures of the Wyrm. For each success, one such c reature is forced to abandon its hiding place or nest by the most direct route possible. If the Wyrm-creatures were using any supernatural means of concealment (such as Gifts or Disciplines), they may make a Willpower rest, difficulty of the Garou's Gnosis, to maintain these powers. They must still physically leave the area, however. Note that this Gift may cause the c reatures to attack and is thus best used with care. Serpent-Driving may be used only once per game session. Tribebook: Children of Gaia
Halo of the Sun 5 The Garou is surrounded by a nimbus of blazing sunlight. Some Wyrm-creatures may flee before this terrifying sight, but any who stay and fight discover that the Garou strikes with added power. Helios, the Celestine of the sun, teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point, and the effects of the Gift last for one scene. The Garou is surrounded in blinding sunlight, and anyone looking directly at the werewolf is blinded (add three to difficulties to attack the Garou). The Garou adds two dice of damage to all hand attacks, and hand damage is considered aggravated in all forms. Any vampires within 20 feet take damage as though exposed to true, direct sunlight. WtA
The Living Wood 5 The Garou calls upon the spirits of the forest to come to her aid. The trees around the Child of Gaia animate, and they can restrain or fight foes. A Glade Child teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Survival (difficulty 8). Each success animates one tree. The trees move with the Dexterity of the Child of Gaia, and they can have Strength ratings from 4 to 15, depending on their size. Other Traits are up to the Storyteller’s discretion. WtA
Trust of Gaia 5 The Child of Gaia with this Gift can instantly earn the trust of any who hear her speak, even over electronic devices like telephones or loudspeakers. Affected listeners feel that the speaker is a good and trustworthy person, although it does not coerce them in any other way. Those affected will not willingly attack the Garou, although they can be mind-controlled to do so (and will hate doing so). Banes, Black Spiral Dancers and other creatures of powerful Wyrm-taint feel intense dislike instead of trust.
The trust evoked by th is Gift doesn't supersede common sense; if the Child of Gaia drives a speeding car through a crowd of affected listeners, they'll still scatter for cover, although they'll feel certain she had a good reason to be in such a hurry. An avatar of Unicorn teaches this Gift, and demands that the recipient swear never to abuse its power.
The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Empathy; the difficulty is 6 to affect humans, 8 to affect humans corrupted by the Wyrm or o ther sh apeshifte rs, or 10 to affect supernaturals corrupted by the Wyrm (such as vampires). Creatures born directly of the Wyrm such as fomori or Banes, or ritually enslaved to the Wyrm, such as Black Spiral Dancers, are immune. All li sten ers must make successful Willpower rolls (difficulty of the Garou's Gnosis) to resist. For the duration of the scene, all affected listeners treat the Garou as if she were a trusted friend. After the Gift's effects end, those affected by the Gift do not remember being supernaturally swayed. Tribebook: Children of Gaia


Название Ранг Описание Cистема Примечание Источник
Faerie Light 1 The Garou can conjure a small, bobbing sphere of light. The sphere illuminates only a three-foot area, but that is usually enough to provide the necessary light — or to lead foes into ambush. A marsh-spirit teaches this Gift. The player rolls Wits + Enigmas (difficulty 6). The light can appear anywhere within the Garou’s line of sight. It can move, bobbing along at 10 feet per turn, if bidden to do so. The light lasts for one turn per success, but the player can spend a point of Gnosis to make it last for the entire scene. WtA
Persuasion 1 As the homid Gift. WtA
Resist Toxin 1 As the Bone Gnawer Gift. WtA
Faerie Light 1 This Gift is a favorite of tricksters, who can create a wisp of faint ghostly (usually white, blue or green) light. The light can be directed by the Fianna, but is too faint to illuminate more than three feet. Because it can be seen farther, it’s useful for signaling at night, not to mention distracting or misleading others — a fact not lost on pranksters. This Gift is taught by marsh- and faerie-spirits. The Garou rolls Wits + Enigmas (difficulty 6). The light appears anywhere within the Garou’s line of sight. It may float along at up to 10 yards per turn. The light lasts for one turn per success, but will last an entire scene at the cost of a Gnosis point Tribebook: Fianna
Salmon Leap 1 The old legends relate of Fianna warriors leaping over enemies and crossing rivers without getting their feet wet; this Gift is one way they did it. Taught by a salmon-spirit or ancestor-spirit, this Gift is functionally identical to the Lupus Gift: Hare’s Leap. Tribebook: Fianna
Glib Tongue 2 This Gift makes listeners hear whatever they wish to hear. The Fianna can say anything, even total gibberish, but anyone listening will agree heartily. While this Gift is not a way to talk a millionaire into signing over all his goods, it is a superb method of talking one’s way into a party, making fast friends or avoiding being caught in a lie. A rabbit-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Wits + Expression (difficulty of the listener’s Wits + Alertness). The effects last for one turn per success. WtA
Howl of the Banshee 2 The werewolf emits a fearful howl that causes those who hear it to run in terror. A Banshee — a mournful spirit of the dead — teaches this Gift. The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Intimidation. All who hear the howl must roll Willpower (difficulty 8; 6 for allies of the Fianna) or flee in terror for one turn per success on the Garou’s roll. WtA
St. Herve’s Folly 2 According to an old folktale, St. Herve once preached to a wolf that had eaten the ox he used to plow with, and the wolf was so ashamed that he agreed to plow in the ox’s place. If the Fianna didn’t murder St. Herve for this, they wanted to. But they also learned a lesson from it, and mischiefminded Fianna now use this carnivalesque Gift to create similar, though more pleasing, results. It convinces a leader of any sort that his status is incorrect, and that rather he should serve those whom he rules. It can convince a town mayor to clean the shoes of a homeless man, or an alpha to bow to the will of his omega. The Gift is taught by, unfortunately, an ox-spirit. The Fianna must have the chance to lecture the ruler on why he is incorrect in his position. The player spends one point of Willpower and rolls Manipulation + Expression, difficulty 8. A simple success convinces him to engage in ridiculous acts of subservience to gross lessers. Each success after the first continues this effect for one day. Garou and other supernaturals may resist this Gift by spending one point of Willpower, although if the Fianna continues her lecture and spends a second point of Willpower, another Willpower point is required to resist. Effectively, it becomes a bidding war between the Fianna and her victim; whoever spends the most Willpower wins. Player's Guide to Garou
Reverie 2 This Gift makes the victim’s mind wander down memory lane. While it may occasionally dredge up useful remembrances, it mainly serves to makes someone less observant or less focused on the task at hand. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift. Roll Manipulation + Enigmas (difficulty of the victim’s Willpower). For every success, the difficulty of the victim’s rolls related to Mental Attributes increases by one, to a maximum of 9 (representing stronger, more vivid memories). The effect lasts one minute per success or until the target’s attention is diverted. (For example, a guard under five minutes’ worth of Reverie probably won’t notice the Ragabash sneaking over the wall — but if he does, or if the Garou attacks him, the Gift’s effects end). The Fiann can’t directly control what fills the victim’s mind, but may be able to influence the subject (“Yeah, Gorm, remember that party at the Standing Stone? And the dancing girl, wasn’t she something…”). Galliard Tribebook: Fianna
Howl of the Unseen 2 Just as the ancient peoples had power in the connections between two halves (day/night, light half/dark half, etc), so do the Fianna draw on their connection of spirit world and physical realm to bridge the Gauntlet. This Gift allows a howl from one side of the Gauntlet to echo across to the other. It is taught by a Bean Si, as well as by the spirits of animals that make loud noise without being seen, such as frogs or insects. The Garou rolls Gnosis, difficulty of the Gauntlet, after which she may howl or speak for up to a full turn; the sound will be clearly audible on both sides of the Gauntlet. The Storyteller is free to determine how much can be said in the span of one turn. Tribebook: Fianna
Fair Fortune 2 A Fiann with this Gift has a streak of luck a mile wide. She’s dealt a great hand, her prey is extra-clumsy today, or the wind shifts just in time to scent an ambush. A faerie or fortunespirit teaches this Gift. With the expenditure of one Gnosis point, the player may reroll any failed or botched roll. The decision must be made immediately after the failed or botched roll. This Gift is only usable once per scene. Tribebook: Fianna
Spear Dancing 2 The old tales tell of Fianna throwing spears while balanced on the beam of a chariot at full gallop, or even crossing an army by leaping from spearpoint to spearpoint. This Gift gives the Fianna the ability to balance on the smallest surfaces, whether tightrope, post or even a spearpoint. If successful, the Garou takes no damage from stepping or handstanding on sharp objects, but may otherwise be wounded normally. A bird-spirit or an ancestor-spirit may teach this Gift. The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Dexterity + Athletics (difficulty varies: 5 to stand on the back of a trotting horse, 6 to stay aloft a rolling ball, 8 to jog across a tightrope, and 9 to balance on the point of a spear). Storytellers may require additional successes for more difficult feats (for example, the horse breaks into a gallop, or the tightrope is in a high wind). The effects last for a scene. Tribebook: Fianna
Fire in the Belly 2 Anger and inner turmoil does wonders for creativity. Some Fianna use this principle in new and potentially dangerous ways, directing some of their inner Rage to fuel their creative urges. While the work is more intense, it is also colored by the Rage, reflecting the redirected fury of the Fiann’s soul. “Sublime” and “peaceful” are not words associated with works produced using this Gift. On the other hand, forged weapons take on the new resonance quite readily, attracting War and Rage spirits (-1 difficulty for Rite of the Fetish). Brigid herself teaches this Gift. The player spends a point of Rage and makes a Willpower roll (difficulty 7). A successful roll adds an automatic success to an appropriate Craft, Expression or Performance roll. A botch will require an immediate Rage roll for frenzy. Only one roll per project is possible. Using this Gift more than once a month is taxing and dangerous; each additional use during a span of a month increases the difficulty by one. Tribebook: Fianna
Faerie Kin 3 The Fianna can call upon ancient pacts between her people and the fae. By emitting a special howl, the Garou can call whatever fae are in the area to help. They will obey the Fianna, but not without question. A dream-spirit teaches this Gift, and the teaching normally involves a quest of some kind. The player spends at least one Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Occult (difficulty 8). Spending more Gnosis increases the raw power of the faeries who respond, while more successes on the roll means that more faeries answer. Note that this Gift may summon changelings or dream-spirits called chimera, but it will call true fae only in strange Umbral reaches, and even then very rarely. Botching this roll is bad news; the faeries who respond are vicious and malevolent, and they will act to hinder the Garou. WtA
Reshape Object 3 As the homid Gift. WtA
Ley Lines 3 The wilds of Britain are a dangerous place, and even more so when crossing Fianna territory. By manipulating the spirits of nature and the Wyld, the Fianna may send her target in illogical directions and even create tracks impossible to follow. Many who have dared to tread the Fianna’s land have found themselves circling while walking straight, rigidly keeping to paths that lead them, again and again, to the same landmarks. Then they starve, and their legend warns off other intruders. An earth-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Wits + Occult (difficulty 7). Any attempts at tracking or orientation now requires the would-be woodsman to obtain more successes than the Fianna’s original roll in a Perception + Occult roll, difficulty 8. Player's Guide to Garou
Pin The Eagle’s Wing 3 Known as Lleu’s Spear by the Welsh Fianna (who claim to have discovered it), a Fianna with this Gift can throw a spear as far as an arrow and sink it deep into its target. Spirited Fianna can even pierce heavy doors or strike a foe on a high rooftop — or pierce a Leech’s putrid heart. Ancestor-spirits teach this Gift. The Fianna must concentrate on the weapon for one full turn and make a Willpower roll (difficulty 8). She then spends a variable number of Gnosis points. Each Gnosis grants two additional dice, which can be split between the attack roll and damage roll. Dice may also be used to increase the spear’s flight distance (20 yards per die allocated). The Gift doesn’t work with any other weapon, even a thrust spear — only a thrown spear. Tribebook: Fianna
Balor’s Gaze 4 This Gift emulates the power of one of the Fianna’s legendary enemies. One of the Garou’s eyes glows a livid red color, and all enemies caught in his gaze are stricken with pain. A pain-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Rage point and one Gnosis. She must then roll Perception + Occult (difficulty 8). For the rest of the scene, any foe at whom the Garou glances must roll Willpower (difficulty 8) and equal or exceed the player’s successes or double over in pain. Any beings thus affected take wound penalties as though they were at Crippled (-5 dice to all actions), regardless of their current health. Any characters already at Crippled are considered Incapacitated. WtA
Phantasm 4 The Garou creates an unmoving illusion that contains visual, auditory, olfactory and even tactile elements. A grain-spirit — the so-called “spirit of spirits” — teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis for each 10-foot area to be covered by the illusion and then rolls Intelligence + Expression. Anyone who doubts the illusion must roll Perception + Alertness and exceed the Garou’s successes in order to see through it. WtA
Airitech’s Daughters 4 Airitech, a creature of the Otherworld in Celtic lore, had three daughters who took on the shape of werewolves. In the end, they were slain. This Gift allows the Fianna to play the part of Airitech, by forcing the visage of a Crinos werewolf onto (at most) three humans. It doesn’t make them stronger, or give them the instincts Garou have, but they make fine decoys when being hunted by the Wyrm. Like Airitech’s Daughters, these werewolves exist to be murdered. The Gift is taught by an ancestor-spirit. The player spends one point of Rage for each human he wants to turn into a werewolf, up to a maximum of three, before rolling Stamina + Subterfuge (difficulty 8). Each success will turn all humans affected by the Gift into werewolves for one hour. They do not receive any of the benefits of the Crinos form, do not cause Delirium, and are not protected by the Veil; the change is largely cosmetic. They may, however, receive a bonus to Intimidation rolls. This Gift does not work on anyone but mortal humans. It will not affect mages, vampires or the imbued; it will, however, work on Kinfolk, ghouls, or sorcerers. Player's Guide to Garou
Fog of War 4 No mattered how disciplined the army and ordered the plan, a battlefield is chaos. Smoke, noise, hidden enemies and fear can all lead to disorganization. Even in the modern age, mistaken identity leads to “friendly fire” casualties. This Gift exacerbates this problem to often devastating effect. A commander might not see advancing foes, or see foes that aren’t there; a team may fire upon allies, or mistake a command to “advance” for a call to “retreat.” This Gift is taught by a raven- or other trickster-spirit. The Garou sings, howls or plays an eerie song (bagpipes are popular), spends a Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Performance (difficulty 8). If successful, foes in hearing range must make a standard Perception roll every turn to be fully aware of what’s happening around them. They lose one success on this roll for every success rolled by the player; if the end result is negative successes, it counts as a botch. Zero successes on perception indicates confusion, while on a botch the character critically misinterprets what she sees. The Gift lasts as long as the song or howl continues, but the singer must concentrate on the song (and thus cannot engage in combat or other strenuous activity). Ragabash, Galliard Tribebook: Fianna
Call the Hunt 5 The werewolf may use this Gift only once per month, and only if there is an overwhelming need for it (such as discovering that a truly great evil infests an area). This Gift calls the Huntsman of Celtic mythology to harry and slay the evil. The Huntsman himself teaches this Gift. The Garou must chant and concentrate for one full hour. The player then spends one Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Occult (difficulty 8). The Huntsman appears with a single hound, plus one hound for each extra Rage or Gnosis point the player wishes to expend. If the roll is botched, the evil is not worthy of the Huntsman’s attention. If the summoner does not join the hunt, the Huntsman instead leads the hunt against the Garou. WtA
Gift of the Spriggan 5 The Fianna may grow to up to three times her usual size or shrink to the size of a small puppy. A faerie or a Chimerling teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Stamina + Primal-Urge (difficulty 8). The effects last for one hour per success or until the Garou cancels the Gift. If the Garou grows larger, she gains three Strength dice for every 100% increase in size. If she grows smaller, she retains her normal Traits, but she may sneak around unnoticed or masquerade as someone’s pet. WtA
Forms of Cernunnos 5 Celtic legends abound with heroes transforming into animals, whether to escape, to hunt, or to spy. Cernunnos the Horned God was the master of animals; with this Gift the Garou is able to master the form of any animal. A Wyld spirit or a faerie spirit teaches this Gift. As per the Ragabash Gift: The Thousand Forms, with the limitation that mythical beasts are not possible forms, but with the addition that another willing person can be changed at the cost of two Gnosis and +1 difficulty. Said person cannot change back without the assistance of someone who knows this Gift. Tribebook: Fianna
Havgan’s Healing 5 Named after the foe Pwyll dueled with in the Otherworld, this powerful Gift lets wounds alternately harm and heal the Garou, giving the Fianna a critical edge in a sustained battle. A death-spirit teaches this Gift. To activate this Gift, the Fianna must spend two Gnosis points and concentrate for one turn. For the duration of the scene, any health levels that are not soaked alternately harm or heal the Garou. The first blow to strike the Garou injures him as normal; with the second blow, any damage that is not soaked (and the player must roll soak as normal) instead is treated as healing. Bashing wounds heal bashing damage, lethal wounds can heal bashing or lethal damage, and aggravated wounds heal all forms of damage. The third blow injures, the fourth heals, and so on. Wounds suffered from silver can never heal, however; they inflict damage as normal, and “use up” that blow — for instance, a Fianna wounded by silver by the fourth blow after activating this Gift takes unsoakable aggravated damage as normal, and the fifth blow will injure, not heal. (However, any aggravated damage taken on the sixth blow and every other attack after that could heal the silver damage.) Any wounds left unhealed by the end of the scene must be healed as usual. Tribebook: Fianna

Get of Fenris

Название Ранг Описание Cистема Примечание Источник
Razor Claws 1 As the Ahroun Gift. WtA
Resist Pain 1 As the Philodox Gift. WtA
Visage of Fenris 1 The Get appears larger and more fearsome, commanding respect from peers and cowing his foes. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift. The player rolls Charisma + Intimidation. Only one success is necessary to affect non-Garou and Garou of equal rank. To affect Garou of higher rank, the player must score a number of successes equal to twice the difference of rank between the Garou and the target. For example, for a Rank 1 Garou to affect a Rank 5 Garou would require eight successes (not very likely). Allies and peers affected by this Gift see the Get as impressive and noble (-1 difficulty bonus to all Social rolls). Foes pause for a moment to summon the resolve necessary to fight such a monster (losing one from their initiative ratings). This Gift lasts for one scene. WtA
Sigurd’s Stride 1 When Odin imprisoned Brunhilde in a ring of fire, it was Sigurd who dared the fires and rescued her. Like Sigurd, Get of Fenris with this Gift need not fear flame. The Gift is taught by a fire-spirit. The Fenrir spends one Gnosis rolls Stamina + Primal-Urge (difficulty 4). Each success provides an automatic level of soak against fire damage for the rest of the scene. Player's Guide to Garou
Safe Haven 1 Few Garou are as territorial as the Get of Fenris. This Gift enables a Fenrir to keep a close supernatural watch on his territory, becoming instantly aware of any trespassers marked by the Wyrm. Owl-spirits teach this Gift. The player must spend one Gnosis to establish this early warning system, and one Gnosis per day to maintain it. Whenever a Wyrm-tainted person or creature crosses into the Fenrir’s territory, if the werewolf is at home or within a mile, the player may roll Perception + Occult (difficulty 7) to detect the intrusion. The more successes, the more accurately the werewolf pinpoints the intruder’s location. Note that this Gift may be used to protect only that territory that the Fenrir can rightfully call his own; this Gift cannot, for instance, protect a shared caern unless used by the caern Warder (who can be considered to “own” the territory for the purpose of this Gift). Tribebook: Get of Fenris
Snow Running 1 The Fenrir have spread far and wide, but their home is in the North. This Gift has served them well in their homelands, allowing them to run over snow or ice as if it were solid ground without sinking in or leaving footprints. The player spends a Gnosis point. The effects last for a day. Tribebook: Get of Fenris
Halt the Coward’s Flight 2 The Garou may slow a fleeing (not charging) foe, making him easier to catch. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift. The Garou must spend one turn concentrating, and the player rolls Charisma + Intimidation (difficulty of the target’s Willpower). If the roll succeeds, the target’s speed is halved for one scene. WtA
Snarl of the Predator 2 The Garou lets out a feral snarl that terrifies opponents and cows them into submission. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift. The player rolls Charisma + Intimidation (difficulty of the opponent’s Wits + 3). Each success subtracts one die from an opponent’s dice pools on the next turn. This Gift takes one full turn to invoke. WtA
Berserker’s Song 2 This fearsome battle song is in a language that has yet to be recognized — it’s certainly not Nordic, any Germanic language, nor Garou. Yet it is potent, for it both channels and increases Rage in the warrior who sings it. Some younger Fenrir have begun experimenting with the tune and discovered that the lyrics can be sung in any method so long as they maintain the lyrics, and sing it in more modern styles (which outrages some elder Get). An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift, but cannot explain its origins. After spending two Rage points, the player rolls Stamina + Expression or Performance, whichever is higher, against difficulty 6. For a number of rounds equal to the successes gained, the Get automatically frenzies, receiving the benefits of ignoring wounds, shifting immediately to Crinos, and immunity to mind influencing powers. However, he can pull out of this frenzy immediately and may use simple weapons like swords or bludgeons. If the Garou is stopped from singing, somehow, the effect automatically ends. Player's Guide to Garou
Sense Guilt 2 This Gift is particularly popular among the Hand of Tyr camp, but is by no means limited to them alone. By staring into the eyes of his chosen target, the Get can sense any deepseated guilt that she might harbor for past offenses. The more perceptive the Fenrir, the more detail he’s able to discern. This Gift is taught by a crow-spirit. The player rolls Perception + Empathy, difficulty 8. One success detects the presence or absence of regret. Three successes reveal general facts about the offense in question; an adulterer might project a sense of “betraying my wife” into the Get’s mind. Five successes reveal specific facts about the matter; the Get could pick out the adulterer’s partner’s name, the time and place of the indiscretion, and possibly even more intimate facts. Note, however, that this Gift requires personal feelings of guilt to work. If a Fenrir were to use this Gift on a vampire that regularly feeds on young children and kills them afterward, the Gift would work only if the vampire feels guilty about its sins. If the Leech felt that it was perfectly justified in its actions, the Fenrir would be able to detect nothing. Similarly, the Gift might lead its user to believe a person’s crimes are worse than they are, if the subject feels guiltier than the offenses merit — although with enough successes, the Fenrir might be able to discern that the subject’s shame is misplaced. Tribebook: Get of Fenris
Troll Skin 2 This Gift allows the Fenrir to draw on the power of earth for protection, just as the legendary trolls and even Jotunn were able to do. When the Get activates this Gift, her skins grow tough and thick, covered with warty knots of hard, armored flesh. This Gift is taught by an earth elemental. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Stamina + Primal-Urge (difficulty 7). For each success, the character receives one extra die on her soak roll. These extra soak dice cannot be used to soak silver damage; the Gift lasts for one scene, or until the Get chooses to dismiss it. Troll Skin is, alas, quite disconcerting and unpleasantly pungent. While the Gift’s effects last, the difficulty of all Social rolls is increased by 1. Tribebook: Get of Fenris
Wearing the Bear Shirt 2 Fear is for cowards; Rage is for warriors. The Fenrir who learns this Gift hardens himself against fear, even on an instinctual level. This Gift is taught by a bear-spirit. No roll is required; once this Gift is learned, the effects are automatic. The Fenrir who learns this Gift never enters fox frenzy; instead, he enters a berserk frenzy, regardless of the stimuli. In addition, the player can make a Willpower roll to resist any Gifts or other supernatural powers that incite fear, even if a resistance roll is normally not allowed. Tribebook: Get of Fenris
Sense of the Prey 2 See level Two Ragabash gift. Hand of Tyr Tribebook: Get of Fenris
Strength of Purpose 2 See level Two Philodox Gift. Fangs of Garm Tribebook: Get of Fenris
Beastmind 2 See Level Two Red Talons Gift. Glorious Fist of Wotan Tribebook: Get of Fenris
Might of Thor 3 The Garou can increase his strength tremendously, the better to slay his foes. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis and one Rage, then rolls Willpower (difficulty 8). The Garou’s Strength doubles for one turn per success. After the Gift wears off, the Get is weakened considerably (Physical Attributes are considered 1, and Willpower is halved) until he can rest for at least one hour. WtA
Venom Blood 3 The Garou may change her blood into a black, acidic bile that poisons anyone unlucky enough to come into contact with it. A snake- or spider-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Rage point and rolls Stamina + Medicine (difficulty 7). Anyone coming into contact with the Garou’s blood for the duration of the scene takes one die of aggravated damage per success on the first roll. WtA
Alberich’s Claws 3 Alberich was a dwarven king who had his castle below the ground, carved out of the rock itself. Get of Fenris with this Gift could well have been among the builders of that palace, for their claws can slice directly through stone, steel, or any other inanimate material as if it were butter. It is taught by a mole-spirit or earth elemental. The player spends one point of Rage. If the Fenrir’s next attack is performed with natural weaponry and strikes an inanimate object, it automatically does an extra ten levels of damage. Player's Guide to Garou
Coup de Grace 3 See Level Three Black Furies Gift. Valkyria of Freya Tribebook: Get of Fenris
Call of the Early Frost 3 See Level Three Wendigo Gift. Ymir’s Sweat Tribebook: Get of Fenris
Hero’s Stand 4 The Garou channels the strength of Gaia herself, becoming one with the earth upon which he stands. While he may not retreat or even move from that spot for the duration of the Gift, he gains many powers through Gaia’s might. An earth elemental teaches this Gift. The player rolls Willpower (difficulty 8). Each success grants one extra die to all Physical dice pools. Also, the Garou may not be surprised, and all attacks are considered frontal. The Garou may not move until all foes have been defeated or have fled. WtA
Loki’s Touch 4 This Gift is rare among the Get of Fenris, although the Rotagar find it an appropriate weapon in battle. With just a touch, the Garou may cause a target to go into uncontrollable fits of laughter. In peacetime situations, the Gift may also be used to defuse a dangerous situation. This Gift is taught by any trickster-spirit (most often Ratatosk, the Squirrel). The Garou must touch an opponent and roll Manipulation + Empathy (difficulty equal to the Rage plus the Rank of the target; maximum difficulty of 10). The fits of laughter will last for one round per success, during which time the target may not take any offensive action, although he may defend himself if attacked. The laughter is genuine in at least one respect — if no harm comes to the target as a result of the Gift’s use, he is likely to appreciate the laugh just as if the Gift-user had told him an excellent joke. Tribebook: Get of Fenris
Scream of Gaia 4 The Garou emits a horrible, ragged scream imbued with Rage and the pain of Gaia. The force of the scream batters foes and knocks them off their feet. Storm-spirits, which the Get call Sturms, teach this Gift. The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Rage. Everyone within a 50-foot radius is blasted to the ground to suffer one health level of bashing damage per success as a shockwave rips through the area. WtA
Glory-Scars 4 Fenrir are proud of their scars, even those that have maimed them permanently. This Gift allows a werewolf to overcome her old injuries for a brief period of time, acting as though her body was never injured. The Fenrir’s scars blaze with silver light, and any missing extremities are replaced with temporary substitutes made of the same cold, bright energy. Any war-spirit of Fenris’ brood may teach this Gift. The player spends a Rage point and rolls Rage, difficulty 5 + the number of Battle Scars her Garou has acquired. The Gift’s effects last for two turns per success. As long as the Gift is in effect, the Garou may ignore wound penalties and the debilitating effects of her Battle Scars; even those that have lost a limb may fight as if whole. Extremities temporarily restored by Glory-Scars function as normal, causing no extra damage. This Gift cannot restore lost abilities in any other sense but that of combat; a Fenrir who has received the Battle Scar: Gelded cannot use this Gift to sire offspring, for instance. Tribebook: Get of Fenris
Clenched Jaw 4 See level Four Ahroun Gift. Mjolnir’s Thunder Tribebook: Get of Fenris
Horde of Valhalla 5 The Garou who uses this Gift must be in good standing with his tribe’s totem, and he must have a great need for aid, for he is asking help of Fenris himself. This Gift — taught by an avatar of Fenris — summons great wolves to come to the Garou’s aid. The player spends as much Rage and/ or Gnosis as he wishes and rolls Charisma + Animal Ken. If successful, a number of spirit wolves appear from the Umbra to do battle with the Garou foes. The number of wolves is equal to the number of points spent by the player. The wolves are functionally identical to the wolves of the Great Hunt. They remain for the entire scene. WtA
Fenris’ Bite 5 The Garou’s already vicious bite increases in power terribly, to the point that the Garou can mangle or even sever limbs with a single bite. An avatar of Fenris teaches this Gift. The player spends one Rage point and rolls Strength + Medicine (difficulty of the opponent’s Stamina + 3). The Garou’s next bite attack, if it hits, will mangle and disable one of the target’s limbs, inflicting three automatic, unsoakable, aggravated health levels of damage in addition to any damage already rolled. The limb is rendered useless until the target can regenerate the damage, or permanently in the case of humans and other creatures who do not regenerate. If the player achieves five or more successes on the Strength + Medicine roll, the limb is severed. WtA
Strength of the Ancestors 5 This Gift allows a Fenrir to call upon his greatest ancestral heroes for assistance. It is only used in dire situations, when the lives of more than one Garou are endangered. Calling on the strength of one’s ancestors allows a Get to increase his physical might, wisdom or even sense acuity substantially, albeit for a limited time. These ancestral heroes come to the aid of a Get only in times of great peril, and punish any Fenrir who attempts to call on them without need. This Gift is taught by an ancestor-spirit. Only Get with at least one dot in the Ancestors Background may learn this Gift. The player spends one Rage point and rolls Charisma + Rituals (difficulty 10); he may subtract one from the difficulty for every dot he has in Ancestors. During the casting of this Gift, he must carve the specific runes of his ancestors into his flesh. For each success, he may add one dot to any Attribute; these dots may be split among different Attributes, or all applied to the same one. If the Storyteller believes this Gift has been used inappropriately, his hero-ancestors still give assistance, but then turn on their descendant, permanently removing a number of Attribute dots equal to those they granted. There is no appeal. Tribebook: Get of Fenris
The Good Death 5 No true Get of Fenris fears death— only dying poorly. This Gift is Great Fenris’ final blessing to his children; the Fenrir who activates this Gift intends to die with her foe’s heartsblood on her claws. The werewolf calls on Great Fenris to aid her and sets herself against her foe. The Fenrir continues fighting long after she should be dead, and doesn’t fall until her enemy (or enemies) dies with her. The avatar of Great Fenris himself teaches this Gift. The Fenrir concentrates for one full turn and spends all her Gnosis in calling for Fenris’ favor. Once the Gift has been activated, the Garou suffers no wound penalties whatsoever, and will not fall until her foe is dead, at which point she dies immediately. This Gift works only if the named enemy is already on the battlefield with the Fenrir; it cannot be used to hunt down an absent enemy. Once the battle is won, an avatar of Fenris descends on the battlefield to devour what’s left of the hero and her worldly possession. For obvious reasons, this Gift can be used only once, most likely when the character is out of all other options. Improper use of this Gift (such as attempting to use the Gift to slay an old rival rather than a “true enemy of Gaia”) angers Fenris, who strikes the unworthy Get dead on the spot. Tribebook: Get of Fenris
Call Great Fenris 6 As the ultimate expression of the pact between tribe and totem, the greatest Get heroes may summon the war-avatar of their tribal totem to aid them in their hour of need. The avatar joins in combat, slaying all that are not Get of Fenris or under their protection. However, Great Fenris demands a sacrifice for his intervention — usually the left hand of the summoner. It’s said that if the war-avatar is called for no good reason, it will devour the summoner entirely before departing — but there are no concrete tales of any Get of Fenris wise and mighty enough to attain this Gift yet foolish enough to abuse it. This Gift is taught by a wolf-spirit. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Stamina + Occult (difficulty 6). Success summons the war-avatar of Great Fenris, who will fight at the Fenrir’s side for the duration of the scene. At the combat’s end, the summoner automatically gains the Battle Scar: Maimed Limb (Werewolf, pg. 190) as the war-avatar claims Fenris’ due; even if the Garou already possessed that Battle Scar, he gains it a second time as Fenris devours another limb. Tribebook: Get of Fenris

Glass Walkers

Название Ранг Описание Cистема Примечание Источник
Control Simple Machine 1 The Garou may command the spirits of the simplest machines, causing levers to flip, doors to unbolt, pulleys to roll and so on. Any technological spirit can teach this Gift. The player spends a Willpower point and rolls Manipulation + Crafts (difficulty 7). The Garou’s control lasts until the end of the scene. WtA
Diagnostics 1 At a glance, the Glass Walker can tell what is wrong with a machine. He can then enlist the aid of the machine’s spirit in repairing the faulty device. Any technological spirit can teach this Gift. The player rolls Perception + Crafts to determine the problem. She then spends one Gnosis point as the Garou mentally convinces the spirit of the device to aid her in fixing it. (Most such spirits are happy to do so — they don’t want to be junk!) The time to fix the device is halved, and the player may subtract any successes on the Perception + Crafts roll from the successes necessary to fix the device. WtA
Trick Shot 1 This Gift, once an acquired taste, has undergone a recent surge in popularity. It allows the Garou to execute brilliant feats of sharpshooting, such as shooting a weapon from an opponent’s hand or firing down the barrel of an enemy’s gun. The Garou cannot use this Gift to harm an opponent directly, however, and he can use Trick Shot only with rifles or pistols. Air-spirits teach this Gift. The player adds the character’s permanent Glory rating to his dice pool when performing a really outlandish shooting trick. Again, this Gift does not allow direct damage to targets (“I’ll shoot him between the eyes!”), but it can be used to injure opponents indirectly. (“I’ll shoot the rope that’s holding the chandelier over his head!”) The effects are permanent. WtA
Skyscraper Vision 1 Whilst the urban jungle offers many new possibilities for the hunter, it also presents its share of difficulties. One of the most troublesome of these is the possibility of their prey slipping into a crowd and simply disappearing. With this Gift, the Glass Walker can see through the eyes of a glass spirit in a skyscraper window to pick out their prey from above. The City Father or a glass-spirit teaches this Gift. The player makes a Gnosis roll (difficulty 6). For every success rolled, the character can see from the perspective of any window in the area (about half a city block) for one turn. If used to find specific details, the Storyteller may ask for a second roll using Perception + Alertness, adding one bonus die for each success gained in the initial Gnosis roll, to see if the mark can be spotted in time. Difficulty should be set by Storyteller to reflect the elusiveness of the target. Tribebook: Glass Walkers
Budget Approval Process 1 As any underpaid and underprivileged office worker will tell you, getting any budget approved involves knowing whom to ask. Those types would find this Gift a blessing, as would many other types. This Gift lets you find the weak point of any social group, which person can be leaned on to get results. It is taught by either an ant- or a bee-spirit. The player spends one Willpower and rolls Perception + Etiquette (difficulty 5). If successful, the Garou automatically knows which member of a group it would be best to approach to get results in her efforts. The number of success determines how large a group can be scanned. Working out which punk to hit in a street gang to make the rest run would only require one success, working out which guy needs bribing to bring down an entire corporation would require at least five. The Storyteller also is fully within his rights to suggest that no one person holds all the cards in a group and that the Gift simply won’t work. Corporate Wolves Tribebook: Glass Walkers
Cool Mind 1 Too many Garou are afraid of advancing beyond the limits of their bodies. To counter this, the Cyber Dogs have a Gift that banishes fear, anxiety or any other emotion. People targeted by this Gift lose their emotion temporarily, able to think perfectly logically. A Pattern Spider teaches this Gift. The Cyber Dog spends one Willpower and rolls Intelligence + Investigation (difficulty 7) in a resisted roll against the target’s Wits + Primal-Urge (difficulty 7). The target can choose not to resist, and you may target yourself. If successful, the target becomes cold and impersonal for as many turns as successes achieved, thinking entirely with intellect and ignoring emotion. Emotions do still exist as abstract concepts; a target can still think, “I love this man, so it would not be to my benefit to harm him.” This Gift cannot counter the effects of the Delirium. Garou under this Gift’s effects suffer +2 difficulty to Rage rolls, though frenzy will disrupt the Gift. Cyber Dogs Tribebook: Glass Walkers
Last Ditch 1 When the chips are down and your back’s to the wall, risks need to be taken. This Gift makes those last choices a little less risky by allowing for some instinctual co-ordination to be taken. A bee or antspirit teaches this Gift. The Soldier looks toward an ally and spends one point of Gnosis before rolling Intelligence + Primal Urge (difficulty 7). The ally does not need to spend Gnosis or roll, but must also know the Gift. As long as one success is rolled, the players of each character may formulate a detailed plan out of character, which both characters instinctually grasp simply from making eye contact. Each character adds two bonus dice to his or her next roll, but for the rest of the scene after that they lose two dice from all actions. Dies Ultimae Tribebook: Glass Walkers
Well-Oiled Running 1 The greatest tool a Soldier has is her equipment. The worst enemy she has is the possibility of it failing. This Gift greatly reduces those chances by safeguarding machinery against environmental factors. It is taught by a dust, war or water-spirit. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Stamina + Crafts (Difficulty 7). The Garou safeguards one machine against natural corrosion or adverse weather for one day per success. This machine can still be damaged by direct attacks. Dies Ultimae Tribebook: Glass Walkers
Network Terminal 1 Computers have grown more and more connected in recent years, most prominently via the Internet. Meanwhile, no matter how good your computer is, there’s probably someone with a better computer and you’re likely connected to it. This Gift connects the Random Interrupt to that theoretical better computer, making all work much easier. A Pattern Spider teaches this Gift. The player rolls Gnosis, difficulty 7. Every success adds one die to any roll involving the Computer Knowledge. The Gift doesn’t provide you with a computer; you actually need to be seated at a computer that has some form of network connection. Random Interrupts Tribebook: Glass Walkers
Tommy’s New Trick 1 While one of the Wise Guys favorite gun Gifts (Trick Shot, rediscovered from the Iron Riders by Gianluigi Lucci) eventually leaked to the whole tribe, this one may well go with them to their grave. This Gift ensures that when spraying bullets from an automatic gun, not a single bullet misses its target. A bird spirit (though never a pigeon) teaches this Gift. The player spends one point of Gnosis and makes a standard Dexterity + Firearms roll to make a spray attack. (See Automatic Fire, Werewolf, p. 207.) However, the standard +2 difficulty does not apply. Before the attack is resolved, the Wise Guy may spend one Willpower point to turn one failed die into a success, and this may be repeated until all dice are considered successes. The only exception to this is if the roll is a botch, in which case no Willpower may be spent and every bullet misses their target by exactly an inch. In addition, not one bullet is left at the scene, nor will any bullet hit anything but the Wise Guy’s opponents. This Gift cannot be used on a single enemy; the attack must be a spray involving at least two targets. Wise Guys Tribebook: Glass Walkers
Mother’s Touch 1 As the Theurge Gift. Wise Guys using this Gift often recite Luke 17:19 when using it. “And he said unto him, Arise, go thy way: thy faith hath made thee whole.” Wise Guys Tribebook: Glass Walkers
Cybersenses 2 By studying both his natural senses and the sensory capabilities of machines, the Garou may exchange the former for the latter. He may choose to exchange normal hearing for radar, or ordinary sight for infrared or UV sight. Any technological spirit can teach this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point per sense affected, and he rolls Perception + Science thereafter to activate the Garou’s new senses. This Gift lasts for one scene. WtA
Power Surge 2 By speaking with electricity spirits, the Garou causes a blackout over a widespread area. An electricity elemental teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Wits + Science (difficulty 7). The number of successes determines how large of an area is blacked out. One success would black out a single room, while five would cut the power to a whole neighborhood. WtA
Garafena’s Crown 2 Garafena was a mythical serpent in Russian folklore that sat upon a golden crown and was called upon to give blessings to his followers. A recent Gift that has only been known since 1998, Garafena now offers his blessings to any Garou who wears his mark. This Gift is taught by a snake-spirit. The Glass Walker must don a crown of some description, a hat or even a scrap of fabric wrapped around their head will do. The player then spends one Gnosis. For the rest of the scene, any guns fired by the Glass Walker will never run out of ammunition. Player's Guide to Garou
Jam Technology 2 As the Ragabash Gift. Tribebook: Glass Walkers
Steel Fur 2 Focusing in on their own being, the Glass Walker wraps his own spirit with those of steel, turning his fur into hardened metal. Metal or Earth elementals teach this Gift. The player spends one Willpower point and rolls Stamina + Science (difficulty 7). Each success adds one die to the Garou’s soak pool for one scene. While this Gift is active, the Garou suffers +1 difficulty to all Dexterity rolls, and any Social rolls not involving other Glass Walkers. Obviously, you must be in Crinos, Hispo or Lupus form to use this Gift. Tribebook: Glass Walkers
Pennies from Heaven 2 The Glass Walker convinces money spirits to change their denomination. The coin or note simply metamorphoses into the appropriate denomination. Money spirits teach the Gift. The Garou spends one Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Politics. What value the money becomes determines the difficulty regardless of the original denomination.

Denomination changed to: / Difficulty
Penny 3
Nickel 4
Dime 5
Quarter 6
Dollar 7
Five Dollar 8
Twenty Dollar 9
One Hundred Dollar 10

Each success can change one coin or note into another denomination. Foreign currencies can also be converted in similar fashion, and it is also possible to convert a currency of one country to a different denomination of another.
Tribebook: Glass Walkers
Buzzword Language 2 The Glass Walkers have always needed the ability to hide in plain sight more than other tribes by virtue of being in plain sight so much more often. As a result, they’ve developed many Gifts for communicating unnoticed, but very few have been so successful as this. The Corporate Wolf simply begins to babble in the incoherent — yet entirely accepted — tongue of modern business and the person he’s talking to will completely comprehend his message, which can be totally unrelated to a single word in the conversation. The player spends one point of Willpower and rolls Charisma + Subterfuge, difficulty 7. Each success determines how accurately the message is conveyed. At one success the message comes out in single-word sentences. (“You. Me. Escape.”) Three successes allow for simple, singleclause sentences. (“You and I will use the staircase to escape.”) Five successes, you could package a short story into the phrase “Leoni and I need to dialogue about leveraging our core competencies in order to achieve market affiliation.” Corporate Wolves Tribebook: Glass Walkers
Steel Made Flesh 2 Sometimes it’s useful to take a step back in order to facilitate many steps forward. An example would be in airports or other places with metal detectors. This Gift allows the Garou to change all cybernetics in his body back into flesh. While flesh, cybernetics do not operate. A snake or cicada-spirit teaches this Gift. The Cyber Dog spends one Gnosis. The cybernetics become flesh immediately. The Gift lasts for the rest of the scene. Cyber Dogs Tribebook: Glass Walkers
Mind Partition 2 A favorite among Random Interrupts who discover they can’t multitask nearly as well as their computers, this Gift allows the Garou to break their own mind into segments, quickly switching their concentration to a new task while never losing their place on the old task. One Cruncher described the Gift by saying; “It’s not true multitasking, but it fakes it well.” A Pattern Spider teaches this Gift. The player spends one Willpower point and rolls Gnosis. (Difficulty 6) For every success gained, the player can add work on one extra extended action every turn, one added per turn. No penalties are incurred on any of the extended actions, but if just one botch is rolled, all uncompleted tasks fail.
Example: Backup-Circuit is working on a complicated hacking job involving three separate tasks, but needs to move quickly. He spends one Willpower point, activating Mind Partition and rolls Gnosis, gaining the needed two successes. On the first turn he begins his work on cracking the door systems, rolling his standard dice pool. On the second turn he continues to work on the door systems, but also begins work on cracking the security, and rolls for both tasks. On the third turn and every turn thereafter, he is working on cracking the door system, security system and defenses system simultaneously. Had he botched the roll, he’d have begun trying to crack the system but collapse, clutching his head seconds later as his brain breaks under the pressure.
Random Interrupts Tribebook: Glass Walkers
Image of the Saints 2 God or Gaia (take your pick) has His/Her touch on everyone. This Gift allows the Wise Guy to sense the spiritual or supernatural ties another individual possesses within the context of Catholic saints. A dove-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Perception + Enigmas, difficulty 8. If successful, the Wise Guy sees the image of a specific saint overlaid across a specific individual she sees. This saint will reflect specific aspects of the person depending upon their nature. Another Garou shows a saint reflecting his pack totem. A supernatural creature that isn’t a Garou reveals a saint reflecting their true form, and a normal human will be seen with a saint reflecting either their Nature or an essential moment of their personal history. Wise Guys Tribebook: Glass Walkers
Control Complex Machine 3 Similar to Control Simple Machine, the Garou may now converse with and command the spirits of electronic devices such as computers, video games and cars. One learns (or steals) this Gift from a Net-Spider. The player spends one Willpower point and rolls Manipulation + Science (or Computer). The Storyteller sets the difficulty based on how complex the machine actually is (usually 8). The Garou’s control lasts for one scene. WtA
Elemental Favor 3 By begging, threatening or cajoling an urban elemental, a Garou can convince the spirit to do her a favor by manipulating or even destroying her earthly shell. Thus, a glass sheet might explode at the Garou’s foes; a door might refuse to open, even if unlocked, or a car’s brakes might fail. An urban elemental teaches this Gift. The player rolls Charisma + Subterfuge (difficulty of the spirit’s Gnosis). The Storyteller determines the precise effects. WtA
Data Flow 3 Data Flow is in a way the definitive Glass Walker Gift: Just like the tribe, it has evolved. Originally it was designed as a ‘remote control’ for electronic devices like electric lights, and was most commonly used before an attack to put a building in blackout. As time went on and the computer became more important, it started to be used more commonly to control computers from anywhere within line of sight. These days, it is most commonly used as a Gift of stealth: As detection and forensic investigation continue to improve, this Gift allows Glass Walkers to avoid any contact whatsoever with their targets. After spending one Gnosis point, the Player rolls Wits + Computer (difficulty 7) to gain control of any electronic device. They must maintain eye contact with the device, or will lose control of it. This Gift does not grant expertise in how to use a device. Operating a computer would still require additional Computer rolls, they simply can be attempted without touching the computer. Player's Guide to Garou
Electroshock 3 The Glass Walkers are the tribe of glass, steel and electricity. This last element can be used to directly damage opponents that the Glass Walker can either touch, or who are touching a conductive material such as metal or water. An electricity-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends a number of Rage points. Each point of Rage spent inflicts three levels of aggravated wounds on the Glass Walker’s opponents. These levels of damage may be divided among as many opponents as the number of Rage points invested in this Gift. As usual, the character cannot spend more Rage than half of his permanent rating in one turn. Tribebook: Glass Walkers
Intrusion 3 It’s impossible to keep a cockroach out of a house, and it’s equally impossible to keep a Glass Walker out, provided she has this Gift. Once this Gift is activated, the Glass Walker can easily break almost any barrier that is presented to her. Doors mysteriously unlock upon her approach; padlocks fall open with no explanation. The Gift has, however, a very short and specific time limit. A cockroach-spirit teaches the Gift. The player spends one point of Gnosis and then rolls his Gnosis pool, difficulty 7. Every success will keep this Gift active for exactly one minute, and many Glass Walkers deliberately time themselves with stopwatches so they can know when this Gift will wear off. (If a hard mechanical number is needed, assume each minute is one turn.) During this time almost no door or barrier can possibly stop the Glass Walker. Highly secure doors (such as foot-thick iron security doors) may require a Dexterity or Wits + Streetwise roll, but every success on the initial Gnosis roll for this Gift adds one automatic success to such rolls. Tribebook: Glass Walkers
Steel Blowfish 3 One of the stranger Dies Ultimae Gifts, this trick comes as an extension of the Steel Fur Gift. Like it, the Soldier’s fur becomes metallic, however the metal is much harder with this version, and the Garou puffs up to three times his normal size! However, this also makes him so heavy that he becomes utterly immobile. But he makes excellent cover, and it is to this purpose that the Gift is usually employed. The Gift can only be taught by a Pattern Spider found in a car wreck in which at least one person died, and the airbag failed to deploy. Somewhat depressingly, the Gift is widely known. As with Steel Fur, the player spends one Willpower point and rolls Stamina + Science (difficulty 7). Each success adds one die to the Garou’s soak pool; once the final total has been added up, the soak pool is doubled. However, while activated the Garou (who must be in Crinos, Hispo or Lupus form) is three times his normal size in all directions and weighs too much to move. Most Dies Ultimae employing this Gift first curl into a ball in order to not crash through the ceiling. Dies Ultimae Tribebook: Glass Walkers
Universal Interface 3 Most Random Interrupts use two methods for dealing with computers. Some use mundane computers and techniques, others leap into the Umbra and deal with the technological spirits driving computers directly. This Gift allows a Random Interrupt to strike a balance between these two techniques, using the Umbra itself as a computer. He can simply type on air and visualize a screen in his own mind. A pattern spider teaches this Gift. The player spends one point of Gnosis and rolls Wits + Enigmas (Difficulty 7). Only one success is needed to fashion the intangible computer, but no more successes may be achieved using the computer than were achieved on the original Wits + Enigmas roll. The Glass Walker need not be in the Umbra to use this Gift, and the computer is considered to be connected to both the Internet and GWnet. Random Interrupts Tribebook: Glass Walkers
Whispers on the Street 3 The Glass Walkers’ enemies have historically been non-werewolves for the most part, since even the Black Spiral Dancers used to avoid the city. It’s no surprise that the Lucci invented a Gift that allows communication exclusively between Garou. By picking up an object and whispering to the spirits surrounding it, the Garou can imbue it with a message that can be heard subconsciously by every werewolf picking it up. Sadly, this includes Black Spiral Dancers and, some argue, non-Wise Guy Glass Walkers. A Pattern Spider or insect spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Willpower point and rolls Gnosis, difficulty 7. The number of successes determines how long the message stays within the object. One success means the message will endure for a scene, two successes a day, three successes a week, and four successes a year. Should you roll five successes, then the message is permanently locked into the object. Wise Guys Tribebook: Glass Walkers
Attunement 4 As the Bone Gnawer Gift, but taught by a cockroach-spirit. WtA
Doppelganger 4 The Garou may take the exact likeness of any other human, wolf or Garou. A chameleon-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Performance (difficulty 8). Traits aren’t duplicated, but everything else, including voice, posture and scent, is identical. The effects last for one day per success. WtA
Tech Speak 4 This Gift allows the Glass Walker to contact others through any technological device. The Garou speaks to a Pattern Spider in or near a technological device and tells them the message to be delivered and whom it should be delivered to. The Pattern Spider then finds the receiver and uses any communications technology near them to deliver the message; Telephones yell it out, (without picking up the handset), electronic billboards display it, computer printers print it out as text. If no communications technology is present, any other technology will activate, though no message will be imparted. If no technology whatsoever is present near the receiver, the Gift fails. A Pattern Spider teaches this Gift. The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Science. The difficulty is relevant to the distance the message needs to be sent: The next room is difficulty 4, the same building 5, one block away 6, one mile away 7, a time-zone away 8. Beyond that is difficulty 9. The more successes achieved, the longer the message can be. A single success will only allow one word to be sent, five would allow unlimited length. Tribebook: Glass Walkers
Cooling System 4 As per the Wendigo Level Four Gift “Chill of the Early Frost”. This Gift was originally copied from the Wendigo by the Iron Riders, who employed it to preserve food by freezing it, and was rediscovered by the Random Interrupts, who use it both in combat and to keep server rooms cool. The Random Interrupts often favor spending a point of Willpower in addition to the point of Gnosis to control the temperate and keep it just above freezing. Since Great Wendigo would usually rather murder a Glass Walker than teach them, a Penguin spirit or a Pattern Spider teaches this Gift. Random Interrupts Tribebook: Glass Walkers
Umbral Motorcade 4 A “motorcade murder” was the Mafia equivalent of a drive-by killing. The idea was to be gone the moment after the deed was done. Lucci always felt this never went far enough, and came up with the trick of never being there in the first place. This Gift allows the Wise Guy to shoot a victim in the physical world from the Umbra. A rat spirit teaches this Gift, a fact that made the Gift unpopular in some quarters. The Garou fires a gun at the target as normal, but the player should then spend one Willpower point and roll Gnosis, difficulty equal to the Gauntlet in the area. In effect, the Wise Guy is making the bullet “reach” across the Umbra, so normally three successes are needed. Should the target be immobile for some reason (such as being asleep), then one or two successes might be sufficient. Since the target is probably unaware of the attack, most attacks made with this Gift are at point blank range and probably lethal. Wise Guys Tribebook: Glass Walkers
Corner Shot 4 A feared Gift, this allows the Wise Guy to shoot around corners. Packs were fond of timing this Gift with multiple guns, creating hails of gunfire through open doorways before entering a room. A bird spirit (again, never a pigeon) teaches the Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Perception + Firearms, difficulty 9. Only one success is needed. Only single shots may be fired with this Gift, never autofire. Wise Guys Tribebook: Glass Walkers
Chaos Mechanics 5 Werewolves pulse with the Wyld’s energy, of course, but all creatures with form and nature have something of the Weaver in them, or so the Glass Walkers argue. Upon learning this Gift, the Glass Walker reconciles these two sides of his being, and he can summon primal energy and mystical form at the same time. A Garou with this Gift may use Rage and Gnosis in the same turn with no penalty. Doing so allows the Garou to use Rage actions to activate fetishes and use Gifts requiring Gnosis (provided that said Gift does not take a full turn to enact). What’s more important is that it allows the Garou to take Rage actions in the same turn that he steps sideways, provided that the player rolls enough successes to get to or from the Umbra instantly. This Gift’s effects are permanent. WtA
Summon Net-Spider 5 The Garou can summon a Net-Spider, a Weaver spirit that gives its summoner near-absolute control over any computer system. The Spider can disrupt, erase or destroy whatever system it is sent into (the exact effects are left to the Storyteller, but are typically destructive). An avatar of Cockroach teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Computer (difficulty 8). If successful, the Net-Spider appears and heeds the Garou’s commands. This Gift allows the Garou to halve all computer-related difficulties along with the aforementioned destructive capacity of the spirit. WtA
Technotheocratic Apocalyptica 5 They say the Glass Walkers worship their technology. That’s foolishness. Worshipping mere tools confuses the master with the servant. Worshipping monsters, though, now that has some more flair. This Gift allows the Glass Walker to turn all machines in the room into possessed monsters; mobile phones suddenly begin ringing at their loudest volume and hurl themselves at the person nearest to them, televisions deliberately explode, and electrical wires whip around, tripping and strangling whomever they can see. This Gift is taught by a Pattern Spider. The player spends three Rage and rolls Charisma + Science, difficulty 8. Assuming at least one success, every electric device in the room the Glass Walker is in will begin to shake. Two turns after that, the entire room is filled with monstrous electrical appliances, and everyone in the room suffers a number of unsoakable aggravated wounds equal to the number of successes rolled. Since this includes the Glass Walker, it behooves him to leave the room in the time he has. Player's Guide to Garou
Custom Built 5 Initially a Random Interrupt invention but now spread throughout the tribe, this Gift is both revered and reviled. Treating spirits as data, the Glass Walker can manipulate the spirit of a tool to turn it into any other tool. The actual object doesn’t change, but its properties and use does. A PDA can become razor sharp, or a knife could be tapped on to hack into a system. Once the object has been used once, though, the spirit dies and the object breaks beyond repair. A Pattern Spider can teach this Gift, but they never do so willingly and must be coerced. More commonly, other Garou teach it. A Glass Walker using this Gift spends one Gnosis and rolls Manipulation + Science. Difficulty depends upon the degree of change. Turning a tool into another of much the same purpose is difficulty 5, (turning a sword into a pistol), changing a tool into another of different purpose but similar complexity is difficulty 7, (turning a sword into a frying pan), while turning a tool into another of vastly varying complexity is difficulty 9 (turning a sword into a laptop computer). This tool can be used exactly once; one bullet may be fired, one egg may be fried, one password may be cracked. After that, the object falls apart. Many Glass Walkers consider this Gift heinous murder, and if it is used in anything short of a dire emergency the user will lose Honor and Wisdom. (Storyteller’s discretion.) Simply knowing the Gift is enough to be shunned by some. Ironically, this attitude is most common among the Random Interrupts, and almost none know the Gift. Tribebook: Glass Walkers
Takeover 5 What you wear determines your worth as a human being in the modern corporate world. If you live outside the business, you are a number with a dollar sign in front of it, representing what you own and how much it, and you, are worth. For a business, you are your possessions, and this Gift makes it literally true. With this Gift, the Corporate Wolf can attack and physically destroy another person by destroying their possessions. A money spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends three Rage points and rolls Strength + Enigmas (difficulty 8). The number of successes needed is determined by how long her opponent has owned the object. If he only bought it today, five successes are needed. If he has owned it for less than a month, four successes are needed; while if he has owned it for at least six months, then three successes are required. Finally, if it has been owned for over a year, only a single success is necessary. Assuming the roll is successful, the Corporate Wolf may proceed to make an attack on the object and any damage done to the object will also be inflicted upon her opponent. The damage still applies to the object, however, and if the object is destroyed then any connection between the object and the opponent is destroyed with it. If it still stands, the Corporate Wolf may continue to attack. If a Corporate Wolf obtains your priceless Ming vase, you should be all right, but worry if they ever steal your car. Corporate Wolves Tribebook: Glass Walkers
Phone Travel 5 The Random Interrupt can effectively reach into a telephone line and emerge on the other end. She must first dial the number of where she wishes to arrive and someone must answer. A Pattern Spider teaches this Gift. After the phone is picked up, the Random Interrupt rolls Gnosis, the difficulty being the local Gauntlet. As with stepping sideways, three successes are needed to transmit instantly. If fewer successes are rolled, and the other side hangs up before she emerges at the other end, the Garou is spat back out at her phone and takes three levels of lethal damage. Random Interrupts Tribebook: Glass Walkers
Family Debt 5 This Gift has now been lost, due to overly cautious protection and careless management. Only sept leaders of the Central House were permitted to learn it, those who did learn it were placed under intense scrutiny, and the greatest number of those who did belonged to the Wise Guys. At any one time, maybe only five Glass Walkers on Earth ever knew it. All died in a short period of time due to simple attrition and old age. The slow collapse of the house system and the quick collapse of the Wise Guys have sealed its fate, as few spirits that know the Gift teach it to anyone not of the (non-existent) house. However, it is included for those who wish to ignore the ‘official’ setting, are playing a game set before its disappearance, or to run a chronicle centered around its rediscovery.
The Gift allows the player to call upon the ancestor-spirits of other tribes, provided they owed the Glass Walkers (or historical incarnations) a favor before their death. The Gift requires a Garou from the same tribe as the Ancestor spirit being called to be present (the “guest”), and that Garou must have the Ancestors background. The Gift is taught by any longlived spirit, such as a turtle- or elephant-spirit, and often a similar spirit is called upon to bear witness to any agreements made between the Glass Walkers and the ancestor-spirit.
The Garou spends one Willpower point and rolls Gnosis. The difficulty is 10, minus however many dots of Ancestors Background the guest possesses. If successful, the summoned ancestor literally possesses his descendant, and can negotiate the terms of repaying the debt. The Central House used to maintain extensive records of debts owed the tribe, employing vast amounts of resources to research them from before the Wise Guys’ time, and using this Gift required a committee vote to summon one of the debtors. While it was possible to use it without approval, such misuse was strongly frowned upon. The player should be allowed to create the original debt and debtor, though there should be a reason the character knows about the debt. This Gift also opens up a negotiation of the debt, not a straight demand of service. If the favor requested is too excessive, the Ancestor can refuse (Storyteller’s discretion). In addition, while this Gift can be used with an unwilling guest, doing so is an excellent way to make an enemy. Wise Guys Tribebook: Glass Walkers

Red Talons

Название Ранг Описание Cистема Примечание Источник
Beast Speech 1 As the Galliard Gift. WtA
Scent of Running Water 1 As the Galliard Gift. WtA
Wolf at the Door 1 Some humans can’t just be splattered all over the nearest tree. Some of them have to be taught a lesson and left alive, for whatever reason. However, the Red Talons know how to make the message stick. This Gift induces a terrible dread of and respect for the forest, and it makes a human target afraid to tamper with it in any way. Any predator spirit can teach this Gift. The Garou must make eye contact with the target, but he can be in any form when she does so. The player then rolls Charisma + Primal-Urge (difficulty of the target’s Willpower). The effects last for one day per success. During this time, the human must roll Willpower to leave his home, and he may not go near anything resembling a forest without spending a Willpower point. If the human does leave home, he is shaky and fearful until he returns, and his player loses two dice from all Mental and Social dice pools. This Gift functions on Kinfolk, mages, ghouls and other “supernatural” humans, but the difficulty increases by two to a maximum of 10. WtA
Eye of the Hunter 1 Wolves can sense which animal from a herd is sick or weak and therefore the easiest prey. Red Talons can do so normally when confronted with a herd of deer, but more complex creatures like predators or pseudo-predators (like humans) make this difficult. This Gift, taught by a wolf-spirit, allows the Talon to pick out the weakest member of a group at a glance. It does not reveal why the target is the weak link in a herd, only that she is, but that alone is often enough to give the Garou an edge. The player rolls Perception + Primal-Urge (difficulty 7). If the roll succeeds, the character knows which member of a given group is the weakest (determined by the Storyteller) and which is the leader. If the Red Talon enters combat against this group, she gains an extra die to her attack pools against the weakest member. Tribebook: Red Talons
Hidden Killer 1 The Red Talons did not survive for so many years without learning ways to conceal themselves. This Gift allows a Garou to leave behind no physical evidence that would betray her hand (or claws and teeth) in a slaying. This Gift is taught by a snake-spirit. After a battle, the Garou must lick each wound she inflicted once. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Intelligence + Stealth (difficulty 7). If the roll succeeds, the wounds alter themselves so that they resemble stabbing wounds rather than bite marks, and any hair, saliva, blood or other physical evidence from the werewolf’s body disappears. Any peripheral damage (smashed furniture, for example) remains as it was, however. Tribebook: Red Talons
Purify Meat 1 While some Red Talons abstain from eating humans because of the Litany, the more common reason for hunting more conventional game is that humans are befouled by the chemicals they put into their bodies. In some parts of the world, this isn’t such a problem, but in most countries, human flesh is foul-tasting and unhealthy, even for Garou. In other places, the land is so corrupted that other game animals begin to taste rubbery and disgusting. With this Gift, a Red Talon can purge chemicals and other poisons from dead flesh. A water elemental teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point. The Garou must touch the meat he wishes to cleanse. Each use of this Gift cleans approximately fifty pounds of dead meat of any non-supernatural toxins. Tribebook: Red Talons
Howl to the Pack 1 The Talon howls, and no matter how far away, her pack hears her. She cannot hear any response they might give, but she can be sure that they hear any message she wishes to impart. The following Gifts are each taught by wolf-spirits or ancestor-spirits and require that the Garou let out a mighty howl. If the Red Talon also knows the Galliard Gift: Call of the Wyld, reduce the difficulty of the roll by one.

The player rolls Charisma + Primal-Urge (difficulty 7). The “pack” in question might be the Garou’s literal pack, bonded by a totem, or any wolf to whom the Red Talon is related. Each use of the Gift allows one howl, and the player must roll Manipulation + Expression (difficulty 6) to convey any concept more complicated than “warning” or “I need help.” The recipients of the howl are the only ones who can hear it.
Tribebook: Red Talons
Prey’s Cry 1 With this Gift, the Talon may emit a cry for help designed to lead a human into an ambush. In years past, the Talons would use this Gift to mimic the death-cry of a deer or a similar animal, since many humans still hunted their own food. In recent years, since most humans wouldn’t know how to kill a wounded animal if their lives depended on it, the Talons use Prey’s Cry to imitate the call of a favored pet or another human. A Ravenspirit teaches this Gift. The player rolls Wits + Expression. The difficulty varies on how complex the imitated sound is. An animal’s call, such as a dog whining in pain or a rabbit’s death-scream would only be difficulty 5. Imitating a human cry is difficulty 7, while imitating something more specific — “the voice of a young girl” or “a human soldier calling for help” would raise the difficulty to 9. The Red Talon need not actually have heard a human soldier before (for example), but if he uses this Gift successfully, nearby humans will hear a soldier yelling for help. Lodge of the Predator Kings Tribebook: Red Talons
Cub’s Lesson 1 Lupus Garou often have difficulty when walking among humans, even as part of a pack. Those few Red Talons that are intrigued rather than enraged by human behavior have even bigger problems, as they cannot expect instruction from the tribe in human ways. This Gift allows a lupus werewolf to learn from a mistake and gain a better understand of human devices and customs, albeit temporarily. Weaver-spirits and (strangely enough) some ancestor-spirits teach this Gift. This Gift, once learned, is always active. Any time the player attempts a roll using an Ability that the character does not possess and fails the roll, she may spend a point of Gnosis and make the roll again, adding one die. This does not replace the original roll, so any consequences of failure must still be faced. Note that since a character that has no dots in a Knowledge cannot normally use that Knowledge at all, a character with this Gift must use it to make such an attempt at all. For example, Eyes-like-Hornets, a Red Talon Ragabash, gets into a conversation with a human woman and attempts to tell her a joke. The werewolf doesn’t have any dots in Expression, however, and fails the Charisma + Expression roll to get the woman to laugh. The player spends a Gnosis point and makes another roll, adding a die. This time, it succeeds. Eyes-like-Hornets recognizes that his first attempt at humor didn’t go over as he’d hoped, and covers it up. If Eyes-like-Hornets didn’t have any dots in Linguistics and was trying to simply communicate with the woman, his player would have to spend a point of Gnosis for each attempt to do, as he cannot attempt to use a Knowledge he doesn’t have. If the original roll is a botch, the player may still spend a Gnosis point to make another attempt, but the difficulty increases by one. Whelp’s Compromise Tribebook: Red Talons
Silence the Slain 1 Perhaps the most disturbing Gift the Red Talons as a tribe have access to, Silence the Slain allows a Garou to cut a victim off from any means of help by rendering him unable to make sounds of any kind. Even pounding his fists on the window of a passing car will not disturb the passengers therein. A pain-spirit teaches this Gift, the better to enjoy the agony of being hunted down when potential aid stands deafly by. The victim must see the Garou in order for the character to activate this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Intimidation (difficulty of the target’s Willpower). If the roll succeeds, the target is unable to make sound for one scene. The target cannot speak, and cannot make sound by touching an object. However, the pain-spirit teaching this Gift becomes offended if the werewolf attempts to use Silence the Slain as a “silencer” for an ally, often cursing the Red Talon by removing her ability to howl for a time. Winter Packs Tribebook: Red Talons
Beastmind 2 The Garou can reduce the mental faculties of his victim to that of an animal for a short time. An avatar of Griffin teaches this Gift. The player rolls Manipulation + Empathy (difficulty of the target’s Willpower). The effects last for one turn per success, during which the target listens to only his most base instincts and behaves like a wild animal. WtA
Sense of the Prey 2 As the Ragabash Gift. WtA
Primal Instinct 2 “Immediately what had been said about Nebuchadnezzar was fulfilled. He was driven away from people and ate grass like cattle. His body was drenched with the dew of heaven until his hair grew like the feathers of an eagle and his nails like the claws of a bird.” — Daniel 4:33. There’s no proof that the Red Talons ever managed to send King Nebuchadnezzar into the wilderness, but this Gift provides all the tools they’d ever need to do so. As in the biblical verse, this Gift robs a human of their higher thought, and instead they tear away their clothes, scavenge (or, more terrifyingly, hunt) for food, and attempt to mate with the opposite sex in ways that are certain not to engender a positive response. Red Talons force the secret of this Gift from ape-spirits. After spending one point of Gnosis, the player rolls Manipulation + Animal Ken, difficulty of the human’s Willpower. The number of successes determines the extent of the animalism. One success makes a human slightly distracted, hungry and sexobsessed. Five creates a raving beast. Note that most humans have a Willpower of 2-3, thus making it highly likely that this Gift will be exceedingly effective. Player's Guide to Garou
Predator’s Leap 2 While any lupus werewolf can learn the secrets of jumping great distances, the Red Talons have refined the Gift to great effect when chasing or ambushing a foe. By employing this Gift, the Talon’s leap “tracks” a moving target, allowing her to pounce on her prey even if said prey has dodged or fled while the Talon is in mid-leap. A fox- or (sometimes) a cat-spirit teaches this Gift. The player must roll to leap as usual, as detailed on page 197 of Werewolf. She then spends a point of Rage and rolls Wits + Primal-Urge (difficulty 7); the leap is counted as a Rage action, and does not affect the attack dice pool. Any successes on the roll are subtracted from an opponent’s successes to dodge or flee from the Talon, before the Talon’s attack roll is made. The Talon may then attack normally. Tribebook: Red Talons
Primal Howl 2 The howls of a wolf pack evoke fear in prey, as they sense the predators approaching. This Gift allows a Red Talon to emit a howl that evokes that same reaction in anyone that can hear it. The following Gifts are each taught by wolf-spirits or ancestor-spirits and require that the Garou let out a mighty howl. If the Red Talon also knows the Galliard Gift: Call of the Wyld, reduce the difficulty of the roll by one.

The player rolls Stamina + Expression (difficulty 7). If the roll succeeds, any being that wishes to approach the Garou must succeed in a Willpower roll (difficulty 6). If the Garou approaches, the being must make the same roll or back away (or flee). Wolves and Garou are not affected by this Gift. Every success on the player’s roll beyond the first lends an additional “voice” to the howl. Therefore, if the player rolls three successes to activate this Gift, it sounds as though three Garou are howling, not one. Each additional “wolf” adds one to the difficulty of Willpower rolls to approach the Garou or stand one’s ground if the Red Talon approaches (so to approach the Garou on a “three-wolf” howl would require a Willpower roll at difficulty 8).
Tribebook: Red Talons
Mark of the Prey 2 Rather than take her vengeance directly on an offending human, the werewolf can choose to change the human’s spiritual resonance to resemble that of a prey animal. Any predator that sees the human, no matter how small or normally afraid of humans, will see that human as prey. In most cases, this proves simply inconvenient, but if the human happens to own several large dogs, the result could be deadly. Any spirit of a prey animal teaches this Gift, sometimes under duress. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Animal Ken (difficulty of the local Gauntlet). If the roll succeeds, any carnivorous animal that sees the targeted human attacks him immediately, even if the animal is much too small to seriously injure, let alone eat, the hapless victim. This Gift only functions on one human target, and cannot be used on “supernatural” humans such as ghouls and mages (their spirits are complex enough that the Gift doesn’t “take”). The effects last for one day. Warders of the Land Tribebook: Red Talons
Offering of the Slain 2 Human corpses are problematic. They don’t burn well, the Litany prohibits eating them, and if other humans find them, they tend to get offended and search the area thoroughly. Burying them isn’t always an option because humans, being the curious little apes that they are, may eventually dig up an area for whatever reason and find the bodies. The Predator Kings certainly aren’t willing to stop killing humans just because disposing of their bodies is a problem, hence this Gift. With but a touch, the Talon can cause dead flesh to decay and crumble to dust in seconds, giving it up as an offering to Gaia. A spirit of decay or decomposition, as well as some scavenger-spirits, can teach this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Gnosis (difficulty 6, although the bodies of fomori or other Wyrm-tainted beings are harder to dispose of and raise the difficulty by one). For each success, the Garou may decompose one human-sized body (slain metis Garou count as two). The werewolf may use this Gift multiple times in a scene to dispose of numerous corpses, but each use requires another point of Gnosis and a new roll. Lodge of the Predator Kings Tribebook: Red Talons
Judgment 2 The Red Talons of Whelp’s Compromise are willing to let the humans who respect Gaia continue to exist. However, despite what some of their tribemates might accuse them of, they are not “soft” on transgressors against Her. With this Gift, the werewolf can judge a human according to the laws of Gaia and decide if she is living in accordance with the natural laws or not. A human who is living well is left alone. A human who is not is shown no mercy. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift. The Garou must lock eyes with the human to use this Gift. The player rolls Perception + Rituals (difficulty 7). With one success, the character only knows in the most black-and-white terms if the human respects Gaia (which doesn’t necessarily say anything about her behavior). With three successes, the Garou knows both the human’s attitude toward the natural world and how her behavior affects it (“This ape doesn’t think about the environment, but does donate money to her local park because she wants her children to enjoy it”). With five successes, the character knows all of that and what she would have to do or say to get the human to live in accordance with Gaia. This can be as simple as “show the human how the world is really being treated” or as complex as “check up on her every week and make sure her home is spiritually clean.” Of course, if the Red Talon decides it isn’t worth the effort to train a human in what should come naturally, she might very well just remove the human from the world altogether and concentrate on those that are a bit more receptive to learning. Whelp’s Compromise Tribebook: Red Talons
Reap the Soul 2 With this Gift, the Garou can spill the blood of a foe on the ground and immediately reap the energy thus released. Talons who overuse this Gift, however, often begin to smell vaguely of charnel to any werewolf using the Gift: Sense Wyrm. A spirit of decay teaches this Gift. Banes are also capable of teaching it, however, and only the Dying Cubs themselves know which type of spirit teaches it to the Red Talons most often. The Garou must injure an opponent and spill its blood on the ground. The blood must touch the Earth, not concrete or flooring. The player then rolls Gnosis (difficulty of the local Gauntlet). For each success, the Garou may regain a point of Gnosis or two points of Rage. Dying Cubs Tribebook: Red Talons
Rampage 2 No Winter Garou have yet learned this Gift, and only the older Red Talons who had a hand in the Winter Council know it. This Gift, meant as a last resort, allows the user to smash stone, rend metal, and generally destroy any man-made object within reach. A wolverine-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends two Rage points and rolls to check for frenzy. If the Garou frenzies, the Gift activates and the werewolf gains three extra dice on any Strength roll to break, throw, crush, or lift inanimate objects. These dice cannot be used for direct damage to an opponent. The effects of the Gift last for one scene, during which the Garou attacks whatever is within reach, excluding her own packmates (regardless of her comparative Rage and Gnosis scores). Winter Packs Tribebook: Red Talons
Elemental Favor 3 As the Glass Walker Gift, except that this version affects the four classic elements — fire, earth, water and air — and a natural elemental teaches it. WtA
Trackless Waste 3 Humans have no sense of direction, the Talons assert. With this Gift, the Garou can make certain that they don’t. The Talon employing Trackless Waste must have some familiarity with the terrain in question. Upon using the Gift, humans become hopelessly lost. Compasses malfunction, maps are misleading, and landmarks seem to be out of place. A spirit of the wilderness teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Intelligence + Primal-Urge. Each success “scrambles” a twomile radius. This Gift functions on other werewolves, but they can resist with a Perception + Primal-Urge roll, and they must score more successes than the Talon to remain unaffected. This Gift lasts for four hours. WtA
Herding the Infant Ape 3 Perhaps the most unpopular Gift in the entire tribe, this Gift is hidden by Whelp’s Compromise, although a few Warders of the Land use it in more... experimental ways. It turns a human child of no older than ten years old into a creature of the wild, unable to set foot in a city. Some suggest that this Gift is responsible for myths such as Romulus and Remus, or the tale of Mowgli. Whelp’s Compromise camp members use this to show that humans themselves can exist in harmony with Gaia, it is the City that is evil and needs to be destroyed. It is taught by a wolf or ape-spirit. This Gift can be used only on a human child of no more than ten years. The player spends three Gnosis and rolls Charisma + Primal-Urge. The difficulty is the child’s age; any child less than a year old automatically is barred from setting foot in a city for the rest of their life. For children aged one and up, the number of successes rolled becomes the number of decades that pass before they can re-enter a city. If they do so before then, they suffer incapacitating cramps, refuse to eat, and stay immobile until removed from the city. Since this Gift only works on those too small to fend for themselves, few who use it simply abandon their charges. After all, a dead human child in the wild isn’t the example the Whelp’s Compromise wants to make. Player's Guide to Garou
Mother’s Rage 3 A she-wolf is most dangerous when protecting her cubs, and will fight against enemies from which she would normally flee if her family is at stake. The Red Talon with this Gift is able to harness that Rage and use it in battle, although only when defending something of value. A bear- or wolf-spirit teaches this Gift. This Gift can only be used in defense of something or someone else — Kinfolk, a wounded packmate, a caern, etc. If the Red Talon is attacking a foe, she may not activate Mother’s Rage. To use this Gift, the player spends two Rage points. The Garou enters a kind of frenzy, but stays within the vicinity of her charge. She will attack anything that gets too close, within the usual guidelines of frenzy (i.e., if her Rage is equal to or lower than her Gnosis, she will not attack packmates). While in this state, the Talon takes no wound penalties. All difficulties to soak are reduced by two and she gains an extra dot of Strength. Additionally, she regains one Rage point each turn while the Gift is in effect, making it impossible for her to run out of Rage (and therefore impossible to lose the wolf). All of these benefits disappear when the Red Talon’s charge is out of danger or at the end of the scene, whichever comes first. Tribebook: Red Talons
Howl of Hunger 3 Wolves gorge themselves when they eat, especially during the cold winter months, because they cannot be sure when they will find food. Most humans know nothing of this kind of hunger, as they have their food handed to them. The Garou with this Gift can weaken any that hear her howl with crippling hunger. The following Gifts are each taught by wolf-spirits or ancestor-spirits and require that the Garou let out a mighty howl. If the Red Talon also knows the Galliard Gift: Call of the Wyld, reduce the difficulty of the roll by one.

The player rolls Charisma + Intimidation (difficulty 7). If the roll succeeds, anyone within earshot of the werewolf’s howl loses two dice from any mental and physical dice pools as their bodies are wracked with hunger pangs (the player may choose to spend a Gnosis point to leave the Red Talon’s packmates unaffected). This Gift only functions on creatures that feel physical hunger for food — vampires and other dead things are unaffected. However, any Garou affected by this Gift must immediately check for frenzy (although even a Garou in frenzy is subject to the dice penalty due to weakness). Frenzied werewolves are likely to feast on any meat they can find if subject to the Howl of Hunger, much like homid Garou in the Thrall of the Wyrm. The effects of the Gift last for one scene.
Tribebook: Red Talons
Snap Man’s Chains 3 All Red Talons feel disgust at domesticated animals, both predator and prey. They hate prey animals that simply stand around waiting to be slaughtered, rather than being allowed to live their lives before being eaten. Domesticated predators incense the Talons, for obvious reasons. This Gift allows the werewolf to free domesticated animals from whatever enclosures hold them, physical or otherwise. Horses throw their riders, dogs turn on their masters, farm animals smash through their gates and run. While the Red Talons have known this Gift for centuries, few learned it after the rise of cities, since so few humans there kept animals. However, the Warders of the Land continue to learn the Gift occasionally. Any animal-spirit can teach this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Primal-Urge (difficulty 8). The number of successes indicates the area of the effect. One success drives any animals in a small house feral. Three affects all the animals in a small neighborhood or in a building housing many animals (a pound, for example). Five affects all of the animals within a square mile. Warders of the Land Tribebook: Red Talons
Gorge 4 Natural wolves will eat as much as possible when food is available, for they never know when their next meal will arrive. With this Gift, a Red Talon can do much the same thing with Rage, Gnosis or Willpower, storing such energy against the day when she will need it. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift. Upon learning this Gift, the player chooses which Trait (Rage, Gnosis or Willpower) her character can store. Thereafter, the character can hold three more points in the appropriate Trait than her permanent rating. These extra points must be regained as usual, and they do not add extra dice to rolls involving these Traits. To amplify more than one Trait the character must learn the Gift (i.e., pay the experience cost) a second time. WtA
Quicksand 4 The Garou turns the ground into a sticky morass that catches foes and prevents them from escaping or even walking. An earth elemental teaches this Gift. The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Primal-Urge (difficulty 7). Each success changes the ground into a quicksand-like bog for a 10-foot radius. Anyone trying to move through it (except the Garou) moves at half walking speed, and he may not execute combat maneuvers that require overland movement. Additionally, all other combat maneuvers take a +1 difficulty penalty. WtA
Form of Akhlut 4 Inuit myth tells of Akhlut, a killer whale that turned into a wolf to walk on land. The legends are almost right, of course. This Gift allows a Red Talon to take on an aquatic form such as a fish, dolphin or whale. It is believed by some that this Gift is how the Red Talons spread from their original lands to other continents. The Gift is taught by the spirit of an appropriate pelagic animal, although Red Talons respect the orca most of all. Two Gnosis points are required to activate this Gift, and then the player rolls Stamina + Primal- Urge, difficulty 8. Each success allows the Red Talon to become a more powerful aquatic denizen. One success might allow the Red Talon to become a goldfish, three a dolphin, five the genuine killer whale of legend. Player's Guide to Garou
Territory 4 The Red Talon with this Gift doesn’t need to patrol his hunting ground to know what transpires there. With but a moment of concentration, he may extend his senses to any area he has marked. This Gift is taught by a wolf-spirit. To use this Gift, the Red Talon must first mark one or more areas with his own urine. A Talon may have a number of marked locations equal to his Gnosis (and does not have to establish such a mark in every place that he urinates). Thereafter, the player may roll Perception + Primal-Urge (difficulty 7) to extend the Talon’s senses to that location. The character can sense the area as though standing in the same place he was in when he marked the area originally. The scent marks last for one week per dot of Gnosis the character possesses (for wilderness) or one day per dot of Gnosis (for urban environments). Tribebook: Red Talons
Howl of Death 4 A Talon blessed with this Gift may infuse her howl with Rage and pain, causing grievous wounds to one target. The werewolf must be able to see her target clearly, and the target must be able to hear the howl. Only the intended target is affected by the Gift, though anyone else who hears it is disquieted and frightened. The following Gifts are each taught by wolf-spirits or ancestor-spirits and require that the Garou let out a mighty howl. If the Red Talon also knows the Galliard Gift: Call of the Wyld, reduce the difficulty of the roll by one.

The player rolls Charisma + Primal-Urge (difficulty 6). Each success inflicts one level of lethal damage, which the target may soak if he is able. The damage manifests, should anyone care to look, as massive internal damage, as if the target’s innards suddenly rupture.
Tribebook: Red Talons
Pain of the Land 4 The Dying Cubs often take the fight to the Wyrm by waging battle in already tainted locales. This often weakens the Garou, but this Gift evens the odds somewhat. Taught by an earth elemental, Pain of the Land makes the werewolf even more deadly when fighting on tainted ground. She fights as though the putrescence of the corrupted land, be it a landfill, a factory, or simply a city spurs her on and feeds her Rage every second of the battle. Once learned, this Gift is always active. During combat, the difficulties on all attack and damage rolls decrease depending on the level of Wyrmtaint in the area. Fighting in a large city might decrease such difficulties by one, whereas fighting in a Black Spiral Hive would be worth a -3 to combat difficulties. Note that this Gift does not decrease soak difficulties, nor does it aid in using Gifts not directly related to attack or damage (so while the Ahroun Gift: Falling Touch would receive the benefit, the Philodox Gift: Weak Arm would not). Dying Cubs Tribebook: Red Talons
Curse of Lycaon 5 In the ultimate twist, this Gift allows a Red Talon to transform a human being into a wolf. This Gift also works on Garou, forcing them into Lupus form. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one point of Gnosis and rolls Gnosis (difficulty of the target’s Willpower). Only one success is necessary. Werewolves are forced into Lupus form for the duration of the scene. When used on humans, the effect of the Gift is permanent. The person remains a normal wolf in body and mind for the rest of his life. WtA
Gaia’s Vengeance 5 The Garou calls to the spirits of the surrounding forest to attack intruders. The terrain responds as best it can: Rocks roll and smash, vines trip, and water sucks victims under. An avatar of Gaia herself teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and one Rage point then rolls Charisma + Primal-Urge (difficulty of the local Gauntlet). The exact effects depend on the terrain and are left to the Storyteller. WtA
Blessing of the First Pack 5 The Red Talons believe that the very first pack of Garou set the standards for the auspices, and that only the Talons retain a strong enough connection to that First Pack to use this Gift. This may or may not be true, but no non- Talon Garou has ever exhibited this mighty Gift (but then, very few among the Talons even know of it). To learn this Gift, the Talon must have at least one dot in Ancestors. The Garou calls upon her the originator of her auspice and is temporarily transformed into the pinnacle of her moon-sign. An avatar of Wolf or a powerful Lune may teach this Gift, but neither does so often. The player spends two Gnosis points and rolls Charisma + Ancestors (difficulty 8). If the roll succeeds, the character becomes infused with the very essence of her auspice. For the remainder of the scene, the character receives five dots of Pure Breed in addition to any she already possesses. She may also make use of any auspice Gift for her particular auspice of level 4 or lower. (Gifts taken from sources other than Werewolf are subject to Storyteller approval.) In addition, Blessing of the First Pack grants power based on the character’s auspice:

Auspice / Bonus
Ragabash / +3 to Stealth, +2 to Wits and Dexterity
Theurge / +3 to Enigmas, +2 to Intelligence and Gnosis
Philodox / +3 to Rituals, +2 to Manipulation and Stamina
Galliard / +3 to Expression, +2 to Charisma and Strength
Ahroun / +3 to Leadership, +2 to Strength and Rage
Tribebook: Red Talons
Shattering Howl 5 By using this Gift, the Garou releases a howl with enough power to shattering any man-made object. The Shattering Howl can splinter plastic, crack stone, and puncture rubber and similar materials. The werewolf does not have any control over what she shatters with this Gift, however, so she is advised to use it with care. The following Gifts are each taught by wolf-spirits or ancestor-spirits and require that the Garou let out a mighty howl. If the Red Talon also knows the Galliard Gift: Call of the Wyld, reduce the difficulty of the roll by one.

The player spends one Willpower point and rolls Rage (difficulty 7). Exactly what kind of material the howl shatters depends on the number of successes rolled. One success shatters normal glass. Three cracks concrete. Five successes rend solid steel. The character may use this Gift on successive turns, but each use requires another Willpower point and a new roll.
Tribebook: Red Talons
Home in All Lands 6 Legends among the Red Talons state that the wolves with the greatest connection to the Progenitor Wolf were not bound by distance, but indeed could appear anywhere where wolves were found. This was long thought to be simply lore, but in fact an elder Red Talon with a strong enough lineage might well learn to fade from one location and appear anywhere else in the Realm or the Umbra, provided that the Progenitor has been there before him. Only the Progenitor Wolf himself teaches this Gift. The player must roll Gnosis as though her character were stepping sideways. If successful, the character may appear at any location on Earth where wolves might be found naturally (whether or not any still exist) or any location that boasts Garou. She may instead choose to appear in any Umbral Realm that she has previously visited. A Red Talon must have Pure Breed 5 to learn this Gift. Tribebook: Red Talons

Shadow Lords

Название Ранг Описание Cистема Примечание Источник
Aura of Confidence 1 The Garou projects a demeanor of control and superiority, preventing attempts to find flaws or read auras. This Gift does not prevent supernatural attempts to read the Garou’s thoughts, although it may make doing so difficult (Storyteller’s discretion). An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift. The player rolls Charisma + Subterfuge (difficulty 7) to activate the Gift; the effects lasts for one scene. WtA
Fatal Flaw 1 The Shadow Lord can discern a target’s weakness, granting an advantage in combat. A Stormcrow teaches this Gift. The Shadow Lord must concentrate for one full turn. The player rolls Perception + Empathy (difficulty of the target’s Wits + Subterfuge). Success grants the Garou an extra die of damage during combat with that target. Additional successes grant knowledge of further weaknesses (although no further damage bonus is gained). Five successes reveal all of the target’s flaws. WtA
Seizing the Edge 1 To the Shadow Lords, there is no possible way for a contest to be even. If neither competitor wins, they both lose. This Gift allows the Garou to swing the balance, ever so slightly, in her favor. A spirit servant of Grandfather Thunder teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point. For the remainder of the scene, whenever the Shadow Lord is involved in a direct confrontation with another being (specifically, if the player must make an opposed roll), any ties go to the Shadow Lord. For example, a Shadow Lord and her Get of Fenris rival are wrestling. Both players must roll to see if the Get of Fenris can break the hold that the Shadow Lord has caught him in. If the players roll the same number of successes, the Shadow Lord wins, and the Get remains pinned. This Gift lasts for one scene. WtA
Rains of Mercy 1 Though this Gift’s surprises many non-Shadow Lord Garou, it is only because they forget the Shadow Lords follow a god affiliated with rain, and they come from a harsh land. Even the Darwinist Shadow Lords know that their Kin need to be fed, and the rain summoned with this Gift made sure those favored by the Lords never went hungry. A Stormcrow teaches this Gift. The Shadow Lord spends one point of Gnosis. By the end of the day, rain pours down in an area around the Shadow Lord. The size of this area depends on the Shadow Lord’s rank; it affects a radius of 15 minutes walk for each Rank the Lord has achieved, so an Athro can affect a region one hour’s walk in radius from his location. This Gift cannot summon harsh storms, but does produce a heavy downpour. Player's Guide to Garou
Whisper Catching 1 Secrets are an important commodity, and those who strive to keep their secrets may very well be hiding something dangerous. This Gift was developed to root out potential traitors or plotters against the Garou, but has been open to… certain abuses ever since. The Shadow Lord may supernaturally eavesdrop on whispered conversations nearby, giving her an edge over those with something to hide. This Gift is taught by a crow-spirit. The player spends a Willpower point. For the duration of the scene, any whisper within earshot is as audible to the Shadow Lord as if the speaker were speaking loudly and clearly. The player may still have to make Perception checks to hear whispers within earshot if obstacles or distance would make even an ordinary conversation difficult to hear. The Murmur Rite (pg. 74) blocks this Gift; the Shadow Lords are not willing to violate the privacy of a shadow moot, even for their own personal gain. Tribebook: Shadow Lords
Purify Scent 1 Masters of stealth, the Bringers of Light use this gift to mask their true identity from other Garou. Its effects apply to other supernaturals as well, but they are typically not interested in learning the information masked by the Gift. It is taught by a night-spirit. The player spends a point of Gnosis and rolls Perception + Primal-Urge (difficulty 7). Each success raises the difficulty of discovering the Garou’s breed, tribe, or auspice (by any means, natural or supernatural) by one, to a maximum of +3. Bringer of Light Tribebook: Shadow Lords
Ears of the Bat 1 As per the Black Spiral Dancer Gift, save that it is taught by an uncorrupted bat-spirit, and that the Shadow Lord’s ears do not actually change form. Children of Bat Tribebook: Shadow Lords
Perceptive Servant 1 When eavesdropping on a conversation, noticing details of various sorts, or engaging in any other sort of information-gathering activity relying primarily on sight or sound (even scanning a nearby building with binoculars), a Child of Crow may spend a Gnosis point to reduce the difficulty of gleaning information from such activities by 2. Children of Crow Tribebook: Shadow Lords
Interrogator 1 This Gift is used to terrify victims into confessing their crimes. It may be used only infrequently, but it is nonetheless a potent edge when used at moots and other gatherings of high-ranking Garou. The Gift is taught by a fear-spirit. The player spends a Willpower point and rolls Manipulation + Subterfuge or Investigation (difficulty 8) versus an opposed Willpower roll (difficulty 8). If the Judge succeeds, the defender is paralyzed with fear and must confess the gravest crime she has committed in the last lunar cycle. The Gift may only be used once per target per lunar month. Judges of Doom, Lords of the Summit Tribebook: Shadow Lords
Paranoia 1 Lords of the Summit don’t remain such for long unless they can see their enemies coming. This Gift gives the Lord a heightened sense of awareness, and also reveals a few details about the enemies he’s about to face. A Stormcrow teaches this Gift. The Lord rolls Perception + Awareness (Difficulty 7). A single success is all that’s needed to determine the number of opponents in the area. Two reveals the type(s) of opponents, while three or more reveal progressively more detailed information. The effects of the Gift last for a scene. Lords of the Summit Tribebook: Shadow Lords
Clap of Thunder 2 The Garou slams her hands together and creates a mighty thunderclap that stuns those who hear it. A Stormcrow teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point. All characters within 10 feet, friend or foe, must succeed in a Willpower roll (difficulty 8) or be stunned and unable to act for one turn. On a botch, the effect lasts for one scene. The Garou must be in Homid, Glabro or Crinos form to use this Gift. WtA
Luna’s Armor 2 As the Child of Gaia Gift. WtA
Cold Voice of Reason 2 Shadow Lords are skilled manipulators, and are renowned for their ability to both stall for time and talk their opponents into going about their business. This Gift gives that character trait supernatural force, holding assailants at bay while the Lord himself either escapes or calls on others for support. It must be used strategically to be effective, but it can be powerful when used in this fashion. This Gift is taught by a crow-spirit. When the Lord is attacked in combat, or even merely threatened, the player may spend a Gnosis point and roll Manipulation + Subterfuge (difficulty 8) as a reflexive action. The Lord must be able to speak in a language his opponent can understand, although he needn’t express concepts more difficult than “Are you sure you want to do that?” or the like. The attacker may not initiate hostile action against the Lord for one turn per success, provided the Lord and his allies do not, in turn, engage in hostilities against the attacker. If the victim is herself attacked, even by someone other than the Lord, the effects of the Gift end and she may resume her attack. A botch with this Gift drives the attacker into frenzy. Tribebook: Shadow Lords
Pure Identity 2 As Purify Scent allows the Lightbringer to mask his tribe, breed, and auspice, so this Gift allows her to mask her race. She may appear as a vampire or a changeling, or even as a hunter or a normal human. In shifted form, she may appear as a Black Spiral Dancer, and perhaps even as a fomor of some sort. This Gift is taught by a chameleon-spirit. The Lightbringer spends three Gnosis, and remains masked for one full day. If scrutinized carefully, the Garou must make an opposed Manipulation + Subterfuge roll (difficulty 8) against the opponent’s Perception + Subterfuge roll (difficulty 8) to maintain the deception. Bringer of Light Tribebook: Shadow Lords
Patagia 2 As per the Black Spiral Dancer Gift. This Gift is taught by a batspirit, but it may also be learned from a flying squirrel-spirit. This Gift allows the Garou to produce large flaps of skin under her arms like a flying squirrel. The Garou may only glide, not fly like a bird, and her top speed is 25 mph. Once the Gift is taught, the membranes are always present, but they shrink into the Garou’s arms and sides when not in use, becoming undetectable. To glide, the Garou stretches her arms and leaps from a height. Children of Bat Tribebook: Shadow Lords
Song of the Earth Mother 2 A more powerful version of Sense Wyrm, this gift allows the user to sense the presence of Wyrm activity within a broad area. Essentially, the Garou communes with the earth and listens to what it says. The Gift is taught by an earth-spirit. The user spends 10 minutes communing with the earth, during which time she may take no other actions. She then spends three Gnosis and rolls Perception + Occult (difficulty 7). Success indicates that the earth tells her about any supernatural presence within an area of 100 meters per success. As with Sense Wyrm, this Gift does not offer specific information about the being or beings detected. It does, however, indicate whether or not the presence is Wyrm-tainted. Children of Bat Tribebook: Shadow Lords
Hidden Secrets 2 Children of Crow are terribly fond of blackmail, and this Gift does a lot to help their natural tendencies along. The Corax know this Gift as Dark Truths; the Shadow Lords learned the Gift from the ravenfolk, and improved on it a bit. The Gift is taught by a fly-spirit. To use this Gift, the character rolls Perception + Manipulation (difficulty 7). Success indicates the Garou learns one of the target’s deepest and most embarrassing secrets. These secrets are of no use in combat, but make excellent blackmail material. Of course, not everyone has secrets of equal value. Children of Crow Tribebook: Shadow Lords
Executioner’s Privilege 2 As the Get of Fenris Gift: Halt the Coward’s Flight. Judges of Doom Tribebook: Shadow Lords
True Fear 2 As the Ahroun Gift. Judges of Doom, Lords of the Summit Tribebook: Shadow Lords
Direct the Storm 3 Having a packmate who is prone to frenzy isn’t safe for anyone. With this Gift, the Shadow Lord can direct the primal instincts of a frenzied Garou — friend or foe — causing him to attack targets of the Lord’s choice. A Stormcrow teaches this Gift. The player spends a point of Gnosis and rolls Willpower (difficulty of the target’s Rage). Success indicates that the Shadow Lord controls the target’s frenzy and can set him on anyone she chooses. Using this Gift on a Garou in the Thrall of the Wyrm is possible, but doing so requires the player to roll Rage (difficulty 7) to check for frenzy for her own character. WtA
Paralyzing Stare 3 The Shadow Lord directs a terrifying glare at a target, causing her to freeze in terror. A Stormcrow teaches this Gift. The Garou concentrates for one turn. The player spends one Gnosis point, and rolls Charisma + Intimidation (difficulty of the target’s Willpower). Each success freezes the target in place for one turn. The target must be able to see the Garou. WtA
Summon Stormcrow 3 If there is any one spirit that defines the Shadow Lord tribe, it is the Stormcrow. A frightening avatar of Grandfather Thunder, a Stormcrow comes to aid whoever beckons them with this Gift. They make excellent spies, messengers and, if need be, combatants or distractions. Some rumor that there are so many Stormcrows in the Umbral air of the Shadow Lord’s homelands that they every Shadow Lord can know all that happens in the land. Grandfather Thunder himself teaches this Gift. By spending one Gnosis point and rolling Charisma + Intimidation (difficulty 8) the Lord may summon one Stormcrow, who will obey a single order of reasonable complexity, such as “Find your way into the Glass Walker’s sept and keep an eye on them. Report to me daily.” Stormcrows are invisible within the physical world, and may only be spotted in the Umbra with a Perception roll at difficulty 8. Player's Guide to Garou
Icy Chill of Despair 3 The Shadow Lord with this Gift can appear to grow larger and more imposing, becoming a terrible, shadowy version of herself. This change in aspect can severely intimidate any onlookers. A Stormcrow teaches this Gift. The werewolf concentrates for a turn; the player spends one Gnosis and rolls Manipulation + Intimidation, difficulty 7. Anyone who means the Shadow Lord harm must make a Willpower check, difficulty 8, and score more successes than the Lord does in order to act normally. Failure means that the victims must spend Willpower to attack, take action against or even verbally oppose the Shadow Lord. This Gift doesn’t give the Lord actual control over her intimidated victims — they’re simply too spooked to actively oppose her. Tribebook: Shadow Lords
Raven’s Wings 3 A Lord with this gift is especially close to Raven, and may manifest a spirit avatar in the form of a raven to spy for him. The raven may see and hear, but may not affect the physical world or, in turn, be affected by attacks of any sort. To activate the Gift, the Lord spends a Gnosis point and rolls Wits + Occult (difficulty 6). The raven may be sent up to five miles away for every success rolled, but is cancelled if it goes beyond this range. The Lord must concentrate to see through the raven’s eyes, but need not do so to maintain the raven’s existence. Although the raven is visible in the Penumbra, it cannot be seen in the physical world; by default it sees its Penumbral environment, but can peek across the Gauntlet to the material world. The effects of the Gift last for a scene. Tribebook: Shadow Lords
Shadow Cutting 3 One of the more cunning tactics of the Shadow Lords, this Gift allows a Lord to maim or kill her opponent by attacking the shadow he casts. This tactic makes her attacks difficult to dodge, and can provide a great advantage in situations where the shadow is a larger or more accessible target than the opponent himself. A night-spirit teaches this Gift. The werewolf must activate the Gift by spitting into her opponent’s shadow and spending a Gnosis point. For the remainder of the scene, she may injure her opponent by striking his shadow. Only fetish weapons, silver or natural weaponry (claws and teeth) will work in conjunction with this Gift; firearms or other mundane measures cannot transmit damage across the spirit-link. The victim has two fewer dice to dodge attacks aimed at his shadow, and cannot parry such attacks at all. The Storyteller may even give the shadow’s attacker extra dice in certain situations, such as during sunset or when the victim is a few stories up, but his shadow falls at the Garou’s feet. Tribebook: Shadow Lords
Wyrm Taint 3 This exceedingly rare Gift can only be learned from Grandfather Thunder himself, and he is generally quite reluctant to teach it, given the possible side effects. In essence, the Gift allows the Lightbringer to call a bit of the Wyrm into himself, so that he might pass even the closest scrutiny deep within a Black Spiral Dancer hive. Excessive use of the Gift risks corrupting the user, such that only the bravest of Lightbringers even dare to learn it. The Shadow Lord spends a Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Occult (difficulty 8). If successful, she appears for all intents and purposes to be Wyrm-tainted, and will appear as such to any Gifts or fetishes that detect such taint. If she fails, she may try again until successful (at the cost of one Gnosis per attempt). The effects last until the user chooses to dismiss them, which requires another Manipulation + Occult roll (difficulty 6). Failing this second roll indicates that a bit of taint remains, decreasing the difficulty of the activation roll for the Gift by one and increasing the difficulty to dismiss the taint by one. In addition, the number of successes needed to fall into the Thrall of the Wyrm on a frenzy check is reduced by one. If the Garou maintains this Gift for more than a day, the difficulties to activate or dismiss the Gift shift as described above, as though the Garou failed her check to dismiss the Gift. The difficulties continue to change until the Gift is successfully dismissed and a Rite of Cleansing is performed on the Garou. If the difficulty to dismiss the Gift ever rises above 10, the Wyrm-taint is permanent and may not be dismissed by a Rite of Cleansing, or by other means short of a trip to Erebus. In this case, the Garou is in serious danger of falling to the Wyrm. Bringer of Light Tribebook: Shadow Lords
A Thousand Eyes 3 The Child of Bat melds his consciousness with that of a swarm of bats, and may see and hear all that they see and hear for the duration of the night. Using this Gift requires a swarm of at least a thousand bats (easily found in most temperate or tropical areas). It is taught by a bat-spirit. The Garou spends three Gnosis and rolls Perception + Primal Urge (difficulty 8). Success indicates she slips into a deep meditative trance, and can see through the bats’ eyes and hear through their ears for one full night. With one success, she cannot control the bats’ movements; they go where they will, and she sees and hears what they happen to see and hear (generally lots of insects). With three or more successes, however, the Garou can subtly direct the movements of the swarm such that they are guided to a general area of interest to the Garou. She still cannot control individual bats, but they will show mild interest in whatever area it is that the Garou wants them to see. Children of Bat Tribebook: Shadow Lords
Dark Aerie 3 As per the Uktena Gift Spirit of the Bird. The Child of Crow is enveloped in shadows while using this Gift, making her easier to spot during the day but harder to spot at night. It is taught by a crow-spirit. Children of Crow Tribebook: Shadow Lords
Open Wounds 4 The Garou may cause the next wound he inflicts to bleed profusely, weakening the target further. A pain-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Strength + Medicine (difficulty 7). If the Shadow Lord’s next attack does any damage, the target will bleed continuously, losing one health level per turn for a number of turns equal to the number of successes rolled. This hemorrhaging is considered lethal damage. WtA
Strength of the Dominator 4 The Garou draws on a target’s anger to feed his own. A Stormcrow teaches this Gift. The player rolls Wits + Intimidation (difficulty of the target’s Willpower). For a number of turns equal to the successes scored, the target will lose a point of Rage per turn, while the Shadow Lord gains that Rage. The character can use this Gift only once per target per scene. WtA
Obedience 4 With the power of this Gift, the Shadow Lord becomes the ultimate alpha, compelling all others to follow her orders. A Stormcrow teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Leadership (difficulty 8). All in the vicinity must roll Willpower (difficulty 8) and match or exceed the Garou’s successes to avoid the effects of the Gift. If the werewolf wins by one success, the targets follow any orders they don’t mind following. Getting three successes means that the targets will treat the Garou as their alpha and fight for him. Getting five successes means that the targets will follow him into the Abyss or perform other virtually suicidal actions. WtA
Ubiquitous Presence 4 Paranoia is a wonderful weapon. It keeps enemies from resting, from thinking properly and, done right, from ever attacking you. And if you can’t be everywhere at once, at least you can appear to be. The Shadow Lord can curse an enemy with paranoia, giving the victim an unflinching suspicion that the Garou is watching her, even when that belief would otherwise be entirely illogical. Shadow or night-spirits teach this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis and rolls Charisma + Intimidation, difficulty of the victim’s Intelligence x 2. Success indicates that the curse takes effect, reducing all dice pools of the victim by one for each two successes rolled. The effects last for one day and night. Player's Guide to Garou
Call the Storm 4 As the Wendigo Gift: Invoke the Spirits of the Storm, save that only thunderstorms may be called and an avatar of Grandfather Thunder teaches it. Tribebook: Shadow Lords
Seeds of Doubt 4 The Lord spends a point of Gnosis and makes an opposed Charisma + Subterfuge roll (difficulty 8) against the listener’s Wits + Subterfuge (difficulty 8). If the Lord succeeds, the listener will believe the lie until somehow “deprogrammed.” If he fails, however, the listener sees through the Lord’s argument and recognizes the lie for what it is. If the Lord botches, the listener goes into frenzy (unless normally incapable of such, like a human). Tribebook: Shadow Lords
Assassin’s Strike 4 Like the Ratkin and the Nagah before them, the Judges of Doom have learned to quickly skip into and out of the Umbra so that they may surprise their prey. When using this Gift, the Judge disappears for a moment and reappears behind his victim, whereupon he may attack his victim with complete surprise. This Gift is taught by a cobra-spirit. The character spends one Gnosis and one Rage, then uses the Umbra to “skip” up to 50 feet and reappear in the physical world directly behind his target. The Judge may then attack his victim at -2 difficulty (minimum 4). This attack may not be dodged unless the victim has bolstered his senses with supernatural aid. Judges of Doom Tribebook: Shadow Lords
Roll Over 4 As the Philodox Gift. Lords of the Summit Tribebook: Shadow Lords
Shadow Pack 5 The Garou summons up shadowy duplicates of himself to stand by him in battle. These shadow-wolves resemble the Shadow Lord and have some of the same capabilities. A night-spirit teaches this Gift. The player rolls Gnosis (difficulty 8) and spends a variable number of Gnosis points. For each point spent, the Garou summons a shadow-duplicate. These duplicates have the same Attributes and Abilities as the Garou, but they may not use Gnosis or Willpower. Each has only one health level (i.e., any attack that is not soaked destroys it). The duplicates fade at the end of the scene. WtA
Wounding Lies 5 For all their ability to prevaricate or misdirect when the need is there, few Shadow Lords — particularly elders — like being lied to. This Gift is the ultimate expression of that conceit; it forces those whom the Lord is interrogating to speak the truth or suffer the consequences. A person that lies to the elder suffers great wounds that mystically appear across his body with each untruth. A pain-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis and rolls Charisma + Intimidation (difficulty of target’s Willpower). If he succeeds, the power takes effect; for the rest of the scene, each fib the subject tells inflicts one level of aggravated damage on the subject, which cannot be soaked. Even half-truths open small, stinging wounds (no actual damage, but painful and obvious). A Garou targeted by this Gift may overcome the effect by spending a number of Gnosis points equal to the interrogator’s successes. Most others usually begin telling the truth after the first wound or two (the Storyteller may call for a Willpower check, difficulty 8, to keep silent). Some Shadow Lords heighten the effect by claiming that silence will wound the target just as surely as lies will — an untruth on the Lord’s behalf, but one that gets results. Tribebook: Shadow Lords
Purity of Blood 5 The Lightbringer’s ability to resist the Wyrm is such that he may overcome the blood bond of vampires. This Gift is taught by an avatar of Grandfather Thunder, and has been responsible for the downfall of many a nest of vampires. After spending 10 minutes in deep meditation, the Lightbringer spends two points of Gnosis and makes an Intelligence + Meditation roll (difficulty 8). Success indicates that the Garou may spend a Willpower point at any time during the following 24 hours to break the blood bond of a vampire, making the infiltration of vampire nests a trivial exercise. The Garou need only glance at the affected blood thrall; physical contact is not needed. The Gift works as well on Sabbat Vaulderie as it does on normal vampiric blood bonds. Bringer of Light Tribebook: Shadow Lords
Find the Transgressor 5 With this potent Gift, the Judge calls upon the might of Gaia Herself to determine the exact location of any one named individual that has violated the Litany in some fashion. Use of this Gift is never a trivial undertaking, and those that abuse its power usually suffer dire consequences. An avatar of Gaia Herself teaches this Gift. The user spends two Gnosis and two Willpower, then invokes the will of Gaia to help him find a Garou who has violated the Litany in a particularly foul fashion. If Gaia would agree with the Judge’s assessment of the situation (which is left entirely to the Storyteller’s judgment), he learns the exact location of his quarry. No method of obfuscation, be it supernatural or mundane, can keep the target hidden. The Gift does nothing to help the Judge reach the target, and it does not work on Wyrm-creatures (who are shrouded by their patron). If Gaia disagrees with the Judge’s opinion, or if the transgressor has violated the Litany in only a trivial sense, the Judge instead suffers one aggravated level of damage per Rank of the targeted Garou. Judges of Doom Tribebook: Shadow Lords

Silent Striders

Название Ранг Описание Cистема Примечание Источник
Sense Wyrm 1 As the metis Gift. WtA
Silence 1 The Garou can muffle any sound she makes, the better to creep up on an enemy or escape unnoticed. An owl-spirit teaches this Gift. The player rolls Dexterity + Stealth. Each success adds one to others’ difficulty to hear the Garou for one scene. WtA
Speed of Thought 1 The Garou doubles her running speed. A roadrunner- or cheetah-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point. The Gift lasts until the end of the scene. WtA
Heavens’ Guidance 1 A Strider with this Gift is never lost while the stars shine in the sky. This Gift is taught by a spirit servant of the North Star. Once learned, this Gift’s effects are always active from twilight to dawn. The werewolf gains an innate sense of direction; he always knows which way is north, and the path he took to reach where he is. Tribebook: Silent Striders
Tireless Running 1 Young Silent Striders quickly learn the need for extraordinary speed and stamina — often the messages that even untested youths are asked to carry cannot wait for the message bearer to sleep or eat. A Garou with this Gift can run from moonrise to moonrise subsisting on nothing more than her spiritual energy, crossing almost four hundred miles, but as soon as she breaks her run she must eat and rest. This Gift is taught by a wolf-spirit. The player spends one Gnosis point. The character (who must be in Lupus form) may long run for twenty-four hours without the player making a Stamina roll. After twenty-four hours, and each twenty-four hour period thereafter, the player must spend one point of Gnosis and one point of Willpower to allow the character to continue running; otherwise, she must stop. Whenever the character stops running, for whatever reason, she suffers -2 dice to all pools until she has a chance to eat and rest, unless she has run a number of hours that is less than her Stamina. Tribebook: Silent Striders
Grim Resolve 1 As the Ahroun Gift: Inspiration. The Harbingers learn to strengthen the willpower of their allies not through inspired leadership, but by a contagious determination to spit in Death’s face. Harbingers Tribebook: Silent Striders
Blissful Ignorance 2 As the Ragabash Gift. WtA
Messenger’s Fortitude 2 The Garou can run at full speed for three days without rest, food or water. When the Garou reaches her destination, she has 10 minutes to complete whatever business brought her, then she must sleep for three days. A camel- or wolf-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point. The Garou may do nothing but run; stopping ends the Gift. For an additional Gnosis point, he may imbue another being with this Gift’s benefits. WtA
Summon Talisman 2 By using this Gift, the Silent Strider may make any object ritually dedicated to him materialize instantly in his hand, even if it was previously in the hands of someone else. Naturally, this Gift is a favorite among thieves and smugglers, or simply to someone trying to travel light. The spirit of a Packrat teaches this Gift. The Silent Strider simply needs to spend one Gnosis point. Happy hunting. Player's Guide to Garou
Tread Sebek’s Back 2 When activating this Gift, the Garou calls upon the spirit of Sebek the crocodile to bear her up as she runs across the water. The werewolf can also run across other liquids (a vat of industrial cleaner, sewage, or even lava), but this Gift provides no protection for her feet — any damage is greatly lessened as the harmful substance only comes into contact with a small part of her body, but she must soak it nonetheless. Particularly fast and spiritually attuned Silent Striders claim to have run across seas using this Gift. It is taught by a crocodile-spirit, or that of a crocodile bird. The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Dexterity + Survival (difficulty 7). Each success allows the character to travel across water as if it were open ground for an hour. In areas inhabited by crocodiles, the difficulty to invoke this Gift drops to 5. Tribebook: Silent Striders
Sense of the Prey 2 As the Ragabash Gift. Seekers Tribebook: Silent Striders
Graceful Strike 2 This Gift was used in bygone days to assassinate corrupt officials or merchants who were the tools of vampires. Beautiful young Garou would dance for them, then strike when the target least suspected. The secrets of the dancer’s knife had been kept alive by members of the Dispossessed camp, who found it useful to play on their gypsy heritage. In these desperate times, it’s a common tool of the camp’s Galliards when a fight gets messy. This Gift is taught by a cobra-spirit. The player spends one point of Gnosis before making an attack roll as usual (Dexterity + Melee, difficulty dictated by the weapon), though the character’s attack is unusually fluid and dance-like. If the attack is successful, the player adds the character’s Performance skill rating in dice to the damage roll. Dispossessed Tribebook: Silent Striders
Call to Duty 2 As the Philodox Gift. Wayfarers are quite prone to negotiating terms with spirits, as well as asking for the names of particular spirits as payment for their services. Wayfarers Tribebook: Silent Striders
Curse of Hatred 2 As the metis Gift. Bitter Hex Tribebook: Silent Striders
Adaptation 3 The Garou takes no damage from poison or disease, and he may exist in any environment, regardless of pressure, temperature or atmospheric condition. This Gift does not protect the Garou from hazardous situations (like falling), only hazardous environments. A bear-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Stamina + Survival (difficulty 7). Each success extends the Gift’s effects by one hour. WtA
Great Leap 3 The Strider with this Gift can jump truly astounding distances. A jackrabbit-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Willpower point and rolls Strength + Athletics. Each success allows the character to jump 100 feet. WtA
Death Track 3 Sometimes someone’s journey ends too soon, such as a man dying before he can tell the Silent Strider important information. Silent Striders with this Gift do not let the end of someone else’s journey be the end of theirs. As long as the Silent Strider can find the body, they can then follow the trails of the spirit until they find the ghost. A servant of Owl teaches this Gift. The Silent Strider stands over the body of the dead. Then, the player spends one point of Gnosis and rolls Perception + Occult, difficulty 7. One success is needed to smell the direction of the ghost from the body. Every day the search continues, another Perception + Occult roll must be made, with one additional success required for each day spent searching. The Storyteller determines how far away the ghost is. Player's Guide to Garou
Scale of Ma’at 3 The Halls of Ma’at are where the dead go to be judged; the liars, cheaters and murders are denied eternal life. The Silent Striders can invoke the judgment of Ma’at on the living, seeing through lies to find the ugly truth beneath. This Gift is taught by an ibis-spirit, the symbol of Thoth. The player rolls Intelligence + Empathy (difficulty of the subject’s Manipulation + Subterfuge). Success indicates that the character knows which of the subject’s statements are true, and which are false. If the character chooses to delve more deeply into any statement, true or false, the player must first succeed at a Perception + Empathy roll against the same difficulty. Success unveils the complete truth to the Garou; a botch ends this use of the Gift, and closes this topic to the Strider forever — at least when questioning this individual. Tribebook: Silent Striders
Ghost Touched 3 Once a Garou steps into the Dark Umbra, he carries an aura of death and decay with him always. The aura is difficult to see, but it is there nonetheless — the perceptive might smell a faint must in his fur, or catch strange reflections in the pupils of his eyes. This Gift harnesses that deathly aura, weaving it into a protective shield against the attacks or special abilities of ghosts. This Gift is taught by the denizens of the Dark Umbra, and is not easily come by. Once learned, this Gift is always in effect; no roll need be made. The difficulties of all rolls made by ghosts (wraiths or spectres, if you’re also using Wraith: The Oblivion) to affect the character are made at +2 difficulty (maximum 10). This includes effects that would be beneficial. Using the energies of the Dark Umbra in this way reinforces the impression of death that others may feel, which will increase the difficulty on Social rolls when the Storyteller feels it to be appropriate. Harbingers Tribebook: Silent Striders
Attunement 4 As the Bone Gnawer Gift, with one exception: When the Garou learns the Gift, she must choose if it functions in the city or the wilderness. The “city” version is identical to the Bone Gnawer Gift. The “wilderness” version is similar, but the roll required is Perception + Survival. WtA
Speed Beyond Thought 4 The Garou can run at 10 times his normal land speed. The effects last for up to eight hours, during which the Garou can nothing but concentrate on running. When the Gift’s effects end, the Garou must eat immediately or face frenzy from hunger. A cheetah- or air-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Stamina + Athletics (difficulty 7) to activate the Gift. WtA
Guiding Hand of Djeheuty 4 None could stay the words of Djeheuty, the messenger of the Gods. Those who have this Gift do not even have to accompany the message, but can send it on its way and be assured that it will reach its destination. The spirit of any migrating animal teaches this Gift. The player spends two points of Gnosis and rolls Charisma + Occult, difficulty 8, while the Strider loudly states the message’s destination. The message must be written on something physical (paper, tablet, bone shard). A simple success imbues the message with a Gaffling that will ensure it arrives at the stated destination. The method of delivery is a matter of coincidence; the message is picked up by someone curious, ends up on a truck heading that direction, floats on the wind, etc. The number of additional successes determines how long this takes, regardless of distance.

Number of Successes / Length of Transit
1 / A year
2 / Six months
3 / One season
4 / One week
5 / One day

While the message is in transit, the Silent Strider cannot regain the two points of Gnosis invested in it. Nor can they revoke the message. As a result, this Gift tends to be used only when all other avenues have been tried and failed, or if the Strider’s death is certain. The Strider’s death will not disrupt this Gift.
Player's Guide to Garou
Dam the Heartflood 4 No other tribe among the Garou has as much hatred for vampires, for as just a cause, as the Silent Striders. It is no surprise then that the Striders sought out this Gift, searching long through the spirit world and the physical world for the secret to incapacitating a vampire. They found an answer from the spirit children of Cobra, who taught them a spirit-poison usable against the vampires who defiled Cobra’s name. This Gift can only be used on supernatural creatures that use a blood pool to power their abilities (vampires, ghouls and the spider shapechanger Ananasi). The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Medicine (difficulty of the target’s Willpower). Each success renders the target unable to tap the power of her blood for one turn — she may not use any bloodrelated powers or spend blood points to heal wounds, activate Disciplines or Gifts, or for any other reason. A Garou may only use this Gift once per scene per target, but multiple werewolves can envenom the same target. Tribebook: Silent Striders
Mindblock 4 As the Silver Fang Gift. The Swords of Night are well aware that the most dangerous aspect of the vampire is its ability to influence one’s mind, and have made many sacrifices to be taught this Gift. Swords of Night Tribebook: Silent Striders
Touch of Death 4 The Garou can inflict visions of death upon an unsuspecting opponent. Worse, these visions are highly personal premonitions of the opponent’s untimely demise, as if someone “had walked over his grave.” The fear this creates is paralyzing; in the worst cases, the victim falls catatonic and cannot be revived for days. On recovery, the stricken individual cannot remember details of what so terrified him, simply that involved his death. Victims who survive the encounter with the Eater of the Dead are forever marked with a white lock or patch of hair. This Gift is taught by a death-spirit. The Garou must touch her victim; the player rolls Dexterity + Brawl if in combat, Dexterity + Stealth if sneaking up unnoticed, or Manipulation + Subterfuge if casually touching him in the course of conversation. On success, the player spends two points of Gnosis and rolls Manipulation + Occult (difficulty of the victim’s Willpower). If the Eater of the Dead achieves more successes than the target has Willpower, the victim becomes catatonic with fear. If the successes are fewer than the target’s Willpower, the target suffers a -1 penalty to all dice pools for each success due to the debilitating fear. In both cases, the successes are eliminated at a rate of one per day — a catatonic victim does not awaken until all of the initial successes are eliminated. Eaters of the Dead Tribebook: Silent Striders
Gate of the Moon 5 This Gift creates a specialized moon bridge that takes the Strider to her destination instantly. At least a sliver of the moon must be visible at her area of departure. A Lune teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point for every 100 miles the Garou needs to travel. She then rolls Intelligence + Alertness (difficulty varies on how far the journey is and how well the Garou knows the way). Success transports the character to her destination, but she will be disoriented for one turn unless the player scored three successes. A botch takes the character miles in the wrong direction — possibly straight up. WtA
Fetish Doll 5 As the Uktena Gift. Bitter Hex Tribebook: Silent Striders
Reach the Umbra 5 The Garou may step into and out of the Umbra at will, without need of a reflective surface or even any effort at all. An owl-spirit teaches this Gift. The Garou may step sideways instantly, at any time, with no fear of being “caught.” No roll is necessary. In addition, all rolls made to enter or leave Umbral Realms receive a -2 difficulty bonus. She may not, however, spend Rage in the same turn that she steps sideways. WtA

Silver Fangs

Название Ранг Описание Cистема Примечание Источник
Falcon’s Grasp 1 A leader must keep a tight grip on his power, and this Gift allows the Garou to do so literally. The Garou’s hands or jaws tighten in a mighty death-grip, making it nearly impossible to escape. A falconspirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one point of Rage. For the remainder of the scene, the Garou’s grip with either hands or jaws (or both at a cost of two Rage) is much stronger. In game terms, the Garou’s Strength is considered three points higher for purposes of grappling or maneuvers such as the jaw lock (see Special Maneuvers). The Garou may not use this extra Strength to inflict damage. WtA
Lambent Flame 1 The Garou causes her body to ignite with silver light. A Lune teaches this Gift. The player spends one Willpower point to ignite the light. The glare illuminates a 100-foot area. Any hand-tohand attacks against the Garou take a +1 difficulty penalty, while missile attacks receive a -l difficulty bonus. WtA
Sense Wyrm 1 As the metis Gift. WtA
Eye of the Falcon 1 Falcon is a great predator, with keen eyes and a sharp beak. As he soars in the sky, he can spot the tiny movement in the grass that betrays the location of his prey at great distances. He shares this Gift freely with his children so that they may spot their foes easily and lead the Garou into battle with confidence. Any of Falcon’s brood may teach this Gift. All visual-based Perception and Alertness rolls are at -1 difficulty. The same applies to all long-range weapon attacks, such as a bow or gun. The Gift costs one Gnosis point to activate, and lasts for a scene. Tribebook: Silver Fangs
Ice Dance 1 This Gift is a legacy of the tribe’s deep roots in Russia and the frozen north. The Wyrm often chooses its battlegrounds with cunning, using Gaia’s own snow and ice against Her defenders. This Gift allows the Fangs to face the Wyrm on equal terms, or even turn Gaia’s own beauty to their advantage by moving freely across snow and ice, as if it was a flat plain of green grass. An ice elemental teaches this Gift. The player spends a single Gnosis point to activate this Gift. Its effects then last until the next sunrise. All Dexterity-based rolls while on ice or snow are at -1 difficulty and the werewolf may move at normal speed across both deep snow and ice. As this is a Gift of balance, Philodox gain more from it than most: their Dexterity rolls on snow and ice are at -2 difficulty and they may double their normal running speed when they are on snow or ice. Tribebook: Silver Fangs
Osprey’s Eye 1 Osprey can spot his prey in the water from high in the air above, despite the distorting effect of the water itself. She gives her children the same ability, so they may hunt the enemies of Gaia as easily in the water as in the air. This Gift is taught by an osprey spirit, or by her ally, Salmon. The player spends a point of Gnosis. For the rest of the scene, the character can see into water as if there was no distortion at work. In addition, if the character is submerged in the water, he is at -2 difficulty to any vision-based Perception roll. Austere Howl Tribebook: Silver Fangs
Wind of Buzzard’s Wings 1 As the Wendigo Gift: Call the Breeze. Crescent Moon Tribebook: Silver Fangs
Harrier’s View 1 The Gift allows a pack alpha to have a prefect sense of where his packmates are, relative to his own position. This allows him to howl or shout orders more effectively and plan the tactics of the group better. A harrier-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis to activate the Gift. For the remainder of the scene he has an uncanny sense of his packmates’ location. All Leadership rolls involving packmates are at -2 difficulty and all participants in any pack tactic gain an extra die on their roll(s) to complete the tactic. Unbreakable Hearth Tribebook: Silver Fangs
New Moon’s Laughter 1 This Gift allows a werewolf to make others around her more receptive to criticism and less obsessed with their own pride, thus showing them the wisdom of the New Moon. To learn this Gift, the werewolf must trick a Lune into revealing the Gift. The player must spend a point of Gnosis and roll Gnosis (difficulty 6). For one hour per success scored, the gathering that the character attended takes on a lighter mood. All Social rolls with a positive intent are at -1 difficulty, while all Social rolls intended to provoke argument, insult or misery are at +1 difficulty. If the character using the Gift is a Ragabash, the bonus and penalty are doubled. Moon Lodge (Waxing Cycle — The External Moon) Tribebook: Silver Fangs
Full Moon Cleansing 1 This Gift allows a Garou to turn her own Rage against her Harano, thereby defeating it like any other enemy. The werewolf learns this Gift in ritual combat with a blood-warrior spirit, who must be defeated and burnt in an Umbral fire. The Garou then marks himself with the glyph for her own auspice and the Ahroun glyph. Thus, she learns how the anger of the Full Moon may be made part of herself. The player must spend one point of Rage and make a Rage roll (difficulty 7, difficulty 6 for Ahroun) to activate the Gift. The character may then ignore the effects of Harano for one scene per success rolled. Moon Lodge (Waning Cycle — The Internal Moon) Tribebook: Silver Fangs
Empathy 2 To be a leader among wolves is largely a matter of physical dominance, but a human leader must understand his charges and follow their will to a degree. With this Gift, a Silver Fang can understand those around him and live up to their expectations. A falcon-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Intelligence + Empathy (difficulty 7). Success indicates that the Garou knows what the majority would like to see, be it attack, mediation, harsh punishment or clemency. The more successes the player rolls, the better the Garou understands the people’s desires, even if the people would rather keep their desires secret. Note that this Gift by no means reveals the wisest or most rational decision, just the most popular one. WtA
Luna’s Armor 2 As the Child of Gaia Gift. WtA
Reason’s Grasp 2 The Silver Fangs took up many burdens when they accepted the leadership role for the Garou Nation. One of the hardest of these to bear is the propensity towards Harano and the mental disabilities that beset members of the tribe. However, the spirits took pity upon the tribe members who were suffering and failing at a time of need, so they sent a Firebird spirit to teach them this Gift. Reason’s Grasp allows a Silver Fang to free herself temporarily from Harano or mental illness. It can also protect against any sanity-altering attack, be it from a spirit, Wyrm creature, vampire, mage or demon. The player spends a point of Gnosis and rolls Willpower (difficulty 7). The character can ignore the effects of all mental disabilities for a number of scenes equal to the number of successes rolled. Alternatively, each success may reduce by one the number of successes scored on a roll to affect the character’s sanity made by an outside agency. Should the unfortunate player botch this roll at any point, the werewolf’s dementia runs out of control, completely dominating the character’s thought process for 24 hours. Tribebook: Silver Fangs
Osprey’s Flight 2 When Osprey hunts, she can hover over the water. She wishes her children to hunt over rivers just as easily, so she teaches this Gift to those who prove themselves worthy enough. The player spends a point of Gnosis. For the rest of the scene, the character may move over the surface of a river or lake as if it were solid ground. However, for the character to do anything other than just run across the water, the player must make a reflexive Dexterity + Athletics roll (difficulty 8). Failure sends the unfortunate werewolf to a humiliating bath. This Gift only applies to rivers and other freshwater bodies. It cannot be used on the sea or on saltwater estuaries. Austere Howl Tribebook: Silver Fangs
Austere Mind 2 The Silver Fangs of House Austere Howl have always valued self-control. To this end, they successfully petitioned a stone elemental to teach them this Gift that grants them the emotional stoicism of a rock. The player spends one Gnosis; the difficulty to enter frenzy is raised by 3, and the character may add two dice any roll to escape frenzy. This Gift’s effects last until the next sundown. Austere Howl Tribebook: Silver Fangs
Hidden Meaning 2 Sometimes what someone doesn’t say is just as revealing as what they do say. This Gift allows a listener a sense of exactly what a speaker is concealing or avoiding saying. A heron-spirit teaches this Gift. The player rolls Perception + Empathy. If the roll succeeds, the character gains an idea of what worries the speaker most, even if they haven’t alluded to it in anyway during the speech. The more successes achieved, the more information the Storyteller should provide. Unbreakable Hearth Tribebook: Silver Fangs
Merlin’s Call 2 This Gift allows the alpha of a pack to call out to her fellows, letting them know exactly where she is and allowing them to rally around her, even in complete darkness or other situations in which the werewolves are effectively blinded like heavy fog, or intervening walls. However, the sound that the alpha makes cannot be used by other creatures to locate the Garou. A merlin-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis and rolls Charisma + Expression (difficulty 7). Any other member of the character’s pack knows exactly where she is, relative to his own position, for a number of turns equal to the successes rolled; any creature within earshot who is not a member of the pack hears nothing. Blood Red Crest Tribebook: Silver Fangs
Locate Spirit Tutor 2 The werewolves of House Wise Heart are renowned for their skill as tutors and mentors. However, they know that the spirits themselves are the best tutors for Gifts. This Gift allows a Silver Fang in the Umbra to locate the nearest spirit that can teach a particular Gift that he wishes his student to learn. From that point onwards, it is all up to the student and the spirit. A peregrine falcon-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends a Willpower point and rolls Charisma + Leadership (difficulty 7). The more successes scored the better sense the character has of where an appropriate spirit resides. Wise Heart Tribebook: Silver Fangs
Deep Roots 2 This Gift allows the steadfast members of House Wise Heart to stand their ground against their foes. Nothing can move a werewolf rooted with this Gift, although he is as vulnerable to other forms of attack as ever. Any forestdwelling spirit can teach this Gift. The player rolls Gnosis (difficulty 7). The character becomes rooted to that spot for a number of turns equal to the number of successes on the roll. Any attempt to push, pull, drag or lift the Garou automatically fails to move the character, although it can still do damage. Wise Heart Tribebook: Silver Fangs
Eagle’s Beak 2 The eagle’s beak is a sharp, tearing weapon that can tear its prey apart in seconds. An eagle spirit can teach a Silver Fang the secret of eviscerating his enemy swiftly through this Gift. The player spends a Rage point and spends a turn screeching his defiance at his enemy. For the remainder of the scene all bite attacks do two extra dice of damage. Wyrmfoe Tribebook: Silver Fangs
Hand Blade 2 Many Silver Fangs specialize in klaive dueling and swordplay. On occasions, they are disarmed or attacked when they are unarmed. This Gift allows them to rely on their skill in swordplay by turning their arm into a razor-sharp blade that slices and cuts like the best-forged sword. An ancestor spirit, usually a former klaive dueling master, teaches this Gift. The player spends a point of Rage and rolls Gnosis to transform his hand. For the rest of the scene, he may use his arm like a sword, by rolling Dexterity + Melee (difficulty 6), doing Strength + 2 aggravated damage, as his claws are part of the blade. However, each parry or other blade-to-blade maneuver the werewolf attempts costs him one level of lethal damage. More than three unregenerated levels of damage inflicted this way render the arm useless. Wyrmfoe Tribebook: Silver Fangs
Truce of Helios 2 Helios brings reason and tact to the werewolves who honor him. He teaches the Garou to temper their instinct and Rage with thought and logic. Thus, those who follow him often become skilled diplomats and negotiators. Often the biggest problem in achieving a truce, treaty or alliance is getting the other side to listen to the argument that the character is putting forward. This Gift forces them to listen to what the Silver Fang has to say. However, Helios values truth and justice. He does not force the listener to accept what is said. Neither does he allow his followers to use this Gift to gain a combat advantage over another by using it to delay the listener while an ambush or attack is organized. Any werewolf using the Gift in that way will find that it doesn’t work, and may find it never working for them again. Helios sends a Child of Karnak or a Firebird spirit to teach this Gift to those he finds worthy. To enforce a truce, the player spends a point of Gnosis and rolls Charisma + Etiquette (difficulty 7). If the roll succeeds, the negotiation proceeds under the force of a spiritually imposed peace. All those involved in the debate must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 9, minimum of two successes needed) to attack the speaker, ignore him or otherwise disrupt the proceedings. The truce endures for one hour per success rolled. However, should the Silver Fang calling upon this Gift break the truce, its effects immediately end and will never be effective against the same target again. Doing this is a terrible insult to Helios and results in the loss of three points of temporary Honor and may lead to the character’s expulsion from the Sun Lodge. Sun Lodge Tribebook: Silver Fangs
Crescent Moon’s Awareness 2 This Gift allows the character to make others around her more aware of the spirits of the place. Garou catch glimpses and hear incomprehensible whispers of the spirits in the Penumbra, while Kinfolk and other humans feel an unsettling awareness of an alien world that they are normally oblivious to and have no means of understanding. This teaches them the power of the Crescent Moon. To learn this Gift, the Fang must track down any one of Falcon’s brood and perform one, simple service for him. The player spends a point of Gnosis and rolls Gnosis (difficulty 7). If the roll succeeds, all creatures in her immediate area (20 yards or so) become aware of the Penumbra at the edge of their senses. Garou may then step sideways or communicate with spirits at -1 difficulty. Humans, Kinfolk and animals find the effect profoundly disconcerting and lose one die from all their rolls while the Gift is in effect. Crescent Moon Awareness lasts for one turn per success rolled. The effects are doubled when a Theurge uses this Gift. Moon Lodge (Waxing Cycle — The External Moon) Tribebook: Silver Fangs
Gibbous Moon Song 2 The Gift allows a Garou to learn the benefits of a smooth tongue and social awareness. It makes the werewolf talkative, interesting and likable, the very life and soul of any gathering. The moon’s own light seems to make her more interesting and attractive than she normally seems. A Great Green Cheese spirit, a lively and somewhat aromatic member of Luna’s brood, best known to the Bone Gnawers, teaches this Gift. Arrogant Silver Fangs who will not deign to deal with such a spirit will struggle to progress on this cycle. The werewolf and the spirit engage in a battle of wits, to see who can come up with the cleverest word play. If the Garou wins, the spirit happily teaches the Gift. Thus, she makes the persuasiveness of the Gibbous Moon part of herself. The player rolls Wits + Enigmas (difficulty 8) to best the spirit. This roll may only be attempted once per month and only during a gibbous moon. Once the character knows the Gift, the player activates it by spending a point of Gnosis. All Social rolls gain an extra die for the remainder of the scene (three dice for Galliards). Moon Lodge (Waning Cycle — The Internal Moon) Tribebook: Silver Fangs
Silver Claws 3 As the Ahroun Gift. WtA
Wrath of Gaia 3 The Garou shows himself in full, terrible, glory as Gaia’s chosen warrior. His splendor overwhelms minions of the Wyrm, driving them before him in terror unless they can master their instinctive fear of this predator. An avatar of Gaia herself teaches this Gift. The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Intimidation. Any minions of the Wyrm who look upon the Garou for the next scene must roll Willpower (difficulty 7) and equal or exceed the player’s successes. Otherwise, they flee in terror. WtA
Dominance Blow 3 Smart Garou know to pay the Silver Fangs their due. Stupid ones openly challenge them, and force the Silver Fangs to assert their dominance. This Gift allows a Silver Fang to easily knock down would-be rebels by connecting physical dominance with rightful leadership. When this Gift is working, might does make right. Lupus Silver Fangs are fond of this Gift, which resembles wolf understandings of alpha standing. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one point of Rage and rolls Charisma + Brawl, difficulty 7. If the roll succeeds, then every blow the Silver Fang strikes against a specific target grants the Silver Fang an additional die in all Social rolls against that target, allowing him to browbeat or intimidate the target more easily. The blow need not be full force to grant the bonus, which lasts for one day. Player's Guide to Garou
Claim of Authority 3 There are times when a Silver Fang cannot be present at important moots or meetings, and must send another Garou in her place. To make sure that any advantages to be gained aren’t neglected, a Silver Fang with this Gift can grant her messenger some of her own natural authority. It is taught by an ancestor-spirit. The Silver Fang spends one point of Gnosis and one point of Willpower before selecting a Garou as her representative. For a week thereafter, the representative is considered to possess the same level of Pure Breed as the Silver Fang, so long as she notes the name of the Silver Fang she speaks for. This Gift may not be used on an unwilling target. Player's Guide to Garou
Talons of Falcon 3 Falcon’s talons are sharp, allowing him to grasp and impale his prey, before it even realizes that he has swooped. He grants these same talons to the most worthy of his children, so that they may impale their foes upon their claws. This Gift turns a werewolf’s claws into wickedly sharp impaling weapons, able to slice through skin and muscle and deep into the entrails of the Fang’s foe. A falcon spirit of the Great Flock imparts the secret of this Gift. The player spends a point of Gnosis and makes a Dexterity + Brawl roll to attack, as normal. The attack does Strength + 3 aggravated damage and any attempts to use supernatural healing of any description on the wound are at +1 difficulty. Garou using this Gift often screech like a falcon that has just won its prey as they attack, and many opponents have fallen into fox frenzy when confronted with such a fearsome strike. Tribebook: Silver Fangs
Burning Blade 3 This Gift causes a Garou’s weapon, be it a sword, klaive or axe, to burn with a deadly fire that burns her enemy even as it bites into their flesh. A firebird spirit teaches this Gift. The player rolls Gnosis (difficulty 7) to activate the Gift. The weapon now does two extra dice of fire damage (which is to say, aggravated). Flammable objects will catch fire if struck by the blade. The fire burns for a number of turns equal to the number of successes rolled. Blood Red Crest Tribebook: Silver Fangs
Honor Pact 3 This is another of Helios’ Gifts that allows diplomacy between even the most intransigent of opponents. For the Gift to work, though, all parties involved in the negotiation must agree to its use willingly, even if they consider their position fixed and room for debate to be minimal. Participants must show their willingness by spilling their own blood and mingling it with that of the other participants, usually by slicing open their palms and shaking hands. Helios does not consider those creatures without blood or with toxic or damaging blood worthy of his Gift and they cannot participate. Each participant then swears an oath to both Falcon and Helios to work with her fellow participants to find a solution. This forges spiritual bonds between all involved, preventing them from acting against one another’s interests and hopefully allowing a conclusion to the negotiations that suits and benefits all. On occasions, a pack with a Sun Lodge member will use this Gift to prevent minions of the Defiler Wyrm turning one packmate against another. Helios allows a Child of Karnak to teach this Gift. Each participant must spend three Gnosis, while the player of the user of the Gift spends four Gnosis. All players (and the Storyteller, if a Storyteller character is participating) make a Charisma + Rituals roll (difficulty 7). If the rolls succeed, all Social rolls between the group are at -2 difficulty. The players should also roleplay the lack of antagonism and care for each other’s interests with the guidance of the Storyteller, who has the final say on what this entails. The effects of the Gift are permanent, unless one of the participants breaks faith. Servants of Falcon and Helios immediately set upon the character that does so, burning and tearing at her for five health levels of aggravated damage. If the character survives, she is marked as an oath breaker, as per the Stone of Scorn rite (Werewolf, p. 162). Repeated arguments or petty fights between the participants will erode the Gift’s effects over time, at the Storyteller’s discretion. The only way to strengthen an eroded Pact is to perform the whole process again. Any servant of the Defiler Wyrm who tries to corrupt or turn those under the Honor Pact is at +3 difficulty to any roll related to the action. Sun Lodge Tribebook: Silver Fangs
Half Moon’s Diplomacy 3 Sometimes the first step to resolving a dispute is to prevent yourself saying anything to make the situation worse. This Gift allows a werewolf to try to calm an explosive moment by preventing everyone present from saying anything inflammatory, thus bringing them all the Half Moon’s wisdom. To learn this Gift, the werewolf must follow a harrier-spirit for an hour, matching her flight path from the ground, until she tires and consents to share this Gift. The player spends a point of Gnosis and rolls Manipulation + Empathy (difficulty 7). If the roll succeeds, anyone involved in the debate must concentrate for a turn by staying silent and then roll Willpower (difficulty 8) to say anything that they know is likely to make things worse. The effect lasts for one minute per success rolled. If a Philodox uses this Gift, then the initial roll is at difficulty 6 and the participants in the debate must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 9) to inflame the argument. Moon Lodge (Waxing Cycle — The External Moon) Tribebook: Silver Fangs
Half Moon Mnemonics 3 This Gift allows a Garou to remember a moment with perfect clarity, fixing it forever within their mind. They may recall that moment at any time, and examine the memory from any angle they wish. The memory does not dim with age, and the recall is always perfect and total. A sea spirit teaches this Gift. The werewolf must seek an Umbral sea and mediate on the sound of its waves, until she can hear the sea spirit calling to her. She must then focus on those instructions while at the same time keeping total awareness of the moment to learn this Gift. Thus, she makes the wisdom and reflection of the Half Moon part of herself. The player must spend one point of Gnosis to store a memory and then rolls Wits & Alertness (difficulty 6) to fix it in the characters mind. The roll is at difficulty 5 for a Philodox. The character can store one memory for every point of permanent Gnosis she has. To recall the memory, the player must make an Intelligence + Occult roll (difficult 7, 6 if the character is a Philodox, 5 if the character is a Philodox and staring into water). A botch means the memory vanishes, leaving a permanent hole in the character’s memory. The character may dump memories at any time, leaving her only a normal, fallible recollection of the event. Moon Lodge (Waning Cycle — The Internal Moon) Tribebook: Silver Fangs
Mastery 4 With the power of this Gift, the Fang can command other Garou, including Black Spiral Dancers, to do her bidding. A falcon-spirit teaches this Gift. The player rolls Charisma + Leadership (difficulty of the target’s Wits +3). If the roll succeeds, the Garou can give the target one non-suicidal command, which he must obey for one turn per success. This Gift works only against Garou. WtA
Mindblock 4 Upon learning this Gift, the Garou’s mental defenses are strengthened to the utmost. A falcon-spirit teaches this Gift. The difficulties of any direct mental attacks or attempts to control the Garou’s mind, as well as more insidious psychic assaults (mind-reading, mentally implanting illusions or possession) are raised to 10. The effects of this Gift are permanent, but they do not apply to powers that sway emotion. WtA
Leshii’s Boon 4 This Gift allows the Fang to turn the very plants and trees of the forest against her enemies. Tree branches lash against them and roots trip them up, animals nip at their heels and insects swarm around them. A leshii spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Intelligence + Occult (difficulty 6). Every enemy of the werewolf within a radius of the number of successes scored in meters loses two dice from every non-reflexive roll for the duration of the scene. In addition, should they be foolish enough to try to eat anything they find in the forest, it will do the number of success rolled levels of lethal damage. Crescent Moon Tribebook: Silver Fangs
Gibbous Moon’s Understanding 4 The greatest of the Silver Fangs’ Galliards have sometimes also been some of the tribe’s most successful battlefield leaders. This Gift can take some of the credit for this. It allows the werewolf to howl out general or specific instructions to her allies, and have them heard and understood even over the noise of battle, thus showing everyone the Gibbous Moon’s wisdom. To learn this Gift, the werewolf must persuade three different Lunes to spend a whole night in the character’s company. Just before dawn, one of them will teach the Gift. The player spends a point of Rage and rolls Charisma + Leadership (difficulty 7). The number of successes is the number of howls the werewolf can make during this scene that will be understood as an order by any ally fighting in the same battle as the character. A Galliard character makes the roll at difficulty 5. Moon Lodge (Waxing Cycle — The External Moon) Tribebook: Silver Fangs
Crescent Moon Fata 4 This Gift allows a Garou to perceive the very threads of fate and destiny that direct the world. By studying a person or object, she can learn a little about its past, or its possible future. To learn this Gift, the werewolf must find a spider or firefly Jaggling of Moira, one of Luna’s Incarna, and challenge it to a contest of gamecraft. Should the Garou win, the Jaggling opens her eye to the play of fate upon the world. Thus, she makes the spiritual awareness of the Crescent Moon part of herself. To win the gamecraft contest, the player rolls Wits + Enigmas (difficulty 9, 7 if the character is a Theurge). Should the roll be botched, the Jaggling takes umbrage at the character’s clumsy mind and takes three temporary Gnosis from the character as payment for its wasted time. To activate the Gift, the player makes a Perception + Empathy roll (difficulty 5, 4 if the character is a Theurge). The character sees one thread of fate per success. The player may choose to spend multiple threads on one target, or to spread them amongst several. Each thread allows a single glimpse into the future or past. Multiple threads allocated in the same direction on the same target will allow the character to see further into the past or future. The Storyteller determines exactly what she sees, but should be both inventive and somewhat cryptic in the description. The workings of fate are strange and not easily understood by even the most aware of Theurges. However, it is much easier to see the past than the future. As a rule of thumb, each success will add hours into the past or minutes into the future. Moon Lodge (Waning Cycle — The Internal Moon) Tribebook: Silver Fangs
Luna’s Avenger 5 The Garou’s entire body, regardless of her current form, is changed to living silver. She becomes a nearly unstoppable warrior. A Lune teaches this Gift. The Garou must concentrate for one full turn to activate this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point. This Gift lasts for one scene, during which the Garou is immune to the effects of silver. Any attack she makes does aggravated, unsoakable damage to Garou. Furthermore, she gains two extra points of Stamina and one additional health level while the Gift lasts. WtA
Ignore Death Blow 5 The Fangs claim they rule by divine right, and after seeing this Gift in action, few disagree. The Silver Fang simply ignores a blow that would otherwise kill him. Seeing a blade swung with perfect accuracy toward someone’s neck and watching it fail to sever the head is something few Garou will forget — especially if they were swinging the sword. A lion-spirit or avatar of Falcon teaches this Gift. Once per scene, the Player may spend one Willpower point and ignore all damage of a single attack. Player's Guide to Garou
Paws of the Newborn Cub 5 With a glare and snarl, the Silver Fang strips her foe of any supernatural power. Many servants of the Wyrm have tried to employ their putrescent magic against the Fangs, only to realize that they face a mighty foe with only mundane methods of defense. A falcon-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Gnosis (difficulty of the target’s Willpower). Each success removes all special abilities (shapeshifting, Gifts, any sort of supernatural or magical powers) for one turn. WtA
The Secret of Gaia 5 Some Silver Fang legends tell of a Great White Wolf who gave his own life to save Mother Gaia. He was the ancestor of the Silver Fangs, and of all the werewolves. Those werewolves who rise to the highest rank amongst the tribe sometimes learn the secret that Gaia imparted to the Great White Wolf after his sacrifice, one that deepens their connection to Her and allows them to be completely aware of their surroundings. Everything about her environment suddenly becomes part of the werewolf’s awareness. She can sense the lay of the land, the type and nature of the plants growing on it and what forms of animal life live there. She can sense what spirits are at work in the area’s Penumbra. The werewolf also gains some sense of the health of Gaia in that area. In an urban area, she might feel constricted or restrained, while in an area under attack by the Wyrm, she might feel itchy or in pain, depending on how successful the Wyrm minions are. Any Silver Fang of sufficient rank may learn this Gift, but the majority of those who learn it are Theurges. For some reason, members of House Wise Heart receive this Gift more frequently than to those of any other House. It is technically possible for a Garou of another tribe to learn this Gift, but it has not happened in living memory, and no song records such an event occurring. Those werewolves who do learn this Gift are often changed as a result. Many choose to walk barefoot on the earth whenever they can, and show a greater than usual aversion to cities. None of them can actually articulate what the secret is, saying that it is either something you understand, or you don’t. Secret of Gaia is a more powerful version of the Theurge Gifts Spirit Speech (Werewolf, p. 138) and Pulse of the Invisible (Werewolf, p. 139) and works in a similar fashion. The player spends a point of Gnosis to activate the Gift and then rolls the character’s permanent Gnosis (difficulty 7). The werewolf gains an uncanny awareness of her surroundings for a onemile radius for every success achieved on this roll, almost integrating her awareness into the very landscape. She can automatically see into the Penumbra and may look at both the Penumbra and the material realm simultaneously if she wishes and can step sideways at -2 difficulty. Some Theurges have likened the experiences to what the world must have been like before matter and spirit separated. All Perception rolls made within that radius are at -3 difficulty. All local spirits that are free of Wyrm taint can sense the character’s oneness with Gaia and are well disposed towards her. All social rolls are at -2 difficulty while dealing with spirits. This same oneness grants the player an extra die in all rolls, save those involving combat, that occur while the character is in this state in addition to the other bonuses. The Gift lasts for one hour for each point of permanent Gnosis the werewolf has. If the roll is a botch, the pain of Gaia overwhelms the character’s senses and Harano cripples him for the duration of the scene. Tribebook: Silver Fangs
Full Moon’s Wrath 5 Sometimes Luna’s wrath waxes so great that her enemies fall before her chosen like corn before a scythe. This Gift allows a hard-pressed werewolf to summon war-spirits to her aid, striking at her enemies and giving her respite. Their power teaches the werewolf and her allies, not to mention her enemies, the wisdom and strength of the Full Moon. The werewolf must find and defeat nine of Falcon’s brood of Jagglings in succession on a night of the full moon to learn this Gift. At the end of the night, an Avatar of Luna appears and binds the defeated spirits to the Fang’s service ever more. However, she demands that the Garou be at her disposal on nights of the full moon in exchange. To activate the Gift the player spends a point of Rage and Gnosis and then rolls Gnosis (difficulty 7, 5 for Ahroun). One of the defeated bird-spirits appears and attacks the enemies of the werewolf for each success rolled. The spirits remain part of the fray until they are defeated, the werewolf dies or the battle ends, at which point they depart into the Umbra once more. Moon Lodge (Waxing Cycle — The External Moon) Tribebook: Silver Fangs
New Moon Legerdemain 5 This Gift allows the werewolf to summon and command a group of small trickster spirits. This last step in the Cycle brings the werewolf to an understanding of Luna’s need for the tricksters and the madness that she welcomes. The spirits, once summoned, dance around the Garou in the Penumbra, protecting her from harm but disturbing and unsettling all those around her. They play tricks on everyone in the vicinity; harmless and amusing ones on the werewolf’s allies and destructive ones on her enemies. An avatar of Luna herself teaches this Gift, which puts the Garou in her debt — and service — forever. To learn the Gift, the Garou must undertake a great quest in Luna’s name, one that may take several game sessions to play out. Once the werewolf succeeds, Luna gifts her loyal subject an understanding of the true nature of madness. Thus, the werewolf makes the New Moon’s twisted wisdom part of herself. The Gift costs a point of permanent Gnosis to learn. Once the spirits are summoned, strangelings, chimera and Wyldlings usually, they never leave their werewolf. At times, they may rest quietly, semi dormant in the Penumbra near the Garou, although they may occasionally play tricks on her or those around her. They are always dormant during the day. They awaken into full life during the New Moon or at the call of the Garou. To awaken the spirits, the player rolls Gnosis (difficulty 6, 5 if the character is a Ragabash) and spends a point of Gnosis. The pack of spirits becomes active for one night per success. If the werewolf wishes them to go back to sleep, the player must roll Gnosis as above, spending another point of Gnosis and get at least two successes. Once they are active, the spirits play games and vicious tricks on all the werewolf’s enemies within a 25-foot radius, pinching, tripping and interfering with them in all manner of ways. This creates a +2 difficulty to all the enemies’ rolls and removes two dice from their dice pools to boot. The spirits may steal an object from an enemy in the Umbra once per day. It will only be a minor item of little worth or power, as defined by the Storyteller. The spirits might show their werewolf their prize, or they may not, depending on their whims. If no enemies are at hand, the spirits may turn their attentions to whomever is at hand (save the Gift’s master) — even allies are not quite safe, although the spirits harass them somewhat more infrequently. It is the wise Garou who sings the spirits back to slumber when the battle is done. A powerful spirit, of Jaggling level or higher, may disperse the spirits for a scene by spending a point of Gnosis. Moon Lodge (Waning Cycle — The Internal Moon) Tribebook: Silver Fangs


Название Ранг Описание Система Примечание Источник
Balance 1 The Stargazer is able to walk across any ledge, rope, etc., no matter how thin or slippery. Wind-spirits teach this Gift.
No point expenditure or roll is required. Difficulties for climbing decrease by three.
Falling Touch 1 As the Ahroun Gift. WtA
Sense Wyrm 1 As the metis Gift. WtA
Paper Butterfly 1 Ancient court magicians of the Chinese emperor were able to conjure a cloud of paper butterflies out of thin air. Stargazers who have mastered this trick use it to create a mood of tranquility, or can use them to distract an opponent. This Gift is taught, appropriately enough, by a butterfly or moth-spirit. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Wits + Performance (difficulty 6). A flock of fluttering butterflies (a dozen per success) made of varying colors of paper appears in the air around the Stargazer’s head. The butterflies may be instructed to head in any direction (up to a number of yards equal to the werewolf’s Willpower score). If the Stargazer is using this Gift as a distraction to an opponent, the butterflies take one turn to reach the opponent. The successes on the roll to activate the Gift subtract successes away from the next non-reflexive roll the opponent attempts to make. This happens on a two-to-one basis, however. Every success on the roll to activate the Gift subtracts two successes from the opponent’s. (In other words, if the Stargazer scores three successes, it can take away a full six successes from the opponent’s roll if able.) If the Stargazer has successes left over, they can apply to the opponent’s next action next turn. Tribebook: Stargazers
Imbalance 1 A Stargazer possessing this Gift causes considerable problems to all attackers. Those attacking find themselves clumsier and less nimble with every successful strike. An earth elemental teaches this Gift. At the beginning of close combat (this Gift cannot be activated after the first turn of combat), the player spends a Gnosis point. If an attacker completes a successful hit against the Stargazer, the attacker’s next roll to strike is at +1 difficulty. Each turn thereafter, the Stargazer may spend a Rage point to continue the +1 difficulty to hit for another turn. Tribebook: Stargazers
Channeling 1 Rage is both a boon and a bane to the Garou, and the Stargazers feel this doubly so. Rage, while certainly a vital resource, is also a dangerous element. Many Stargazers seek new ways to harness and direct their Rage, and those with this Gift have at least one more option. A Garou using this Gift can channel her Rage into a single action, helping her perform that one action as best as she is able. This Gift is taught by a fire-spirit. Once per game session, the player may spend up to three of the Garou’s temporary Rage on a single action. Each point spent in this manner gives the Garou an extra die for that roll. Tribebook: Stargazers
Seed of Speech 1 The spoken mantra for this Gift is Aum-Vak-Bija. It represents the primal nature of speech and gives the Stargazer using this Gift a preternatural understanding of the underlying force behind all words and names. Merely by intoning the mantra and activating this Gift, the Garou is capable of harmonizing with the very fundamental nature of spoken sound and the knowledge that comes with it. This Gift is taught by an avatar of Cuckoo. The player spends one Gnosis point after the Stargazer speaks the mantra. For the duration of the scene, the werewolf gains the ability to understand the basic subject/verb structure of all sentences spoken to him, regardless of the language used. For instance, “What are you doing here?” would translate (to the Stargazer) as “You do?”; or “Put down that idol,” may translate to “You drop.” This Gift only captures the most basic essence of a sentence spoken (the “seed”), but when being spoken to in a completely foreign tongue, this can make all the difference. Mantra Gift Tribebook: Stargazers
Sense the Demonic 1 The difference between a servitor of the Wyrm and a demonpossessed mortal is subtle. While most demons emanate perceptible Wyrm-taint, strangely some seem able to mask themselves and escape such notice. Plus, Sense Wyrm doesn’t identify the nature of the taint, so the nature of the creature (that it’s a demon) goes unknown until it’s potentially too late. This Gift helps circumvent that problem. It doesn’t provide a literal sense so much as a spiritual one — the eye in the Demon Eater’s mind registers the disruption in the fabric of reality, and senses the demonic source. This Gift is taught by a chimerling. The player rolls Perception + Occult. The difficulty is dependent upon the proximity and intensity of the demon (or demon-possessed victim). Sensing a single demon in the same room would be difficulty 6, sensing a demon across a busy city street would be 7, and detecting a demon’s infernal influence after the creature has already left would be a difficulty 8. Demon Eaters Tribebook: Stargazers
Inner Strength 2 After brief meditation, the Garou may convert her inner anger into iron resolve. Stargazer ancestor-spirits teach this Gift.
The Garou concentrates for five minutes; the player rolls Wits + Enigmas (difficulty 8). Each success converts one point of Rage into a point of Willpower.
Surface Attunement 2 The Stargazer may attune herself to the surrounding environment, thereby gaining the ability to walk at normal speed across such surfaces as mud, water, snow and quicksand without falling through or leaving tracks. The spirits of small animals that are often overlooked by other tribes (such as rabbits, sparrows and mice) teach this Gift. The Garou concentrates for one turn; the player rolls Dexterity + Athletics. The effects last for a scene. WtA
Drunken Spider 2 This Gift is primarily practiced by those Stargazers who feel that the Weaver is the true enemy of Gaia. With this ability, the Stargazer may affect the logic centers of any Weaver-spirit, jumbling its mind into sluggish discord. If the spirit isn’t part of any physical manifestation mirrored in the “real” world, the spirit is merely hampered and confused. If performed on a spirit that’s part of the soul of a machine, it actually makes the machine work significantly less efficiently, and thus makes it harder to use. A computer affected as such may not do what the user intends. Hitting “Enter,” for instance, might trigger the “Backspace” key instead. Or opening a document might cause it to appear as gibberish. This Gift can be taught by either a cockroach-spirit or a water-spirit. The player spends one Willpower point and rolls Charisma + Crafts (difficulty of the spirit’s Gnosis). If the spirit is “alone” and unassociated with any real world device, then each success on this roll reduces the spirit’s Willpower rolls to act by one die. If the spirit is associated with a machine, then each success raises the difficulty to use the device by one as it acts oddly and performs erratically and slowly. The muddling effects last for the duration of the scene. Tribebook: Stargazers
Wuxing 2 There is a mystical resonance — wuxing — that exists between the elements of water, fire, earth, metal and wood. These elements are the basic forces underlying everything in the world, and the resonance between them is something that a Stargazer with this Gift can hear and tap into. The Stargazer can take the reverberation between elements and tweak it temporarily; the result is, for a short time, that one element can be changed into the other. This Gift may only be taught by an avatar of Chimera. The player rolls Manipulation + Enigmas (difficulty 7, or 9 to affect particularly hard or rare metals). Each success allows for one square foot of a particular element (water, earth, fire, metal or wood) to be changed into an alternate type of the same group of elements. Fire may become wood, water may become earth, and so on. The dimension of the element doesn’t change — a fire in the fireplace still retains its “shape,” but may now be made of wood, earth, or even water (water doesn’t change the shape either; it actually retains the same shape, but is simply liquid held fast to a specific contour). The effect lasts for a number of turns equal to the character’s permanent Gnosis score. Tribebook: Stargazers
Sound of Suffering 2 The spoken mantra for this Gift is Aum-Kama-Rudra. Life is suffering. Among the Stargazers this is not a philosophy, this is fact. Once someone realizes that suffering is the dominating force within the universe, he can move past it onto a fuller, richer life — or so the theory goes. With this Gift, a Stargazer can inflict a temporary “realization of suffering” onto a single individual. The individual affected by this Gift is beset by a swell of sadness, and they can’t help but break down into hitching, wracking sobs. For the duration of this power, the target is left feeling both empty of substance and full of the world’s pain. This Gift is taught by both pain and rain-spirits. The player spends a single Willpower point and rolls Manipulation + Empathy (difficulty 6). The target is incapacitated for one turn per success rolled as she is afflicted by terrible sorrow and sobbing. The subject may defend if attacked, and she also may take action if circumstances are putting her own life at risk. Mantra Gift Tribebook: Stargazers
Reverie of the Kol-Kin 2 Demons are malicious tricksters bent on chaos. Their souls have been corrupted by the Wyrm so badly, there’s little real humanity left inside, regardless of how they appear on the outside. They can’t be trusted. They can’t be left alone. This Gift helps to trap them and keep them still for a time. The Stargazer’s eyes become pale mirrors, glowing faintly even in daylight. Any demon looking into the Stargazer’s eyes is held transfixed, unable to move or speak. It’s said that this ability was passed down from the group’s progenitor, Zhong Kui, who used it to hold one demon at bay while his pack eased in for the kill. This Gift is taught by a Lune. The player spends a single Gnosis point. No roll is necessary to activate the Gift. The Stargazer’s eyes become reflective, and any demon (or demonpossessed individual) looking into the Stargazer’s eyes are held in a kind of trance. (Note that the subject cannot be Bane-possessed; only demons and their vessels are affected by this power.) The demon is allowed a single Willpower roll (difficulty 8) in the beginning to resist the allure of the werewolf’s eyes. This Gift is active as long as the Stargazer holds the gaze (blinking doesn’t disrupt it) or until the demon is attacked. This Gift only works on one demon or demon-possessed individual at a time. Demon Eaters Tribebook: Stargazers
Word-to-Weapon 2 The warriorteacher caste of the Sacred Thread is able to focus in on the mystic power underlying each and every word. Even a ksatriya without a weapon may conjure one using nothing more than the sound of his own voice. This Gift is taught by a wind-spirit. The Stargazer invokes a prayer (taking a full turn to do so). The player then spends a Gnosis point and rolls Wits + Linguistics (difficulty 6). The first success conjures a ghostly, translucent scimitar out of thin air. The moon-curved blade has Strength base damage (lethal), with a difficulty of 7 to hit. Every two successes past the first, however, on the roll to activate this Gift increases the weapon’s damage roll for that weapon. If the player rolls three successes, it creates an opaque blade (made essentially of icy wind) that does Strength +1 lethal damage, with a difficulty of 7 to hit. The weapon lasts until the end of the scene, and then it disappears into a cloud of dust. The Sacred Thread Tribebook: Stargazers
The Teacher’s Ease 2 The Stargazers of the Sacred Thread are teachers, first and forever. They hold a great love of sharing information and enlightening others to knowledge, and those with this Gift may find their students a little more “enlightened” than others. With it, a ksatriya may actually open a student’s mind a little further than it already was, allowing the learner to absorb more information, more quickly. This Gift is taught by a Stargazer ancestor-spirit. System: The player rolls Manipulation + Expression (difficulty is 10 minus the student’s Intelligence score). Each success gives the learner a number of bonus dice on a roll featuring a specific Ability. The learner may not use these bonus dice on any Ability, however; he may only use it on a single Ability of the ksatriya’s choosing. If the Sacred Thread Stargazer demands that the dice must go toward a roll involving the Investigation Ability, then the learner has no choice but to assign those dice to a single roll involving Investigation. The Sacred Thread Tribebook: Stargazers
Clarity 3 This Gift grants the ability to see through fog, pitch darkness and even recognize illusions or invisibility. A wind-spirit teaches this Gift. The player rolls Perception + Enigmas (difficulty 7). If the Stargazer attempts to see through someone else’s illusion, the number of successes rolled by the creator must be matched or beaten by the Garou. WtA
Merciful Blow 3 The Garou can subdue a foe in combat without harming him. A mongoose-spirit teaches this Gift. The Garou spends one Gnosis point, attuning himself to the body of his foe. If his next blow (hand or weapon) strikes and does damage before soak is rolled, the player may then roll Perception + Medicine (difficulty of the opponent’s Wits + Dodge). One or two successes on this roll cause the opponent to keel over helpless for the next turn. Three or more successes paralyze the foe for the entire scene. This Gift inflicts no actual health levels of damage. WtA
Mouthpiece of the Successor 3 According to an old and almost forgotten Stargazer tradition, a dying Garou may ask for a “mouthpiece” to come sit by his side and listen to him. The mouthpiece would then go to the rest of the sept and deliver the departed Stargazer’s secrets, stories, or last wishes during a funerary moot. Somewhere along the way, this Gift was concocted to aid in this tradition. With it, the mouthpiece may literally “record” the dying Garou’s voice and “play” it back through her own mouth later. The recording is literal — it’s the same exact voice, not the voice of the mouthpiece. Those who know the Gift now rarely use it for its original purpose, for it can be used to record anybody’s voice, for any reason at all. This Gift can be taught by either a mockingbird spirit or an avatar of Raven. When “recording,” the player rolls Perception + Empathy (difficulty 7). The number of successes dictates how long the mouthpiece can vocally chronicle another’s words. Each success allows for up to two minutes of recording to occur. If the Stargazer wishes to chronicle more, the player must make another roll. If the roll botches, the Stargazer using this Gift loses her voice for a single day. When the “mouthpiece” wants to replay the conversation later, she can do so at any time by spending one Gnosis point. If the subject is not aware of the Gift’s use (or is aware and seeks to defy its use), the subject may roll Manipulation + Subterfuge (difficulty 7). Every success on this roll removes one of the successes of the Gift-user’s roll. Tribebook: Stargazers
Wind’s Returning Favor 3 A Stargazer may use weapons, but most need none. This Gift allows a Stargazer to take an opponent’s weapon upon their attack. This Gift is taught by a wind-spirit. The player spends one Willpower point and rolls Dexterity + Dodge (difficulty of the opponent’s Wits + Melee score). The Stargazer must be in close combat and be using this Gift while the opponent makes a melee attack against her. The Stargazer’s successes take away the success on the opponent’s attack roll; if the Stargazer’s successes outnumber those obtained by the opponent to attack, then the Stargazer is able to steal the attacker’s weapon and use it the following turn. Tribebook: Stargazers
Burning Fire-Mind 3 The spoken mantra for this Gift is Aum-Hana-Daha. It signifies the burning, fiery nature of anger and wrath, and relates directly to a werewolf’s usage of Rage. Rage, like fire, is an uncontrollable, all-consuming entity. It cannot be leashed or tamed, and can leave much damage in its wake. The Stargazers, as a rule, are not opposed to using Rage, but they understand that it can run rampant — and unmitigated Rage is a terrible weapon to behold. This Gift allows a Stargazer to punish other Garou for attempting to access this unmanageable source of power needlessly. Any opponent of the Stargazer feels the anger literally sear their flesh. This Gift is taught by a fire-spirit. The player rolls Manipulation + Primal- Urge (difficulty 6) and spends one Rage point. This Gift remains active for two turns per success rolled. Any Garou within ten yards of the Stargazer who spends Rage takes an automatic, unsoakable level of lethal damage per Rage point spent. If the roll to use this Gift botches, the Stargazer loses all of her temporary Rage points. Mantra Gift Tribebook: Stargazers
Bird Bones 3 Trance Runners are known for being notoriously light. Their bodies, little more than bones and tightly-corded muscle, can move fast and flexible partly due to their legendary “hollow” bones. It allows them to run quickly over almost any surface. The Trance Runner is able to run upon almost any surface without penalty. The roll is always Dexterity + Athetics, but the difficulty is variable depending on the danger, complexity, or frailty of the surface.

Surface Type / Difficulty
Water / 5
Snow / 6
Lava / 7
Razors / 8
Wall / 9
Ceiling / 10
Trance Runners Tribebook: Stargazers
Seven Mile Leap 3 The name of this Gift is a bit of a misnomer, since it doesn’t technically allow a Trance-Runner to leap seven miles up into the air. What it does do, however, is effectively increase the tautness and tension of her muscles, making her a light and powerful adversary. She can move quickly, jump to obscene heights, and land safely. This Gift is taught by any bird-spirit. Once learned, this Gift is always “on.” It grants the Trance-Runner allows her to triple the distance she can jump. Trance Runners Tribebook: Stargazers
Preternatural Awareness 4 The Stargazer attunes all her senses to her surroundings, thereby becoming preternaturally aware of her opponent’s doings and allowing her to anticipate them somewhat. A wind-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Perception + Dodge (difficulty 7). All opponents’ dice pools to hit the Garou decrease by a number of dice equal to the number of successes. This penalty applies even if the Garou cannot see the attack coming. The effect lasts for one scene. WtA
Strike the Air 4 As the Child of Gaia Gift. WtA
Summon the Chu-Mong 4 A long time ago, the Stargazers of Tibet made a pact with an ancient tribe of mountain spirits called the Chu-Mong (snow goblins). The pact was one of mutual protection, and a Stargazer using this Gift can reawaken the usefulness of the pact, at least temporarily. It summons the spirit of a Chu-Mong to help protect the Stargazer in question. Only a Chu-Mong can teach this Gift. The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls the Stargazer’s Gnosis. The difficulty isn’t the area’s Gauntlet — the difficulty is actually reliant upon the temperature. The warmer the temperature, the harder it is to summon a Chu-Mong.

Temperature / Difficulty
Below 0 degrees F / 5
0-32 degrees F / 6
32-49 degrees F / 7
49-65 degrees F / 8
65-80 degrees F / 9
Above 80 degrees F / 10

Botching the roll summons a snow goblin that is hostile toward the Stargazer using the Gift.
Tribebook: Stargazers
The Silken Cloth 4 This Gift takes its name from an ancient Stargazer tradition. It’s believed that those who are not shapechangers cannot enter the Mirror Lands of the Umbra because they are impure. They do not have a kernel of the celestial substance of cosmos within them, as the Garou and the other Fera do. But many Stargazers still wished to show mortals (or others unable to access the Umbra) the hidden truths and puzzles found only in the Mirror Lands. Once, Stargazers could purify others with a silken cloth, rubbing them with it, so that they may enter the Umbra together. Now, that ability has been made into a Gift. This Gift lets a Stargazer bring one other human (or otherwise Umbra-banned individual) with her when she Steps Sideways. This Gift is taught by an Engling. The player must make two stepping sideways rolls: one for the Stargazer, and one for her “guest.” However, the Stargazer must spend one Gnosis point for the guest to come through with her. If the roll to bring her guest across botches, the poor soul is lost somewhere in the Umbra — even someplace as horrible as the Abyss or the Atrocity Realm. Tribebook: Stargazers
The spoken mantra for this Gift is Aum-Ha-Sa-Kha-Prem. The Umbra, also called the Mirror Lands, is a void empty of true matter and built of little more than the ephemeral whorls of spirit substance. Many Garou are reliant upon hard travel within the Umbra. They must find their destination and get to it via moon paths or sniffing out spirit tracks. Stargazers using this Gift have a somewhat easier time getting somewhere in the Mirror Lands — provided that another Garou or spirit is already there. Using this Gift takes the werewolf directly to the location of the chosen individual, no matter where they are at that moment. The Stargazer must be in the Umbra to use this Gift. It is taught by a shadow-spirit. 4 The Stargazer utilizing this Gift must speak the mantra while actually in the Umbra. She also must have with her some piece of the Garou she’s “traveling” to, usually a part of the werewolf’s body (a tuft of hair, a tooth, a claw) or one of the Garou’s possessions (a weapon, an article of clothing). In the case of traveling to a specific spirit, the Stargazer can only travel to spirits she has literally battled with. (Though “battled” can be a battle of wits and intelligence, and doesn’t necessarily need to be a combative conflict.) The player then rolls Wits + Enigmas. The difficulty for the roll is reliant upon the location of the target individual. If the target is in the Penumbra, it’s difficulty 6. If the target is in the Near Umbra, difficulty 7. In the Deep Umbra, difficulty 8. And finally, in the Dark Umbra, difficulty 9. Mantra Gift Tribebook: Stargazers
Circular Attack 5 The greatest Stargazers have no fear of fighting even a horde of opponents. They are able to not only avoid their foes’ attacks, but they can actually channel those attacks into other enemies. A Stargazer with this Gift can even redirect a single foe’s attacks upon himself. A wind-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Willpower point and rolls Wits + Dodge (difficulty of the opponent’s Wits + 3, or the highest Wits + 3 if facing multiple foes). The werewolf must be in close combat, or must be attacked in a firefight by two or more foes. Each success enables the Garou to avoid and redirect one attack. This Gift counts as an action. The Stargazer may not use this Gift multiple times in one turn or spend Rage the same turn (although he may take multiple actions in the standard manner). For example, a Stargazer with Wits 4 and Dodge 4 is fighting six foes, each with Wits 2. The player rolls eight dice against a difficulty of 5. He gains four successes, and the Stargazer redirects four attacks. Each of the attackers whose attack was redirected would roll to hit each other or another of the Stargazer’s foes, at the Stargazer’s choice. Two of the foes would strike normally, but the Garou could still dodge their attacks (had the player set apart any multiple actions…).
Wisdom of the Seer 5 By gazing into the night sky for an hour, the Stargazer can find the answer to almost any question among the stars. A Chimerling teaches this Gift.
The Garou’s player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Intelligence + Enigmas (difficulty 7). If successful, the player can ask any one simple question of the Storyteller and expect an honest answer. The clarity of the information depends on the number of successes, and it is rare to gain a complete and straightforward answer. WtA
Ancestral Incarnation 5 The connection of a Stargazer to his ancestors can be deemed more “intense” than that of other Garou. This Gift is proof of that. The few Stargazers with this Gift are not only able to plumb the depths of the ancestral memories for help, but are literally able to become one (or many) of their ancestors for a short time. The Stargazer glows with a pale nimbus of light and actually exhibits the physical traits (altering her appearance) of one or several of her ancestors. For a time, the Stargazer may also tap into the wealth of knowledge and ability of her forebears and use that to enhance her own actions for a time. This Gift is taught by an Epiphling of Truth. The player spends three Gnosis points. The Stargazer exhibits a number of ancestral traits equal to the dots in her Ancestors Background. (For instance, Naipurya Sunblade has an Ancestors score of three. She exhibits three traits of her ancestors that alter her appearance. From her ancestor Silverstar she gains a mane of gray hair, from her ancestor Fu- Kui-Kang she shows bright yellow eyes, and from her ancestor Gi-om Shows-the-Way she gains a long scar along the length of her muzzle.) For the remainder of the scene, the Stargazer may also add her Ancestors score to any roll she makes. Tribebook: Stargazers
Liberation of Flesh 5 The spoken mantra for this Gift is Aum-waha-guru-dha-yan. Some Stargazers (particularly those among the Tranquil) posit that all flesh is weak, and like an anchor, it drags the spirit. Stargazers using this Gift find themselves “liberated” from their physical forms, becoming insubstantial and bodiless. No roll is necessary to become incorporeal, but the player must spend a Gnosis point to reduce the Stargazer’s physical form to an insubstantial one. When this Gift is activated, the Stargazer becomes quite literally like a silvery ghost of her physical body, and can be seen with a successful Perception + Alertness roll (difficulty 7). The Stargazer may take no actions except for simple movement, and even that takes strong concentration. To move from one place to another, the player must roll Wits + Meditation (difficulty 7). Only one success is necessary for movement, but the shimmering ghostly form may only travel no faster than the werewolf’s usual walking speed. Failure means the character may not move; a botch on the roll to move is disastrous. A botch disrupts the Stargazer’s concentration keeping her form non-corporeal, and it reduces her Gnosis pool to zero. The Stargazer may stay in this bodiless state for as long as she chooses, and may not be physically harmed by other physical creatures or spirits. To return to a corporeal, physical form, the Stargazer spends another Gnosis point and her ghostly form becomes immediately corporeal once again. Mantra Gift Tribebook: Stargazers
Eyes of Ignorance 5 The ksatriya using this Gift can look into another’s eyes and, for a period of time, literally strip them of their knowledge, leaving them ignorant and empty of ability. This Gift can be taught by an owl-spirit. The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Gnosis (difficulty is the target’s Willpower). Success on the roll allows the Garou to intrinsically “know” the target’s Knowledge (and the accompanying dots in each Knowledge). Also, for each success, the ksatriya may subtract two dots from the target’s Knowledge traits. This Gift lasts for one day, at which point the ksatriya loses the gained Knowledge points and the target regains the ones “lost.” The Sacred Thread Tribebook: Stargazers
Thought-Form of the Twelve Ministers 6 The spoken mantra for this Gift is Aum-kala- rim-sa-ka-la-rim-ha-ka-la-rim. This Gift allows a Stargazer to attain true spiritual balance for a single moment. In that moment, all extreme desires and impure emotions are blasted away by an unmitigated blast of the Self. A startling crackle of energy travels like lightning to each of the Stargazer’s chakra points. It only lasts for a second, and then it is gone. But in its wake, the Stargazer is left empowered and burning with a halo of pale green light. There is only a handful of Stargazers who have ever been worthy enough to learn this Gift, and it can only be taught by an avatar of Chimera. The player spends a single temporary point of Gnosis, Rage, and Willpower. For the remainder of the scene, the Garou gains a series of Trait bonuses: +2 to Perception, +3 to Enigmas, +3 to Empathy, and +2 to Brawl. There are two other benefits, as well. First, any Garou standing within ten feet of the Stargazer using this Gift find that their temporary Gnosis pools are suddenly refreshed. Also, this Gift burns out any corruption that was contained in the werewolf grasping the power. Hence, any Wyrm-taint that the character had thus disappears. Mantra Gift Tribebook: Stargazers


Название Ранг Описание Cистема Примечание Источник
Sense Magic 1 The Uktena can discern magical energies, whether they emanate from Garou Gifts, vampiric wizardry or even human magic. A spirit servant of Uktena teaches this Gift. The player rolls Perception + Enigmas. The difficulty is based on the strength and subtlety of the magic. The Uktena cannot tell the exact nature of the magic, although vague clues such as “Gaian” or “blood magic” might be granted with sufficient successes. The radius is 10 feet per success. WtA
Shroud 1 The Garou can create a field of inky blackness through which only she can see. A night-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Gnosis (difficulty varies: 3 for twilight, 6 indoors, 9 for bright sunlight). Each success blacks out a 10’ by 10’ by 10’ area. The Garou can choose any area within his line of sight. The metis Gift: Eyes of the Cat can see through the conjured darkness. WtA
Spirit Speech 1 As the Theurge Gift. WtA
Strut 1 This Gift, taught by a crane- or turkey-spirit, allows a Garou to appear physically grander and more impressive than he truly is. By taking a turn to strike a pose (puff up the chest, brandish a weapon while sounding a war-whoop, and so on) while the player makes a Manipulation + Intimidation roll (difficulty 6), the werewolf appears to be bigger, better and more impressive. This can be used to throw an advancing Black Spiral Dancer off his stride or convince the biker he should find another chick to flirt with. The effects last for a scene, or until the Garou’s impressive appearance is in some way belied (like getting knocked on his tail for instance). Tribebook: Uktena
Implacable Grip 1 Sometimes, sheer tenacity gets the job done. With this Gift, the Uktena can hang on by claw or bite with a deathgrip that is almost impossible to break. Gila monster or alligator-spirits teach this Gift. As per the Silver Fang Gift: Falcon’s Grasp. Tribebook: Uktena
Spirit of the Bird 2 Few enemies would expect a werewolf to attack from above, which is precisely why the Uktena developed the means to do so. The Garou may hover, fly or float. Any bird spirit can teach this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point. The Garou can fly at 20 mph and hover as she desires. The difficulties of all combat maneuvers increase by one. This Gift lasts for one hour. WtA
Spirit of the Fish 2 The werewolf blessed with this Gift can breathe underwater and swim as fast as he can run in Hispo form. Unsurprisingly, a fish-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis and rolls Stamina + Animal Ken (difficulty 7). The effects last for one hour per success. WtA
Medicine Dreams 2 When the humans began hunting animals, the animals retaliated by sending disease among the humans to kill them. Once they saw that their diseases killed good people as well as bad, they relented and herb-spirits came to medicine men in dreams to tell them how to heal the sick. Wise Uktena still know that medicine comes from these spirits in dreams, and this Gift allows them to call forth the herbs for wisdom. It is taught by the spirit of an aloe plant. This Gift is used when an Uktena is attempting to heal someone seriously ill. Before the Uktena goes to sleep, the player spends one point of Gnosis and rolls Charisma + Occult, difficulty 8. If the roll is successful, then the Uktena will awaken with new insights into how to heal the sick person. Each success on the Occult roll adds one die to any Medicine rolls made for that day. Should this grant the Uktena more than ten dice on his Medicine dice pool, he may even attempt to cure incurable illnesses such as terminal cancer or HIV/AIDS. To do so, six or more successes are needed on appropriate Medicine rolls. Player's Guide to Garou
Blending 2 Intruder legends tell of the uncanny ability of native peoples to hide in plain sight, even only yards away. This Gift allows the user to blend into the landscape simply by crouching and keeping still. It isn’t invisibility; rather, the Garou draws the landscape into himself to appear to the unwary as a natural part of the terrain. This Gift is especially common among caern guardians. Any stealthy spirit, such as chameleon, teaches this Gift. The Garou stands among terrain features (trees, thickets, etc) or simply hunkers down and wills herself to be one with the environment. A searcher must make a Perception + Alertness roll (difficulty 9) to recognize the Garou as something more interesting than a stump, and the expenditure of a Gnosis point negates three successes (this includes scent as well as sight). If the searcher is looking directly away, the Garou may move slowly in any direction, but even the slowest movement while in the searcher’s field of view reveals her instantly. Tribebook: Uktena
Overlook 2 It can be quite useful to be ignored at times. You can overhear what was not meant for your ears, or see armed guards look right past you. As long as the Uktena keeps a low profile, a supervisor will assume he’s just another tech, or the cowboys will see only “some tame Injun asleep by the hitchin’ post.” Some Ragabash call this the “Tonto goes to town” Gift; members of the Scouts also favor it. A cuckoo-spirit teaches this Gift. The character does his best to look nonchalant or otherwise occupied doing something low-key. The player rolls Manipulation + Subterfuge (difficulty varies depending on how well he blends in to start with: 6 if the Garou is dressed in the same manner and going through the same motions as the techies around him; up to 9 if he’s stark naked and carrying a bloody axe). To see the Garou as more than mere window-dressing, watchers must get more successes on Perception + Alertness than the player originally rolled. Should he draw attention to himself, by acting out of character or speaking loudly for example, the player must reroll with a penalty of +2 difficulty in order to maintain the effect. Tribebook: Uktena
Another’s Moccasins 2 The human cultures of Uktena Kinfolk are too-frequently ignored or derided by the mainstream; their wolf Kin are persecuted as a matter of course. This Gift opens the eyes of the ignorant to life on the other side, showing them a new and (for a while, at least) fascinating perspective. By speaking briefly with the subject about the culture or species in question, the Garou can instill curiosity or appreciation for the culture — or if particularly successful, an obsession with learning about and aiding the Kinfolk’s people. The Earth Guides in particular use this Gift to nudge adversaries (usually in government or the media) into the role of allies. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift. The character must have the subject’s undivided attention and engage in a brief conversation about the culture in question (for instance, the Navajo or wolves). The player rolls Manipulation + Subterfuge (difficulty is 9 minus the subject’s Intelligence). For one success, the subject may pick up a Hillerman novel, or admit to himself that wolves were important to the balance of nature, at least before humans changed things. For five successes, he might well involve himself in humanitarian efforts on the reservation, or spend his vacation trekking to Alaska in the hopes of having a Farley Mowat experience with a wolf pack. The Gift’s effects last about a week per success, but with luck a natural interest develops as the subject delves into his study of the culture. Tribebook: Uktena
Reveal the Hidden 2 This Gift allows an Uktena to find non-supernatural items that may be eluding his search. This is a perfect tool to locate hidden passageways, concealed tomes of lore or a normal foe that may be successfully hiding from the werewolves. A Crow spirit teaches the Gift. Scouts (and their darker campmates, the Raiders) consider this Gift practically a requisite. The werewolf spends a turn to look around carefully, the player makes a Perception + Subterfuge roll. One success at difficulty 7 is all that is needed to spot the hidden object. However, a sentient creature that is hiding may counter with a Wits + Stealth roll; if his successes exceed that of the werewolf player’s roll, the Gift doesn’t work. Tribebook: Uktena
Coils of the Serpent 2 Using this Gift, an Uktena can call forth dark tentacles of mist or fog that wrap around enemies and hold them in a viselike grip. Each coil is four feet long and possesses the same Physical characteristics as the werewolf who summons the coils. Any snake-spirit can teach this Gift. The player rolls Dexterity + Occult, difficulty 7. Each success causes a single coil to come forth from the surrounding air. The coils focus on a single target, unless the player makes attack rolls against multiple targets, with the normal penalties to the rolls for multiple actions. The coils only bind; they can’t inflict damage. To break free, the victim must make a Strength roll, difficulty 7. If his successes exceed the number of coils, he’s free. If not, he’s still a prisoner. The tentacles last until the end of the scene or until the summoner decides to send them away. Tribebook: Uktena
Indian Giver 2 Sometimes, one must give information to get information. Perhaps an explanation is necessary to get the curious to go away. However, Uktena are notoriously tightfisted with secrets. With this Gift, the Uktena can share a bit of knowledge that later vanishes from the subject’s memory. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift. Both Raiders and Pathdancers commonly learn this Gift, though it can be found throughout the tribe. When telling the choice bit of lore, the player rolls Wits + Subterfuge (difficulty is the opponent’s Wits + Subterfuge). The number of successes, shown below, determines the effects of the Gift. The Uktena decides beforehand how long the knowledge remains clear, but never longer than 24 hours.

Success / Effect
Botch / Secret retained with unusual clarity
One / Secret becomes elusive and garbled
Two / Secret is maddeningly beyond reach
Three / Subject forgets he was told the secret
Four / Subject’s own part in discussion is vague
Five / Subject forgets the conversation took place.
Tribebook: Uktena
Uktena’s Freezing Stare 2 The Uktena can use this Gift to mesmerize an opponent by making direct eye contact. If the Gift is successful, the target freezes dead in his tracks. A spirit of Uktena teaches the Gift. First, the Uktena must make direct eye contact with an opponent; the player then rolls Manipulation + Intimidation to activate the Gift, with the difficulty equal to the target’s Willpower. The paralysis lasts one scene or until the opponent is physically or mentally attacked in some fashion. Tribebook: Uktena
Banish Totem 3 By speaking words of forbiddance, the Uktena can bar pack or personal totems from giving their children aid. Doing so also disrupts the spiritual rapport between packmates, making it difficult for them to execute pack tactics or act in concert. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift. The Uktena must concentrate for a full turn, and he must know which totem his victims follow. The player spends one Gnosis point and one Willpower point, and he rolls Gnosis at a difficulty of the pack’s combined Totem scores (maximum of 10). If successful, the pack members lose all Traits associated with their totem, and they cannot use pack tactics or act in concert for the remainder of the scene. If the Uktena is rendered unconscious or killed, the Gift is canceled. WtA
Invisibility 3 The Garou can vanish from sight. When this Gift is in use, the Garou must concentrate on staying invisible. He cannot move faster than half normal walking speed, and he cannot draw attention to himself. A spirit servant of Uktena teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Intelligence + Occult (difficulty varies: 4 if already concealed, 6 if in open, 9 if in plain sight). Anyone looking for the Garou must score more successes on a Perception + Alertness roll (difficulty 8) than the player did on the initial roll. WtA
Scrying 3 A useful Gift for spying or communicating, this allows the Uktena to view events elsewhere by staring into a reflective surface. Other supernaturals, particularly those with scrying abilities of their own, may find ways to thwart this Gift. It is taught by a fly-spirit. The player spends one Gnosis and rolls Perception + Occult (difficulty 10 unless the Uktena possesses an item belonging to the person or place being viewed, in which case the difficulty drops to 8). The Uktena may view everything that happens in that area. The Gift lasts until the end of the scene. Player's Guide to Garou
Death Trance 3 Sometimes, death is the only way out. But that doesn’t mean you want to stay that way. With this Gift, the Uktena may appear dead, following the expected progression (lividity, rigor, etc.) well enough to fool a forensics team. While “dead,” the Uktena is in a muted state, unable to move; his senses are still active but dulled and dreamlike. The danger is reviving, as the effort required to return to the living increases with time, and eventually the character is no longer feigning. An opossum-spirit teaches this Gift. It takes a Gnosis point, a Wits + Occult roll (difficulty 6) and three turns to “die.” Once in a state of “death,” the body cools and exhibits all the normal signs of death at the proper rate of progression for environmental conditions (Players would do well to look through a forensics manual for hints). To realize something isn’t right, observers must make a Perception + Investigation roll (difficulty 7) and achieve at least the same number of successes the “dead” werewolf achieved. A view from the Penumbra shows the spirit still resides in the body, but appears to be in some kind of Slumber. During this death trance, the Uktena need not breathe, but fire and such can still hurt him badly. Physical wounds do not bleed until the trance is lifted, but neither do they heal. The character may hear, smell, and see (assuming his eyes are open) while in the death trance, but all rolls to perceive anything are at +2 difficulty. The Death Trance Gift lasts as long as the Uktena wishes. However, to wake at any time during the first day requires a successful Willpower roll difficulty 4 (to fully revive requires three turns, plus one turn per day spent in a death state). Every day after that the difficulty increases by 1. If the Garou fails to wake in time, he must wait a day before trying again (although the Storyteller may make allowances, such as friends trying to wake him, or he finds himself on a pyre). After a number of days equal to the character’s permanent Gnosis rating, his spirit slips loose from the husk and the character dies. As it is, some Uktena have eventually figured out they were being buried, but weren’t able to care enough to do anything about it for a long time. Tribebook: Uktena
Sing Down the Rain 3 This Gift is used to bring rain from the heavens, either to nourish crops and cleanse the land, or to cause damage through mudslides and flooding. This Gift is common among Ghost Dancers. A frog-spirit teaches the Gift. The Garou sings or howls a ritual chant; the player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Wits + Occult (difficulty is ordinarily 7; 8 in a cloudless desert, 6 in a temperate rainforest). One or two successes brings down a misty drizzle after a short delay, but three successes causes a heavy rain to fall almost immediately. Four or more successes means the rain comes in heavy torrents. The effects ordinarily last one scene, but the player may spend Gnosis to continue the effects. Depending on the Storyteller, the terrain and the user’s intent, the effects may cause flooding, mudslides or even wash away pollutants. Tribebook: Uktena
Wisdom of the Ancient Ways 3 Werewolves have a link to their past most humans can only dream about: their ancestors can still share their wisdom. The ancestor-spirit that teaches this Gift allows the Uktena even deeper access to past lifetimes of wisdom and lore. Naturally, Earth Guides are most likely to learn this Gift. As the Philodox Gift. Tribebook: Uktena
Call Elemental 4 The Garou is able to call one of the four classic elementals to his aid (earth, air, fire or water). An elemental teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Gnosis (difficulty of the area’s Gauntlet). She must then roll Manipulation + Occult (difficulty 7) to make the elemental look favorably upon the Garou. The elemental vanishes at the end of the scene. WtA
Hand of the Earth Lords 4 By drawing on the land’s energies, the Uktena can move any one object weighing up to 1000 pounds telekinetically. An air elemental and an earth elemental must teach this Gift in concert. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Dexterity + Occult (difficulty 7). The Uktena must maintain concentration in order to move the object, which travels at roughly 20 mph. The effect lasts for one turn per success. WtA
Pointing the Bone 4 A common ritual among many native peoples, this Gift allows the Garou to inflict damage upon someone simply by pointing a decorated bone at her opponent. Often this Gift is used as a way of execution. A vulture or, in Australia, the snake-spirit Bobbi-Bobbi teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis, and rolls Perception + Occult, difficulty 7. Each success inflicts one aggravated health level of damage (which can be soaked if the target is normally able to soak aggravated damage) upon the target, after which the bone shatters. This Gift may also be used to inflict a delayed damage upon the victim. By spending an additional Gnosis point, the damage may suddenly occur a number of days after the attack equal to the successes rolled. This is most common when the Gift is used to execute an offender. Many victims, certain of their own death, are reduced to simply walking aimlessly in this time. Player's Guide to Garou
Lay of the Land 4 The Uktena with this Gift may commune with spirits of the land and air, learning many things such as abundance of game, location and strength of watercourses, health of the forest, and even where caves can be found. Any mobile animal spirit (fox, eagle, etc) can teach this Gift. As per the Bone Gnawer Gift: Attunement, except that it works in rural or wilderness rather than urban areas, and the required roll is Perception + Survival. Tribebook: Uktena
Spirit’s Horse 4 A potent Gift, Spirit’s Horse allows an Uktena to turn his body into a temporary home for an ancestor-spirit or other important creature from the time of legends. This Gift provides more than the memories and abilities associated with the Ancestors Background because for a brief time, the Uktena actually becomes the spirit who inhabits his body. The intent of the Gift is to honor an ancestor by allowing her to physically take part in a ceremony or moot, meet her descendents and share in the joys of the physical world. The Rite of Invitation to the Ancestors is often used in conjunction with this Gift, and these events almost never take place outside a tribal moot or council. An ancestor-spirit teaches the Gift. This is a Gift with both incredible risks and marvelous benefits. To begin the process, the player rolls Charisma + Occult, difficulty 8; however, the Storyteller may choose to lower the difficulty by one if the summoner has some sort of special rapport with the spirit to be summoned. Perhaps the Uktena is a direct descendant or has somehow done honor to the spirit beforehand. In any case, the Ancestors Background isn’t required to use the Gift. One or two successes means the spirit comes into the werewolf’s body, but for a brief time (one scene). Three or four successes means the spirit remains for several scenes. Five successes means the bond is so complete, the spirit may stay until requested to depart. No successes indicates the spirit doesn’t come, but a botch means that either the spirit refuses to leave or that the spirit inhabiting the body is not the one summoned; she must be pacified before leaving. The player must make a Willpower roll, difficulty 7, for the Uktena to remain aware of what’s going on around him, though he can’t interact with the spirit. Simple failure means that he is effectively “unconscious” while the ancestor-spirit is present. For all intents and purposes, the character is the ancestor, enabling the long-dead spirit to talk, dance and otherwise interact with werewolves in the present. The player may make a final Willpower roll at difficulty 7 before the spirit departs to remember what happened while serving as a host for the ancestor-spirit. Tribebook: Uktena
Guardian’s Fortitude 4 In desperate times the Uktena must call upon their endurance reserves to be vigilant, whether it is a Theurge locked in a multi-day rite, a Bane-Tender waiting vainly for reinforcements, or a lone warrior holding a mountain pass with no hope of retreat. This Gift gives them the strength to stave off the needs of the body in order to focus on the daunting task at hand. Those needs are not erased but merely deferred, however, so this ancestor-spirit-taught Gift is used only at great need. Many Bane-Tenders learn this Gift. To use the Gift the player spends a Gnosis point and succeeds in a Willpower roll (difficulty 6); the Gift lasts one day per success. During this time, the Garou can stay sharp without needing food, water, or sleep. If necessary, the Gift can be extended by spending one Willpower for every additional twelve hours. Once the Gift ends, the accrued effects of hunger, muscle fatigue and lack of sleep all rush back. The exact effects are up to the Storyteller, but after several days of intense activity and the resulting sleepdepravation psychosis the least one could expect is an immediate roll to Frenzy followed by Willpower rolls to do anything except eat, drink and sleep. Tribebook: Uktena
Fabric of the Mind 5 As the Galliard Gift. WtA
Fetish Doll 5 Sympathetic magic is the oldest form of sorcery, and it is still effective. Although many cultures find this sort of magic repellent, the Uktena believe that the ends well justify the means. The Garou can harm his victim from afar using a specially created doll. He must have a piece of his victim or an object belonging to him, and he must then construct the doll. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift. The doll takes one week to construct and enchant. The player rolls Perception + Crafts (difficulty 8) to construct the doll. When the doll is complete, the player may roll Intelligence + Medicine (difficulty of the victim’s Willpower). Each success inflicts one level of aggravated damage on the victim, which he may soak if he capable of doing so. The doll is only capable of transferring 10 levels of damage. After 10 successes, the doll is too mutilated to be of further use. A botched roll destroys the doll without inflicting any damage. WtA
Uktena’s Glare 5 Just as the anger within Great Uktena burns those who dare to face him, so can the follower of Uktena sear foes with his own Rage. To one who is worthy, Uktena may teach this Gift. The Garou concentrates for a full turn, focusing on the anger that burns within. Meeting the gaze of a single foe, he must spend a Rage point and make a roll as if to frenzy. If successful, the Uktena does not frenzy but inflicts one level of aggravated damage per success just from his heated gaze. The difficulty to use this Gift increases by one with each subsequent attempt during the same scene. Tribebook: Uktena
Becoming Uktena 6 The legends of the Cherokee say that a man was transformed into the Great Uktena to try to kill the sun. Great Uktena was around long before the Cherokee, but Garou have taken the form of his children on two or three occasions. Great Uktena teaches this Gift only to the most worthy of his Uktena followers; with it, the hero may transform into a creature even a Thunderwyrm would fear. After the crisis is resolved (assuming he lives), the new uktena slips into the nearest body of water and into the umbra, forever parting with his Garou brethren to join his father in Galunlati. Such a glorious end to an already legendary career is worthy of fireside retellings for generations. Once taught the Gift, the Uktena may call upon it at any time by invoking Great Uktena. The initial stage of the transformation takes three full turns, during which the werewolf’s body grows and changes to a 20’ foot horned serpent. The new uktena still retains the personality of the Garou at this point. After a period of time (usually no more than a scene), the final stage of the transformation begins as the mind of the Garou recedes and the uktena mindset takes over. The spirit creature heads unerringly towards the nearest source of water wide enough to encompass its diameter (not necessarily its whole bulk). As it slides into the water and crosses the Gauntlet, the transformation is complete; the hero’s former pack had best treat this uktena like any other of its kind. Tribebook: Uktena


Название Ранг Описание Cистема Примечание Источник
Call the Breeze 1 The Garou calls up a strong (20 mph), cold breeze and directs it at whim. This breeze chills anyone not prepared for it, and it disperses (or redirects) clouds of vapor (including tear gas or airborne toxins) or swarms of insects. A wind-spirit teaches this Gift. The Garou simply whistles to call the breeze. Anyone caught in it loses one die from Perception rolls as long as the breeze lasts. WtA
Camouflage 1 The Wendigo blends in with the surrounding wilderness, which makes him very difficult to see. A deer-spirit teaches this Gift. The difficulties to spot the Garou increase by three, provided that he is in the woods. The werewolf invokes the effects at whim. WtA
Resist Pain 1 As the Philodox Gift. WtA
Dead Stick 1 In these last days, the falling of any Garou is tragic, and the pain of losing a packmate digs deep. But it remains better to know for certain than wonder and futilely hope he might return. This Gift allows the Wendigo to know if a packmate is indeed dead and, if so, where the remains lie. The Wendigo stabs a stick into the ground and waits until morning. If the packmate is alive, the stick will stand perfectly upright. If not, the stick will heavily lean in the direction of his body. The player rolls Perception + Occult, difficulty 7. A simple success is all that is needed for a correct divination. A failure will lead to the stick being blown out of the ground, while a botch always declares the packmate dead, and never points in the right direction. Player's Guide to Garou
Nose-to-Tail 1 As a wolf curls into a ball to keep warm, tucking her snout beneath her bushy tail, curving her spine inward to capture body heat, so the Garou may make herself resistant to cold. The Gift is more effective if the Garou is in Crinos, Hispo, or Lupus form, but can be used in Homid or Glabro form in extremis. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift. The player rolls Stamina + Survival. The difficulty of keeping warm depends upon the severity of the cold; sub-freezing night only presents a difficulty of 6 (and few proud Wendigo would bother using a Gift to resist such a trifle), while a full-blown ice storm is difficulty 9. The character should physically assume the nose-to-tail position, or curl up, to activate the Gift, but once it has taken effect, she may move about normally. The difficulty increases by 2 for Garou in Homid or Glabro form. The power lasts for a scene, and does not protect the Wendigo from cold-based attacks or spirit abilities, but rather only ambient cold temperatures. Tribebook: Wendigo
Lift-Your-Leg 1 A Garou may mark her territory using a spot of her blood, urine, or saliva, and invoking her totem or ancestral spirit. The mark she leaves is identifiable as her own personal sigil, generally a unique variation of the totem’s sign, and causes no damage to the surface it is inscribed upon. This marking of territory fades after an entire cycle of Luna has passed. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends a point of Gnosis. Garou are able to see the mark without further effort until it fades a month later. Others with knowledge of the supernatural can identify the mark by making a Perception + Enigmas roll, causing the scent of the sigil to rise, and the inscription to become visible. Note that the mark does not convey knowledge of the character’s identity unless the viewer is familiar with his scent or his mark. Tribebook: Wendigo
Ice Echo 1 Werewolves with this Gift can conjure a perfect duplicate reflection of themselves, an image that is completely identical to the eye and ear. The Wendigo can control the image easily, giving it voice and guiding its motion, as if she is regarding her own reflection in a sheet of ice. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift. A character with this Gift may spend a point of Gnosis to summon the Ice Echo, which lasts for the remainder of the scene or until the werewolf dismisses it. The Echo sounds and moves exactly like the Garou, as well as taking on an exact mirror image of her current appearance. However, it does not give off scent or heat, and is intangible, making it only useful for confusing the casual observer. Another werewolf within fifty feet of the Echo, or downwind of it, may notice that it has no scent, or may notice that the Echo is a mirror image, if they have met the Wendigo before. Any such attempts to reveal the Ice Echo for what it is are checked by making a Perception + Enigmas roll against a difficulty of the Wendigo’s Gnosis. Tribebook: Wendigo
Cutting Wind 2 The Garou conjures up a bitterly cold blast of wind and directs it at will. The wind can knock opponents off their feet, as well as chill them to the bone. A spirit servant of Great Wendigo itself teaches this Gift. The player spends one Willpower point. Directing the gust requires a Dexterity + Occult roll. Anyone hit by the wind loses two dice from all dice pools that turn, and one the next turn. The wind can also knock foes off ledges, into traffic or into pits. The wind’s medium range is 20 yards, and it is modified as per the rules on firearms (see p. 208). The wind lasts for a number of turns equal to the number of successes rolled. WtA
Speak with Wind Spirits 2 The Wendigo may call upon wind-spirits for knowledge and guidance. He can ask them one question, which must concern the immediate area (wind-spirits have notoriously short attention spans). A wind-spirit teaches this Gift. Upon learning this Gift, the Garou can speak with wind-spirits automatically while he is in the Umbra. To ask a question in the physical world, the player must spend one Gnosis point and roll Manipulation + Expression (difficulty 7). The number of successes reflects the accuracy of the information. WtA
Ghost Pack 2 Much as the Glass Walkers summon the Net Spiders and the Shadow Lords the Stormcrows, so too can the Wendigo summon their ancestral allies, the Ghost Pack. They are not warriors, nor spies, but instead wise men and elders for those who need guidance. Buffalo-spirits teach this Gift. The player must spend one Gnosis and one Rage, and then rolls Charisma + Occult (difficulty 7). The conjured Ghost Pack acts much as the Background: Ancestors, at a rating equal to the number of successes rolled. This is cumulative with any Ancestors rating the Wendigo may already possess. Player's Guide to Garou
Scent of the Man-Eater 2 The Litany states purely and clearly that Garou shall not eat the flesh of humans or wolves. Despite the reputation of their totem spirit, Wendigo truly revile cannibalism as one of the most horrible violations of the Litany and of the ways of Gaia. This Gift allows a werewolf to sense if another Garou is guilty of this depraved act, by scenting the stain of human or lupine blood on the target’s spirit. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift. The player rolls Perception + Primal-Urge, at a difficulty of 6. If successful, the character can detect whether or not a Garou has eaten a human or a wolf since the last full moon. With two successes, she can detect how recently; with three or more successes, she can tell if it is a habit with the Garou in question, or only a shameful aberration. Tribebook: Wendigo
Salmon Swim 2 A Garou with this Gift is able to swim as easily as a fish, or even walk on the surface of the water as if it were land. Salmon Swim works only on freshwater bodies, not on the oceans, but it works as well on a lake or pond as it does a river. The Gift does not work within a swimming pool or other purely artificial container of fresh water. This Gift is taught by a salmon-spirit. The player spends one Gnosis and rolls Dexterity + Athletics (difficulty 7). For each success, the character can move freely on or under the surface of the water for one turn. Additionally, during this period, the Garou can use the effects of the lupus Gift: Leap of the Kangaroo, so long as he begins and ends his leap in a sizable body of fresh water. Tribebook: Wendigo
Devouring Rime 2 A Garou with this Gift can touch something living and cause it to become covered with ice. Slowly radiating outward from the point of contact, a shimmering coat of ice crawls over the target’s body, freezing every muscle it touches into motionlessness. A jaggling of Great Wendigo teaches this Gift. The character must be within physical reach of the target, and must be able to touch the target’s bare skin, flesh, or fur. When he does so, the player spends one Willpower point to create a quicklygrowing layer of ice over the target’s body. The target must spend a point of Rage to resist the devouring coat of ice before the next round, or she becomes frozen and immobile for the rest of scene. The ice itself behaves naturally under all external physical changes; for example, it melts beneath a sudden blast of heat, and it can be chipped away (carefully) by anyone assisting the target. Tribebook: Wendigo
Tourniquet 2 A werewolf with this Gift may use it to drastically reduce any amount of her own bleeding, specifically blood loss that she experiences as a result of combat. A bloody wound taken in a duel or in battle by a klaive, blade, fang or claw can be staunched swiftly with a whisper of gratitude to the spirits. Tourniquet does not heal, numb or close the wound, but simply keeps it from bleeding further. Wendigo consider it very bad form to use this Gift to stem bleeding caused by self-inflicted wounds, causing the loss of Honor Renown if its use is known. Accordingly, Wendigo may not use this Gift while attempting to complete a rite or other ritual that requires any check of Stamina. A hawk-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends one Willpower point and rolls Strength + Survival. This gift converts Lethal wounds into Bashing wounds, and does not repair Bashing damage on its own. The more successes she rolls, the more bleeding she can staunch, at the ratio of 1 success to 2 Health Levels converted. Tribebook: Wendigo
Bloody Feast 3 Great Wendigo, as a hungry cannibalistic spirit, can teach his favored children the ability to gain added strength from an enemy’s flesh and blood. An avatar of Great Wendigo teaches this Gift. To activate this Gift, the Garou must first bite his opponent and be able to taste blood — meaning he must inflict at least one health level of damage, and his victim must be something that bleeds. If his opponent has toxic blood or none at all, this Gift will not work. The player then rolls Gnosis at a difficulty of the opponent’s Stamina + 3 (maximum of 10). The Wendigo gains one extra dot in Strength for every two health levels of damage inflicted by the bite (maximum of +5 to Strength). The extra Strength bonus lasts for one turn per success on the Gnosis roll. However, flesh and blood can be addictive. The Wendigo’s player must make an immediate frenzy roll the turn after activating the Gift. WtA
Wisdom of the Ancient Ways 3 As the Philodox Gift. WtA
Icicle-Hide 3 This Gift allows a character to transmute herself, and any clothing or unliving objects that she is touching, into a crystalline creature of thick, impenetrable ice. As the Wendigo’s form grows suddenly transparent and metamorphoses into a rippling mobile statue, she truly takes on the essence of ice; as a result, she should avoid coming near any fire or source of heat, lest she find herself melting. Her body absorbs blows as solidly as any block of ice. The frozen Garou can still move, watch, listen, and use Gifts, but appears cold and unliving to standard and infrared observation. This Gift is taught by a polar bear-spirit. The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Stamina + Subterfuge. While in this ice-form, the character takes twice the damage from any heat-based attack, but is immune to cold damage (whether from the ambient temperature or from cold-based attacks). She also adds an additional point of lethal soak per success rolled. This Gift lasts for one scene, or until the werewolf wills herself to thaw. The freezing transformation is immediate, but the thawing procedure requires an entire turn. Tribebook: Wendigo
Strength of Pine 3 This Gift allows a character to ground herself in the presence of Gaia, spiritually as well as physically. If the character is struck by lightning or electricity, she remains unharmed by it for that turn of combat; she also becomes resistant to physical attacks, regenerating herself as long as she does not uproot herself from the touch of Gaia. An earth-spirit and a lightning elemental jointly teach this Gift. The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Gnosis + Survival. The difficulty of the grounding varies depending on the physical location of the character: 9 if the Garou is surrounded by water or touching metal; 7 if she is not standing on or touching the earth, 5 if a piece of earth or earth-fetish is carried on the character’s person. Any physical damage inflicted on the grounded werewolf takes effect, but is then healed at the next turn, provided she does not move from her grounding-spot. Tribebook: Wendigo
Whiteout 3 This Gift allows a Garou to transform the area around her into a blinding whiteout, rendering it utterly featureless and dangerously disorienting. Any characters within the reach of the spell are enclosed within a frightening, snowy blizzard-filled dome, which deadens all scents, mutes all sounds with the roar of wind, and blinds all types of vision. The Gifted character’s senses are untouched by these effects, although she remains within the whiteout. Similarly, other Wendigo are unaffected by the power of this Gift. A bear-spirit teaches this Gift. The player spends a point of Gnosis, and rolls Manipulation + Survival. The diameter of the dome covered by the whiteout varies, depending on the total successes of this roll, multiplied by five feet. For example, if the player rolls 9 successes, the area of the whiteout is a circle 45 feet wide. All non-Wendigo characters within this area lose one point of Willpower and one die from all Perception-based pools for the rest of the scene; when they emerge the Perception penalty disappears but the Willpower point is gone until it is regained in the usual fashion. Tribebook: Wendigo
Call the Cannibal Spirit 4 By dancing under the night sky, the werewolf can summon an avatar of Great Wendigo to hunt down a target of the Garou’s choice. The Garou must possess a piece of his target whose heart the Wendigo devours. The Garou must dance for three full turns. The player spends one Rage point and one Gnosis point, then rolls Charisma + Occult (difficulty 8). If the roll botches, or if the Wendigo is somehow prevented from killing its target, it will return to kill the summoner. WtA
Chill of Early Frost 4 The werewolf calls down a mystical chill from Great Wendigo himself, freezing the surrounding lands and anyone in it. A spirit servant of Great Wendigo teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Intelligence + Occult (difficulty varies: 4 if it is already winter, 6 for spring, 9 for summer). Success drops the temperature to a bit below freezing in a five-mile radius, or even further below zero if it was already winter. All creatures without a natural coat of fur lose two dice from all pools. This Gift wreaks pure havoc in urban environments, as pipes burst and roads freeze. This Gift lasts for one hour per success. WtA
Curse of Harano 4 Perhaps the most serious and deeply wounded tribe in the Garou nation, the Wendigo are prone to suffering debilitating Harano, and few tribes know the secrets of this insanity better than they. By pushing the pain, anger and sorrow at the heart of the Wendigo toward another Garou, the Wendigo can cause his target to feel the deep depression of Harano. The Gift is taught by a wind-spirit. The player spends one point of Rage and rolls Manipulation + Expression (difficulty 8). More than five successes inflicts permanent Harano upon the victim; otherwise, the suffering lasts for the rest of the scene. Player's Guide to Garou
Shelter of Needles 4 As the Strength of the Pine grounds a single Garou, the protective umbrella of the Pine’s branches may be extended to shield any Garou, human or Gaian creature in the surrounding area. It also disables anything electrically powered beneath its canopy for that turn, as all the power is grounded and funneled towards Gaia. A pinespirit teaches this Gift. The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Willpower once, at the difficulty of 3+ the highest Stamina of the other living creatures in the surrounding area. If the roll is a success, those creatures are sheltered from electrical shock and physical damage, in the same manner as Strength of Pine. The distance between the Garou and the furthest creature from her determines the size of the canopy. For example, if the Garou rolls successfully to protect several allies, the furthest of which is 100 feet away from her, all creatures within 100 feet can take advantage of the Shelter. If a sheltered creature moves from its grounding-spot, it alone loses the protection of the Gift. However, the Gifted Wendigo may move about freely once the Gift’s effects are established. Tribebook: Wendigo
Bark of Willow 4 Unlike Resist Pain, which allows a character to ignore pain through force of will, but still feel it, this Gift allows the Wendigo to numb herself to pain completely, enabling her to endure pain for much longer periods of time, even days. This causes the character to be unable to judge the severity of her wounds or fatigue, and may lead her to continue on unwisely, causing herself further damage during combat while frightening her enemy with her seeming imperviousness. If the pain inflicted upon the Garou is not combative, i.e., she is undergoing a surgical operation or needs to cross a wall of flames, she may concentrate her will to keep from unwittingly furthering the damage to herself, and to bolster the confidence and courage of any Garou aiding her. This Gift is taught by a snake-spirit. The player spends a point of Gnosis, after which any sense of pain or physical discomfort fades entirely, and the character no longer takes wound penalties. The length of the Gift’s pain-numbing effects lasts for a number of days equal to a roll of Stamina + Primal-Urge. The Storyteller should hide the character’s wound levels from him while this Gift is active. If the character needs to assess how badly damaged she is during this time, she must make an additional roll of Wits + Primal-Urge, at difficulty 7, although characters with the Medicine knowledge can use it to diagnose wound levels normally. A Wendigo who nonchalantly carries severe wounds around is intimidating to his foes. Any character who wishes to attack a wounded Wendigo who is using Bark of Willow must first make a Manipulation + Intimidation roll, at the difficulty of the Garou’s Willpower. If the opponent fails that roll, she does not lose any actions, but she finds herself unable to attack the Gifted werewolf. This Gift may not be used while the Garou is attempting to complete a rite that requires any check of Stamina. Tribebook: Wendigo
Last Stand 4 By summoning her determination and calling to the spirit of Gaia, a Garou may make herself steadfast and invulnerable. The strength of the Earth wells up through her feet, and the ground itself guards her against the approach of any who wish her harm. Only after all foes have been vanquished should the Wendigo move from her rooted spot, else she loses her connection with Gaia. An earth elemental teaches this Gift. The player rolls Willpower at a difficulty of 8. For each success, the character can add an additional die to all Physical dice pools. Additionally, anyone attacking the Wendigo who also comes in contact with the earth is unable to surprise her, no matter what direction they may come from. If her foe, however, is airborne, floating, or otherwise not touching the ground, the Garou is vulnerable to surprise, although she does not lose the extra dice added to her Physical pool. If the Wendigo moves from her position, the effects of the Gift are lost. A Garou using Last Stand is immune to the Gift: The Falling Touch. Tribebook: Wendigo
Wsitiplaju’s Bow 4 The Wendigo with this Gift can loose any arrow from her bow and unerringly hit her target, no matter where she stands, as long as there is a path through the air. The Gift sends the arrow traveling like a bird through any available space, diving over or under obstacles and around corners to reach its mark. However, Wsitiplaju’s Bow does not enchant the arrow used, and the arrow cannot pass through any barrier that a normal arrow could not pierce. The spirit of an ancestor with great skill at Archery teaches this Gift. The player rolls Perception + Archery against a difficulty of 8. The wielder of the Gift must form in her mind a picture of the target and its general location before letting loose the arrow; the target must be within standard range of the bow, regardless of the use of the Gift. This Gift works normally with a talen or fetish arrow. Tribebook: Wendigo
Invoke the Spirits of the Storm 5 The Garou can summon nearly any weather effect she desires, be it a tornado, fog, blizzard or thunderstorms. An avatar of Wendigo teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Willpower (difficulty varies based on how close the desired effect is to the actual weather patterns of the area). The storm covers 10 miles per success. If the Garou summons a thunderstorm, she may spend Gnosis to call lightning down on her enemies (Dexterity + Occult to hit, 10 dice of aggravated damage). WtA
Heart of Ice 5 The Garou can call down the curse of the Wendigo on an enemy. The Garou must whisper the name of the target to the winds; thereafter, the victim’s innards begin turning to ice. An avatar of Wendigo teaches this Gift. The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Wits + Occult (difficulty of the target’s Willpower). Each success inflicts one level of aggravated, unsoakable damage. This damage accrues slowly, inflicting one health level per turn until all possible damage has been done. WtA
Balance of Wormwood 5 With this Gift, a character can learn to aid another Garou who has succumbed to the service of the Wyrm, and guard them from the Destroyer’s influence. Because Great Wendigo treasures the purity of his Tribe, he has conferred this Gift upon his children, to give them greater power to continue the fight against the Wyrm. Like a taste of wormwood, which brings clarity to the mind, two Garou learn join their spirits together beneath the cleansing, eternal winds of Wendigo’s spirit. With this Gift, depending upon each other, they may resist the attraction of the Wyrm that drives werewolves into unspeakable acts and mindless vile savagery. An avatar of Great Wendigo teaches this Gift. The target character must already have fallen into the service of the Wyrm, by walking the Black Spiral or through other means. The Garou using this Gift must spend a point of Gnosis and make a Willpower + Manipulation roll against her target’s Willpower. If she succeeds, the target character may resist the horrific urges that the Wyrm brings for the remainder of the scene. This may be enough to allow the fallen Garou to attempt the long road back to Gaia’s graces, but those who are long fallen or far from Gaia’s grace may need much more than a simple application of this Gift. If the Gifted werewolf fails, her own current frenzy difficulty decreases by one, and she may be unable to avoid falling into the Thrall of the Wyrm. Tribebook: Wendigo